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The following designs come from heraldry book images and descriptions involving members of the European Kimmel family (name variations Kümmel, Kommel, Kymmel). The date each coat of arms was on record (not necessarily the year it was awarded) is given with the individual it was awarded to.

1560 -- Jodocus Kümmell of Liebenau, Hessen-Kassel.

Description: Andrew's cross across the whole shield with a cross jutting out to the right of the center. Image from "Siebmacher'schen Wappenbuchern."

1577 -- Cunradus Kummell, chief recorder and accountant at Kassel, Hessen-Kassel.

Description: a full-blooming plant (caraway). Image from "Siebmacher'schen Wappenbuchern."

1593 -- Georg Kommel, mayor of Liebenau, Hessen-Kassel and son of Jodacus Kümmell (1560 above).

Description: same as father's plus the mark "I K." Image from "Die Deutsches Geschlechterbuch."

1609 -- Helwigk Kummel, treasurer of Grebenstein, Hessen-Kassel and son of Cunradus Kummell (1577 above).

Description: three-stemmed plant (caraway) growing from the ground. On the helmet is a male figure wearing a dagger and holding the same plants in his hands with outstretched arms. Image from "Siebmacher'schen Wappenbuch."

1654 -- Matthias Kümmell, commander and lieutenant at the fortress at Rheinfels and Katz, and great-grandson of Conradus Kummell (1577 above) through Johannes.

Description: same as for 1609 Helwigk, but no dagger, the plant has two stems with three bunches of blooms on each and is not growing out of the ground. Image adapted from image for his granduncle Helwigk.

1694 -- Heinrich Rochus Kümmell, administrator at the royal boron works at Rangen near Ziegenberg, Hessen-Kassel.

Description: a young man holding a plant in his outstretched right hand, wearing "Rock mit w. Kragen und Vorstoss & Beinkleidern und Schuhen, w. Strümpfen." On the helmet is a three-stemmed blooming plant. Image from "Siebmacher'schen Wappenbuchern."

1699 -- same Heinrich Rochus Kümmell above. Heinrich is great-great-grandson of Conradus Kummell (1577 above) through Johannes.

Description: a three-stemmed plant (caraway), with the same plant on the helmet. Colors are green and gold. Image from "Die Deutsches Geschlechterbuch."

1701 -- Kimmel family for which a member sat on the third assembly at Frankfurt-am-Main. The Kimmel individual has not been identified, but many descendants of Johann Michael Kimmel of Gimbsheim believe it could be this man, who later was mayor, then judge of Gimbsheim. He was a great-great-grandnephew of Conradus Kummell (1577 above) through Conradus' brother Eckart.

Description: a tree supported by two lions, with the same tree on the helmet. Image drawn directly from the description.

(no image, yet)

For the Kymmel family of the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands.

Description: "D'arg. å un vase å deux anses de gu., rempli de trois roses d'azur, bout. d'or, tigées et Feuillées de sin." from J.B. Rietstap's "Armorial Général" Translation: silver background on which is one heraldry red (gueules=gules) two-handled vase holding three roses that are azure blue with gold tips and having heraldry green (sinople=vert) stems and leaves.

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