Bible Records Associated With

John Henry Kimmel of Somerset Co., PA, Cedar Rapids, IA and Dickinson Co., KS

John H. Kimmel Family Bible

Transcript from photos of the pages of
the leather-bound family Bible with "John H. Kimmel" engraved on front
Photos of pages provided by descendant Don Dolton of Kansas City, MO


Bible Page:  Family Record, Marriages

Item 1:  Charles D. Kregar and Lydia M. Kimmel was united in matrimony Dec 25th 1895 by Rev. Buzzard Past of North Morrill Church Morrill

Item 2:  Frank E. Maudsley and Minnie E. Kimmel was united in matrimony by Rev. Maggart Pastor of the First Lutheran Church Cedar Rapids Iowa, Nov24 - 1897

Bible Page:  Births

Item 3:  John Henry Kimmel was born Oct. 12th 1842.  Baptized

Item 4:  Annie Kregar Consort of John H. Kimmel was born Aug. 2nd A.D. 1849, Baptized

Item 5:  Mary Catharine Baker Consort of John H. Kimmel was born Aug. 30th A.D. 1851.  Baptized

Bible Page:  Births (2nd page)

Item 6: Charles Wilson Kimmel was born Jan. 27th 1867.  Baptized

Item 7:  Bertie Annie Kimmel was born April 13th A.D. 1869.  Baptized

Item 8:  Minnie Ellen Kimmel was born Oct. 9th A.D. 1872.

Item 9:  Lydia Margret Kimmel was born Mayr 15th AD 1875.

Item 10:  Florence Hattie Kimmel was born Dec. 3rd AD 1880.  Baptized

Item 11in margin:  John Samiel Kimmel was born March 14th AD 1883.  Baptized

Item 12 in margin:  Mary Catharine Kimmel was born June 16 AD 1885.  Baptized

Bible Page:  Deaths

Item 13:  Annie Kimmel Died Aug 24th A.D. 1869.  Aged 20 yrs. & 22 days

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