Bible Records Associated With
Kiser Kimmel (1851-1911) of Somerset County, PA

Kiser and Emma (Woolley) Kimmel Family Bible

Detail from this Bible was copied on a paper among the possessions of Mary Louise (Kimmel) Evans, daughter of Kiser and Emma.  She is "Mollie L." in the transcript.


Item 1:  This is a copy of the births of // the Kimmel Family as given in // old family Bible

Item 2:  Names and dates of births

Item 3:  Parents

Item 4:  Kiser Kimmel April 29th 1851

Item 5:  Emma Kimmel May 1st 1852

Item 6:  Children

Item 7:  George W. Kimmel June 27th 1872

Item 8:  Mollie L. Kimmel February 14th 1874

Item 9:  Edward Kimmel October 4th 1875

Item 10:  Elizabeth Kimmel November 21st 1877

Item 11:  Fanny Kimmel February 21st 1881

Item 12:  Nellie B. Kimmel August 1st 1884

Item 13:  Clara A. Kimmel August 1st 1884

Item 14:  Jesse Kimmel July 31st 1888


Edward and Elizabeth (Hoover) Kimmel Family Bible

Text from this Bible was also on a paper among the possessions of Mary Louise (Kimmel) Evans.  Edward Kimmel was a son of Kiser and Emma Kimmel, and brother of Mary Louise.
Item 15:  Record // of Edward Kimmel and Family

Item 16:   Parents

Item 17:  Edward Kimmel    born Oct. 4, 1875

Item 18:  Elizabeth V. Hoover Kimmel Aug 14, 1877

Item 19:  Children

Item 20:  Estella G. Kimmel    born Dec. 17, 1899

Item 21:  Married to Howard Baker 1917

Item 22:  James E. Kimmel    born March 5, 1903

Item 23:  Married to Luella Presser 1923

Item 24:  Kiser Kimmel    born Dec. 4, 1904

Item 25:  Married to Vivian Wright

Item 26:  Mary Louise Kimmel    born Oct 23-1906

Item 27:  Married to Theodore Ashcroft

Item 28:  Edward Kimmel Jr.    born Oct. 8-1912

Item 29:  Married to Violet Newby 1939

Item 30:  Elizabeth Victoria Kimmel  born July 21-1915

Item 31:  Married to David E. Moss 1938


Third Family Paper

This  paper was also among the possessions of Mary Louise (Kimmel) Evans, daughter of Kiser and sister to Edward.


Item 32:  Estella Daughter Pauline Married // to John Bradbery

Item 33:  James children James Jr. and // Glenallen Kimmel

Item 34:  Kiser Children Richard Dean Kimmel

Item 35:  Elizabeth Children Daniel David Moss // Dian Estella Moss.  Born May 10 // 1943

Item 36:  Evan Evans Moss

NOTE:  on item 35 the year "1943" was written above "May 10"

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