Bible Records Associated With
Elijah Walker Kimmel (1864-1933) of Warrick Co. and Evansville, Indiana

Elijah W. and Louisa (Barton) Kimmel Family Bible

From transcript of the original family Bible
by Mary Ann, wife of Elijah's son Claude Kimmel
as re-typed by Elijah W. ("Jake") Kimmel of San Antonio, son of Elijah's son Elijah
July 1999


Family Register:
E. W. Kimmell of Grove Center, Kentucky
and Louisa Barton of Tennyson, Indiana
Were united in holy matrimony on Sunday, the 6th Day of March, 1892, at Tennyson, Indiana.
Elijah Walker Kimmel, was born April 16, 1864
Louisa M. T. Kimmel, was born March 13, 1875

Births of children:

George Albert Kimmel, born May 27,1893
Gurley Pearl Kimmel, born March 18, 1895
Anna T. Kimmel, born August 5, 1898
Jennie Marie Kimmel, born April 8, 1900
Charley Isaac Kimmel, born April 9, 1903
Gladys Kimmel, born June 12, 1905
Ofia T. Kimmel, born December 29, 1906
Vernice May Kimmel ) born November 8, 1911
Bernice S. Kimmel     )
Elijah Walker Kimmel, born April 1, 1914
Claude Ernest Kimmel, born October 27, 1917


George A. Kimmel and Ethel Taylor, May 3, 1916
Gurley P. Kimmel and Louisa M. B. McDaniels, May 10, 1927
Vernice M. Kimmel and Louis Cravens  ) November 29, 1929
Bernice S. Kimmel and Hobart Harmon  )
Eddie Pease and Louisa Kimmel, December 22, 1933
Charley Isaac Kimmel and Julia A. Ragsdale, November 12, 1927
Claude E. Kimmel and Imogene Humphrie, July 9, 1936
Jennie M. Kimmel and Paul Schrader, July 27, 1918
Elijah W. Kimmel and Edna Mae Wright, March 2, 1940
Claude E. Kimmel and Mary Ann Koressel, July 6, 1942
E. W. Kimmel Sr.    April 26, 1933
Gladys Kimmel    September 19, 1905    infant
George A. Kimmel    February 26, 1939
Louisa M. T. Kimmel Pease    January 5, 1941
as recorded by E. W. Kimmel, Jr.
This is the record as copied from the original E. W. and Louisa Kimmel family Bible,
by Mary Ann Kimmel

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