1767 Southfork Communion Service

Records of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick, Maryland include the 1767-1768 communions served under the pastorate of Carolus Lange.  Among these were those held in Virginia (including what is now West Virginia) in late 1767:  Strassburg or Staefer Town on August 30th, Southfork on November 8th, Southbranch in the Gap on November 10th, and Southbranch in the Upper Tract on November 15th.  Detail of the Southfork communion below are as listed in volume 5 of Weiser's "Maryland German Church Records."

"On November 8th, [1767] there were present at the Communion Service at the Southfork, in Virginia, the following communicants, besides the 13 catechumens:"
Antony Hornbeck
Antony Rieger, Sr.
Antony Rieger, Jr.
Georg Dunckel
Heinrich Moock
Heinrich Stihl
Herman Schuck
Johannes Dunckel
Johannes Erdtmann
Johannes Kimmel
Johannes Streckler
Michael Alth
Michael Dorn
Michael Stumpf, Justice
Michael Wildfang
Philipp Moor
Wilhelm Schuck
Anna Maria Steiner
Anna Reiger
Barbara Becker
Barbara Rohrback
Catharina Bober
Catharina Dorn
Catharina Moor
Christina Zweitizig
Elisabetha Nef
Elisabetha Wiltz
Margaretha Brechtel
Margaretha Schuck
Margaretha Zweitzig
Margaretha Daecher
Maria Dunckel
Maria Kraehmer
Maria Moor
Susanna Dschontz
Susanna Kauzmann
Compare to the Anglicized names in the 1782 Virginia census for Hampshire County which included Hornbeck, Steel (Stihl), Alt (Alth), Regar (Rieger), Stump (Stumpf), Moak (Mook), Shook (Schuck) and Kimbell (Kimmel).  Note also the name Bober, the maiden name of Johannes Kimmel's wife.
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Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at tim@kimmelfamily.net

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