Letters of General Anthony Kimmel to Samuel

Text from Dr. H. K. Stoner's 1937 Report
"Genealogy of the family of John Philip Kimmel, b. Mar. 2 - 1724 - d. Aug. 7 - 1796;
Oldest of the six sons of Johann Philip Kimmel, 1695-1777"

Stoner reports detail summarized from letters written by General Anthony Kimmel (1798-1871) of Baltimore, son of Anthony who came to America with his brothers and father Johann Philip Kimmel in 1755. Samuel was most likely Dr. Samuel Kimmel of Philadelphia who was in possession of the German family Bible of his grandfather Jacob. The Bible is now in the collection of the Pennsylvania Historical Society.
Michael Kimmel was born Oct. 1-1662. He was married and had three sons and one daughter. His wife's family name was Souter. His children were Philip, Jacob, Valentine and Elizabeth, born in Pfalz Valley.
Philip married a wealthy lady by the name of Voltz and took up his residence in Darmstadt, and of this union were the following issue:
1. Philip, who died on his farm eight miles east of Somerset
2. Nicolaus, who died two miles E. of Stoyestown, Pa.
3. Jacob, who died Dec. 9-1818, East Berlin, Adams Co., Pa.
4. Michael, who died 1818, York Co., Pa.
5. George, who died April 1818 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
6. Anthony who died in Baltimore, Md. May 17-1817
7. & 8. two daughters who died in Germany
The original Jacob, who, with his brother Valentine, emigrated to this country about the year 1751 went to Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa. Here the descendants of his son, Jacob, still reside and are Mennonites. The other son, Adam, removed to Philadelphia, Pa., before the REVOLUTIONARY WAR and became a contractor for supplies to the Congress.  He died the same winter. His descendants are in Easton, Pa. and on the Eastern shore of Maryland. He left four sons and three daughters.
The original Valentine located on the Bermudian Creek, York Co. (Valentine) removed to a place three miles West of Harris burg, Pa., on the Carlisle road, where the descendants of his only son Philip resided for many years and are still in the neighborhood, and of who John Andrew Schulze, Gov. of Pa. married a daughter "Susanna." Of the rest of the family I know nothing.
Of the original daughter Elizabeth, I know nothing.
My grandfather, Philip, resided, after his marriage, in Darmstadt, and owned and cultivated near Darmstadt thirty acres of land, most of which was vineyard. He was represented as wealthy. He received a large estate through his wife. An epidemic passed over Germany and he lost his wife and two daughters, which sorely afflicted him and discouraged him. He then sent my Uncle Michael to hunt up and visit his brothers Jacob and Valentine, which determined the said Philip to emigrate. Michael arrived on the ship Edinburg, Sept. 19-1752, James Russel, Captain.  Philip landed at Alexandria, Va., then called Belle Haven, in the spring of the year 1755, at which time Gen. Braddock and Col. Washington were concentrating their forces in order to make a demonstration on Ft. Duquesne, then occupied by the French. As a matter of convenience and safety, they came with the army as far as Frederick City, Md. and thence to his brother Valentine on Bermudian Creek, York Co., Pa.
My grandfather resided and kept house until the dispersion of the boys by marriage. During the time, however, the whole concerns of housekeeping and farming were admirably attended to by the men as they had no female among them; one farming; one cooking; one baking; etc. My father, Anthony, being the youngest, did all the knitting and washing.
My father was the last married, and as was natural, my grandfather remained with him to his death, which occurred in his 82nd year, after an illness of seventeen weeks.
The original Kimmels were always represented as being tall and stately, large formed, elegantly proportioned men.
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Detail From Public Documents That Support or Counter Claims in This Document

Existing microfilmed Alsheim church records do not start until 1766 so they cannot verify his birth year, but "Aus der Kimmel Story" in "Der Gemeinde Gimbsheim; 766 bis 1966" quotes the birth date October 1, 1662 from Alsheim Lutheran church records from Major Bill Thompson's research of Gimbsheim public records..

Michael's children from Gimbsheim Reformed church records:  Johann Philip, Johann Heinrich, Johann Valentin, Johann Conrad, Johann Jacob and Maria Pfronika.  No Elizabeth.

Death places of Philip's sons:
> Three sales of Philip Kimmel property in Quemahoning Townhip, Somerset Co., PA in 1796 recorded in Somerset Co., PA deeds.
> Nicholas purchased Stoystown property from Daniel Stoy Oct. 1803 per Somerset Co., PA deeds.
> Jacob is in East Berlin, PA in the 1810 federal census and his widow Anna in the 1820 census.
> Michael purchased 270 acres by his son Joseph in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland Co., PA and his letter of administration was filed in Westmoreland Co. in June 1818.  He wasn't in York Co.
> George's will was filed in Allegheny Co., PA  4/28/1818.
> Anthony's will was filed in Baltimore, MD in 1817.
> Eich Reformed church records record two other sons and three daughters and death records exist for all of these but the oldest son Conrad.

Jacob's permit to emigrate is filed at Alzey in March 1751, Gimbsheim church records note the leaving of Jacob and Valentin Kimmel families headed to America in May 1751, and the names of Jacob and his son Adam and Valentin and his son Philip are on the ship's list of St. Andrew which arrived in Philadelphia in September 1751.

Of Jacob's descendants:
> Son Jacob had one child a son Jacob.  And of this Jacob's six children Mary, Esther and Jacob are associated with the Lutheran Church, Elizabeth with the Reformed Church and unknown for Susanna and Sally.
> Son Adam purchased building and land on High St., Philadelphia in 1770.  There are probably records to be found that will place him in Philadelphia as early as 1765 when he was witness to cousins Philip, Michael and Jacob's land purchases in York Co. recorded in Philadelphia deed records.  References to Adam's services are made in four entries in the Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Philadelphia in December 1777. Family tie to Easton, PA or eastern shore MD is not yet known.

No record of Valentine's presence at Bermudian or having moved to the place three miles west of Harrisburg.  The 4/20/1791 edition of "The Carlisle Gazette" records his owning land from Feb. 1755 to June 1756 in Greenwood Township, Cumberland (now Perry) Co. and his estate records of 1769 and 1770 place him in Lancaster Co. at the time of his death.  "History of Cumberland County" (Durand & Richard 1890) notes that his son Philip purchased land  that was surveyed in 1767 and the 1780 tax list shows him in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland Co., which is across the river from Harrisburg. 

Eich Reformed church baptism records for all of Philip's children (1722-1746), his wife's death notice in church records (1751), Alzey emigration records (1755), and Gimbsheim church records all place Philip in Eich which was in the Palatinate and not in Darmstadt.

Deaths of Philip's daughters per Eich Reformed church records were in 1731, 1732 and 1742 so they could not have died in an epidemic in common with his wife who died in 1751.  His son Michael could very well have come to America early since the 1752 ships list for the Edinburg at Philadelphia does exist in Pennsylvania Archives records.

Braddocks' troops left Belle Haven on April 18, 1755 and left Frederick May 1 headed towards Pennsylvania.  But Philip (of Eich) was granted his permit to emigrate at Alzey, the district capitol, on April 19.  Since it took at least three months just for the trip across the Atlantic, Philip and sons could not have accompanied Braddock's troops.

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at tim@kimmelfamily.net

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