Anna Mary (Kimmel) Rector 1976 Letter

Regarding Philip and Elijah Kimmel of Dubois Co., IN

Excerpt from 1976 letter by Anna Mary (Kimmel) Rector, daughter of Loyd, granddaughter of Elijah and great-granddaughter of Philip Kimmel.  As appeared in the February 1977 issue of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County's "Laurel Messenger" under the title "Philip Kimmel Family"

My Great Grandfather was Philip Kimmel, born 1754 and died Nov. 23, 1867.  He lived to be 113 years of age.  His wife was Rebecca Beard (or Biarly).  She died in April 1849, many years before he died.  I have wondered why they had only one child, Elijah Kimmel born in 1814 and died in 1880.  He was my grandfather.  Philip Kimmel came down the Ohio River, I've been told, and stayed in Kentucky before going on over to Indiana where he had a farm.  I have a copy of his farm section.  I remember the remains of the chimney and ruins of his old home.  There was a most wonderful spring coming out of a wooded hill.  We attended family reunions there until we left Indiana.

Mother and Father were married in 1866 and Mother knew Philip Kimmel.  He must have been an unusual person.  Mother said that he could jump up and click his heels together twice before touching the floor.  He had a large horse which he rode to the mill and spoke so "dutchy" that Mother could hardly understand him.  I've been told that he differed in some things with his younger brothers and that is why he came to Indiana.  Philip Kimmel and wife Rebecca are buried in the Wycliff Cemetery in Crawford County, Indiana, not far from the Kentucky line.

My Grandfather Elijah Kimmel (1814-1880) married Pernita Cazee.  She was born Feb. 10, 1815, died Oct. 11, 1894.  They had ten children:  Alfred (1833-1852); Logan (1834-1866); Edward (1836- --), Artimitia (1838-1913); Stephen (1834-1927); Marinda (1850-1965); Loyd (1845-1927); Isiah (1847-?); Philip (1857- ?) left Ind. and never heard from again; Elijah (1863-1927).

Loyd Kimmel, my Father married Mary Jemima Long on Sept. 22, 1866.  They were the parents of 15 children.  I am the 14th child and the last of the family.  Have just turned 85.  (Was born Oct. 24, 1891.)

Tim's Reality Check
Detail From Public Documents That Support or Counter Claims in This Document

Philip's dates appear to come from two generations.  Philip Sr. was baptized 3/23/1756 at the Lower Bermudian Church in York (now Adams) Co., PA. and his will was filed in 1830 in McCracken Co., KY.  The 1830 and 1840 censuses for Dubois Co., IN place Philip Jr's. birth in the 1770s and the 1860 census gives his age as 85 making his birth year somewhere near 1775.

Rebecca's maiden name is Bank in her 1807 marriage record in Logan Co., KY.  But considering the Beard families living nearby in Dubois Co., is was probably actually Beard.

The 1820 census allows for three sons and a daughter.  The three sons would have been Martin, Benjamin and Elijah who all three appear in Hall Township, Dubois Co., IN in the 1840 census.

The Loyd Kimmel - Mary Long marriage is recorded in Monroe Co., Indiana as Sept. 23, 1866 (per W.P.A. index of Monroe Co. marraiges).  Nine children, including Anna Mary, appear in the 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses in the Loyd and Mary Kimmel family.

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