Kimmel Family Bibles

Following are transcripts of family births, marriages and deaths taken from family Bibles handed down through the Kimmel families.  The descriptions come from family Bible photos, photocopies and transcriptions contributed to my collection (Tim Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.)   If you'd like to contribute family Bible material, I prefer photographs or photocopies of the pages and papers mailed to me at Timothy W. Kimmel, 2103 Bevel Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana  46802 or scanned and attached to e-mail sent to me at so I can have the original on hand.  But you may, instead, simply handwrite or type the detail and send them instead.

Ref:  John Kimmel (1792-1846) of Holmes and Mercer Counties, Ohio (AD-AA) > Johann Andrew > Johann Jacob of Greensburg, PA
1)  John and Rachel Kimmel family German Bible
2)  William and Eliza Kimmel family Bible
Bible pages and inserted material from scanned copies provided by Chris Beard of Reynoldsburg, Ohio -- Oct. 1998
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Ref:  Daniel (1854-1914) of Huntington Co., Indiana (AA-OII) > George F > Jacob > Johann Jacob of Orwigsburg, PA
1)  Daniel and Leah (Myers) Kimmel family Bible
Photo from Mary E. (Kimmel) Schnitz of Huntington, IN
2)  Nancy Louvina (Myers) Miller Bible
Bible from Mary E. (Kimmel) Schnitz of Huntington, IN
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Ref: [George] Samuel (1813-1881) of Holmes Co., Ohio and Bulter Co., Iowa (XI-) > ??
1)  James P. and Mary Jane (Kimmel) Bullis family Bible
Photocopies from Doug Thayer of Madison, WI -- Aug. 1999
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Ref:  Philip Kimmel (1837-1884) of Titus Co., Texas (AC-BAACD) > Benjamin > Philip > Philip > Philip of York Co., PA
1)  Philip and Rachel (Cox) Kimmel family Bible
Information related as passed to Elaine Roosz of Hurst, TX -- Jan. 1999
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Ref:  Elijah Walker Kimmel (1864-1933) of Warrick Co. and Evansville, Indiana (AC-BAADCC) > Edward > Elijah > Philip > Philip > Philip > Philip of York Co., PA
1)  Elijah W. and Louisa (Barton) Kimmel family Bible
Transcript by Mary Ann Kimmel as retyped by Elijah "Jake" Kimmel of San Antonio, TX -- July 1999
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Ref:  Kiser Kimmel (1851-1911) of Somerset Co., Pennsylvania  (AC-BBBGC) > William > Jacob > Jacob > Philip > Philip of York Co., PA
1)  Kiser and Emma (Woolley) Kimmel family Bible
2)  Edward and Elizabeth (Hoover) Kimmel family Bible
Transcripts among papers of Mary Louise (Kimmel) Evans and received from Laurie Evans of Yuba City, California -- April 2001
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Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at

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