Pastor August Kimmel

Biography written about 1888 and in the possession of his grandson Richard H. Kimmel of Wilmington, NC

Pastor August Kimmel

In all circles of the city, not only in the German circles, the famous pastor of the Evangelical-Protestant Case Avenue community, Mr. August Kimmel is well known.  He saw the light of the world in Nürnberg, in Bavaria, on July 6th, 1843.  He lost both of his parents at an early age.  His father died when he was just 3 months old, and at the death of his mother he was 2½ years old.  The youngest sister of his father took care of this orphan and he remained there until he was 14 years old.

He was educated at first in Latin and later attended a trade school from which he graduated.  In the meantime, the younger brother of his father, his godfather, whose name was also August Kimmel, took care of him and made it possible for this talented youth to attend the gymnasium in Cologne, on the Rhine.  He continued later on, just like a second father, to raise and to take care of him and his education.

After the young August Kimmel got his degree he went to Jena and there continued his studies.  The reason that he couldn't visit an agricultural college, especially since his family were farmers, was that his uncle, Professor Doctor Friedrich Schulz, who was rector of the "Alma Mater" wished for him to come to Jena.

Later on Mr. August Kimmel went to Breslau and at last to Munich.  For one year he worked for a private family as a tutor/companion (governess) in Schlesien and this excused him from military duties.  He then traveled a large part of Germany, Holland and Belgium and after a short stay in England went on to the United States of America.  At that time he hadn't decided if he was going to stay, he had just planned to visit.  In Philadelphia he met Miss Anna S. Schmidt.  She was the daughter of a builder and building inspector, Mr. Georg Schmidt, in Fürth, Bavaria.  She happened to be a visitor in Philadelphia too, at that time.

Shortly after he had arrived in America, Mr. Kimmel, received his first pastor job; he had been working in Philadelphia for the "Free Press" and the "Democrat" where he delivered a variety of specialized articles -- due to the friendly gesture of the Pastors Kröll and Eisenlohr in Maysville, Kentucky.  Besides being the pastor he also taught German, Greek and Latin at a private college there.

In 1871, he followed the call of the 3rd Evangelical-Protestant Community in Allegheny, Pa., where he stayed for 7 successful years.

For the next 19 years he took over the pastorate of the German-Evangelical Protestant Community at Case Avenue in our city, which blossomed during this time, due to his efforts and his leadership, into one of the largest church communities.  Besides being a preacher, Mr. Kimmel, was for 12 years a member of the teacher-examiner-commission and for 7 years he taught at the local Central High School.  His literary works, which occupy quite a lot of this time now, show a deep knowledge of his studies of his free-religious and nature knowledge standpoints, which are being published in different newspapers of this land.

In September, 1867, after he had established himself well, Mr. Kimmel took Miss Schmidt as his wife.  Nine children blessed this marriage of which two sons, Fritz and Karl, at the age of 22 and 19 and Theodor at the age of 7 months died.  Three sons and three daughters stayed alive.  The oldest daughter, Thekla, is married to the city civil-engineer, Mr. Gustav Langenheim, in Allegheny.  The oldest son, Harry, is senior of the Case School and studies also civil-engineer.  The other children are:  Amalie, Emma, Hans and Herbert.

Mr. Pastor Kimmel is a member of many German lodges and organizations where he always attends the German activities and is very popular as the speaker.  He belongs to the Humboldt Lodge O.U.W. in Allegheny and is a member of the Oak Lodge K. of P., the Concordia Lodge and A.M., the Allemania Lodge D.O.H. and the Cleveland Choir.

The Case Avenue Community (parish) does not belong to any community but is independent and is dedicated to a free concept.  They believe in a free religious and free lifestyle and their religion sees a spiritual force which does not make humans to slaves of the law, but to be morally free and therefore, to become happy and joyous human beings.  Your pastor, Mr. Kimmel, made it his constant concern to separate (extract) the wheat from the chaff.

In this sense and with this spirit he spent nearly 20 years with his community and with this sense and spirit the strength of his character will make an everlasting mark of his community.


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