Pension application for Joseph Essig

believed to be husband of Elizabeth Kimmel

Text from legible parts of the document per Diana Moore:
National Archives Microfilm Publications - Microcopy # 804
Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files - Roll 934

NC Essig, Joseph or Essick or Essix File S8434

Born in Germany - To Penn


Selected Records


North Carolina 23.150

Joseph Efsig alias Essick or Efsix

Davidson in the state of N. Carolina who was a In. Spy in the Compy commanded by Captain Riddle of the ---- commanded by --- in the N. Car. line for 9 months

Inscribed on the Roll of N. Carolina at the rate of 30 Dollars - Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834.

Certificate of Pension ifsued the 16 day of Nov 33 and sent E. Shoben, Salem NC

Arrears to the 4th of Sept 1833 75

Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 Mar 34 15


Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832

Recorded by N. Rice ? Clerk

Book E Vol C? Page 53



State of North Carolina

Stokes County

This 3 day of May AD 1833 came before me John C. Blum one of the acting justices of the peace for the county aforesaid John Efsig and maketh oath that he is now about sixty one years of age, that he is the fon of Joseph Efsig aged about ninety one years, that he always understood and believes that his father was born in some part of Germany - and came to this country and landed in Philadelphia in the year 1752 where he resided some years. He further understands and believes - that his Father came to North Carolina when Affiant was about 2 years old, and after remaining some two or three years, his Father with his Family moved to the state of Kentucky or to that part of the county now called Kentucky- Affiant states that he was then very young not over five or six years of age but he recollects the circumstances of starting from home (Rowan County) he recollects that the county where they went to was a wild county -- and that while in that county he recollects there was war - and that his father ? in a Fort on Licking River or a militia man for at least nine months - he recollects that a Capt. Riddle commanded in the Fort - he recollects that his father was frequently engaged out of the Fort on scouting parties - although affiant was then young. He recollects he served in the fort with - or his family ? in the fort with him - and the ? is particularly forever his memory for the circumstances that dead bodies were frequently brought into the fort - and is ?? that his service was during the revolutionary war - and he understands and believes that his Father service was that of a spy - six months of the time at least. Affiant further states that his father pending times of trouble in the back woods moved back with his family to Rowan County, North Carolina that in and then during the revolutionary war was some short term before the Battle of Guilford - having remained in Kentucky not two years - where affiant has lived ever since - the greater part of his time in the county of Stokes - Affiant farther states that his father is very aged and ?, poor and unable to work - that affiant is poor as well as the other Brother and Sister.

Sworn and ? before me John Efsig

John C. Blum J. P.


I, John C. Blum Justice of the peace as ? that I am well acquainted with John Efsig - that he is a man of veracity and ? and that his statement is ? and ? John C. Blum J. P.


[Microfilm had other records-very hard to read.]


State of North Carolina

Stokes County

I John Hill? Clerk of the Court of pleas and quarter ? for Stokes County certify that John C. Blum before whom the ? ? was is duly sworn and certified as a Justice of the Peace in ?

In testimony ?

? and affixed my seal

subscribed my name this 26th Aug 1833

John Hill?


Delcaration in order ??

the Act of Congrefs of the year 1832

State of North Carolina

Davidson County

On this day of August AD 1833 personally appeared in open court before the Justice of the Court of Pleas and Quarter? for the County of Davidson Joseph Efsig alias Efsick or Efsix ? of said County of Davidson and state aforesaid aged ninety one years who being ? duly sworn according to ?? his Oath makes the following declaration in order to ? the ? of the provisions made by the Act of Congrefs in June 7 1832,- He states that he was born in Germany in the year 1742 - that he has no record of his age - that he landed in Philadelphia when very young - ?? as he can recollect in the year 1752. That he ? in Philadelphia or neighborhood until he married: shortly after which he moved to North Carolina. Davidson County, then Rowan County, where he continued to reside until the Revolutionary War had commenced, that in the year 1777 or 1778 in the search of a better country ?? he moved to that part of the Western County now thought of Kentucky - with his family and the family of his Brother in law Caspar Brown, where he continued to reside two years. Then during his stay there, chiefly to protect the county of ? the aggressions of the Indians, the militia was called out or ? by order of the proper authority that the fort ? in a Company commanded by Capt. May under whom he served at least ? months this he ? volunteered under Capt. Riddle for six months and afsisted in building a Fort on Licking river when his company ? many of the ?? from the Indians - that his company frequently spent ? the fort in search of the enemy ? which he was ? frequently ? from the fort on scouting parties a ??? That he ? and his ? and served ? month at least as a private - first three months under Capt. May and six months under Capt. Riddle. ? service was of the most dangerous and bloody ? that attacks were frequently made on the fort by the Indians ?? he came under frequent scalped before his eyes as it were - from old age and ? lap of memory ? ? recollects the year in which the service was ? - but thinks it was the year 1778 or 1779 that he has no recollection whether his company was attacked by ? neither does he recollect that he served with any regular troops.

He states that he was discharged by his captian ? which discharged ? , that he never received a ? He states that pending ? and trouble came in Kentucky ? having ? there two years he moved back with his family to North Carolina to the county of Rowan where he ? lived since. That he returned to North Carolina some short term before the Battle of Guilford - much poorer than he went his ? property having been ? plundered by the Indians, that ?? to reside in ? Roans ever since. Affiant further states that he left his Br - in Law Casper Brown and his sister - in -law in Kentucky back in the fort ? they being too poor having been plundered of every thing ? - ? After he left Kentucky he understands and believes said fort was taken back by the ? Indians and his relations and perhaps others ?? to Fort Detroit where they ?? ever since. He states that he has no cocumentary evidence and that he knows of no persons whom ??? who can testify to his service except the appended affacavit of his son John and is the affiant ?? He ?? claims that ? a pension annuity ???

He states that in his neighborhoods he is known to John Delapp and John Beck who can testify to his character for veracity and the ? of his services as a soldier of the revolution.

? in open court 14 Aug 1833 Joseph Efsig mark

John Delapp and John Beck

residing in the county of Davidson herby certify that in an ? acquainted with Joseph Efsig who has ? and sworn to the above declaration ? ?

years ago that he is respected and believed where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and ??

before in open court John Delapp mark


and the said court John Beck mark

do hereby declare these ? ? investigation of the ? and ? ? by the War Department that the ?? was a revolutionary soldier and ? states - and the court further ? that it appears ?? John Delapp and John Beck who ?? and that their statement is ??? the court further certifies that ????

Tho. Hamilton

? Hunt

Jno. Smith

I Samuel Gaffner clerk of the county ocourt of Davidson do hereby certify that hte ?? of the said court in ? of the ? of Joseph Efsig alias Efsick or Efsex ?? this 16th day of Aug 1833

Sam Gaither Olde

by David Mock

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