Pedigree of the Kimmel Family

Written 1890 by Walter Garland Kimmel
of Union County, Illinois for the descendants of
Crawford and Anna Minerva (Kimmel) Trees
Transcribed as written in the letter, which is archived at the
 Berlin Historical Society at Berlin, Pennsylvania

The oldest records we have tell us that Michael Kimmel was born at Boland in Germany October 1626 was married November 1689 at the age of sixty-three years and had 3 sons and one daughter Phillip Valentine Jacob and Elizabeth he died at the age of 84 years and was six feet high. Phillip the only one of the children we have any record was born born November 1695 he was 6 feet 3 inches high was married to Elizabeth Tolsten in 1719 at the age of 24 years and at the village of Grenson kingdom of Bavaria near the river rhine and had 6 sons Phillip Michael Nicholas Jacob George and Anthony height from 5 feet to 5 feet 8 inches George being the largest and Nicholas the smallest.

George and Phillip is the only two of the 6 sons we have any record of George was born December 21st 1743 at the village of Swgh in the Kingdom of Bavaria near the river Rhine and was married August 1768 to Julia Ruby in York County Pennsylvania and had 3 sons and 5 daughters Peter George Henry Catherine Susanah Elizabeth Magdaline and Julyana.

Peter the only child of George we have any record of was born November 17th 1771 at Bedford now Summerset county Pennsylvania and was married and had 4 sons.

Singleton Born July 9th 1797

Allen W Born May 23d 1799

Cyrus Born November 11th 1802

Byron B Born May 16th 1801

Peter died September 2nd 1843 and was buried at Jonesboro Illinois.

Phillip the other one of the two sons mentioned above

was our Great Great Grandfather and have no record as to whoom he was Married or when he died but to him was born 6 sons and one daughter Phillip John Daniel (our Grand Father) George Benjiman David and Mary.

Daniel the only one we have any record of was was married to Catherine Hunsaker (who was born October 6th 1792 Died May 11th 1861 at the age of 68 years 7 months and 6 days in Dallas county Texas) September 16th 1809 and was blessed with 2 sons and 5 daughters George W (our Father) Phillip Mary Louisa Jemima Anna and Melvina. we have no record of any of the children except George W and Anna as the old Family Bible was burned at the time Crawford Trees house burned in Dallas County Texas Anna M Kimmel was born December 12th 1831 in Union County Illinois went to Texas when young and was married to Crawford Trees also a native of Union County Illinois on the 22nd day of July 1846 to them was born 10 children 6 sons and 4 daughters David Phillip Samuel Crawford (Jun) Robert George Catherine Beatrice Texanna and Mary all of which are still living at this writing (in 1890) Crawford Trees went to Texas in 1845 and settled near Cedar Hill Dallas County he took out the first Marriage License in Dallas County the nearest settlement north of them was 3 familys at old Cedar spring just north of Dallas 20 miles away the next nearest was 75 miles away he had to go to Red river for his Milling

Indians were frequent visitors but did but little harm they struggled on through many weary years and managed to accumulate a vast amount of land and lived to see most of his children married and settled in life

Crawford Trees (Sen) was born December 6th 1823 died January 31st 1889 Aged 66 years 1 month and 25 days.

George W Kimmel was born August 29th 1820 in Union County Illinois was married to Eliza J Smith August 18th 1842 who was born October 30th 1823 in Capegirardeau County Missouri but came to Union County Illinois when young She died February 18th 1885 at the age of 61 years 3 months and 18 days they were blessed with 11 children 8 boys and 3 girls as follows

Phillip C born June 16th 1843 when the war of 1861 broke out he enlisted in Company H 11th Regiment Illinois infantry Volunteers and served until he was pronounced unable for duty returned home and lived but a short time Died February 4th 1865 aged 21 years 7 months and 18 days.

Daniel M was born September 9th 1845 was married married to Margaret Otrich April 28th 1867 to them was born 4 daughters one of which is still living by the name of Mary Olive She was married to Henry Heilig

Daniel M and his wife were both born in Union County Illinois and at this writing (in 1890) are living on their farm 5 miles south of Anna Illinois.

John C was born October 13th 1847 died December 22nd 1849 Aged 2 years 2 months and 9 days.

Mary E and Martha A (twins) was born June 22nd 1849 Mary was married to Jacob M Hileman of Union County Illinois to them was born 7 sons 6 of which are at this writing still living as follows George W Thomas J Bruno William Oliver Walter and Hugh Jacob M and wife live 5 miles south of Anna Illinois on their farm.

Martha was married to Henry Hileman of Union County Illinois to them was born 10 children 5 sons and 5 daughters 7 of which are at this writing still living as follows Cyrus Charley Ira Eva Edgar Fannie Nora and Flora (twins) Mary and Walter Henry and wife live on their farm 10 miles South East of Anna Illinois

Sarah was born January 16th 1853 Died August 20th 1853 Aged 7 months and 4 days.

Josiah was born August 16th 1852 was married to Patty Daugherty to them was born 2 daughters Fannie and Minnie they lived for a few years after marriage in Johnson County Illinois on a tract land deeded to him by his Father after selling his land he went to Dallas County Texas when married again to Emma Parker a native of Union County Illinois and at this writing is living in the town of Cedar Hill Dallas County Texas.

William D was born April 27th 1854 was married to Matilda Hinkle of Union County Illinois December 19th 1876 to them was born one son and one daughter Ottis and Edna the son died when small but Edna is still living they lived for a few years after Marriage in Johnson County Illinois on a Farm deeded to them by his father but sold his farm and went to the Mississippi bottoms and farmed for a few years but at present is living on his farm 5 miles South East of Anna Illinois.

Orcemius was born January 11th 1856 was deformed from Childhood of spinal disease that he was unable to help himself died November 3d 1875 Aged 19 years 9 months and 22 days

Walter G was born July 20th 1861 was Married to Mary E Randol of Alexander County Illinois to them was born one Son and one daughter Lula E and Walter L both of whoom are at this writing still living (in 1890) Walter G resides on what is known as the Homestead Farm 5 miles South of Anna Illinois

George W (Junior) was born January 10th 1863 died April 3d 1863 Aged 2 months and 23 days.

George W (Senior) and wife lived for a few years after Marriage in the Mississippi Bottoms but after the high water of 1844 mooved to what is known as the homestead farm 5 miles south of Anna Illinois where he lived the balance of his life they were hard working people and managed to provide a home for the 6 surviving children they lived to See 5 of their children buried and the remaining 6 settled in life they were both members of the Baptist Church and So are all their children that belong to any church In Politics he was a democrat and the children all follow the example of their Father in this respect they had set apart a small portion of land in the North West Corner of the homestead farm as a family Cemetery where they are both buried George W (Sen) departed this life April 4th 1876 Aged 66 years 7 months and 5 days

It is my sinsere desire And know it will be a credit to your your Father and Mother to keep our name on record So as one Generation passes away the ones that follow may know something of their Fore Fathers.

So write this up to present date for the benefit of your children. (I mean the heirs of Crawford Trees)


Walter G Kimmel

Tim's Reality Check
Detail From Public Documents That Support or Counter Claims in This Document

Alsheim Lutheran church records record Michael's death in Gimbsheim in 1734.  Existing microfilmed Alsheim church records do not start until 1766 so they cannot verify his birth year, but "Aus der Kimmel Story" in "Der Gemeinde Gimbsheim; 766 bis 1966" quotes the birth date October 1, 1662 from Alsheim Lutheran church records from Major Bill Thompson's research of Gimbsheim public records.  "Boland" probably comes from Michael's military service for Poland.  I can't locate the marriage record for Michael and his first wife Anna Margaretha.

Michael's children from Gimbsheim Reformed church records:  Johann Philip, Johann Heinrich, Johann Valentin, Johann Conrad, Johann Jacob and Maria Pfronika.  No Elizabeth.

Gimbsheim church microfilmed church records do not start until 1699, so Philip's birth date can not be verified by his baptism record.  Gimbsheim Reformed church records give the marriage date as June 10, 1721 to Anna Elizabetha Voltz.  "Tolson" probably comes from the way the name appeared in German in feminine form: Voltzen.  The marriage was in Gimbsheim in the Palatinate rather than in "Grenson" in Bavaria.

The Eich Reformed church records show that "Johann Philip's" son "Johann Georg" was born at Eich in the Palatinate on October 23, 1743 and baptized at the Reformed church on October 26, 1743.  The spelling "Swgh" is understandable if you saw the name Eich written in old German script.  The register for  the First Reformed and Trinity First Reformed Church (York, PA), as presented in "York Co., PA Church Records of the 18th Century" (vol. 2, Bates 7 Wright 1991) gives the date June 13, 1768 for Georg Kimmel and Juliana Ruby.  George's will, as copied in "Will Abstracts, Allegheny, PA 1789-1844" (Harriss & Wall) lists his children as Peter, George, Catharine Swartz, Henry, Susanna Will, Martha Ankeny, Julia Lichtenberger and Elizabeth Husband.

Peter's will per "Union County, Illinois, Probate Records 1818-1855" lists sons Allen W., Singleton H. and Cyrus F. Kimmel.  No mention of Byron. No earlier documents listing Peter's sons found yet.

Philip's will filed at McCracken Co., KY lists children Catherine, Phillip, David, Daniel, George, Benjamin Jane (Penrod), John and Mariah (Penrod).  (From a typed abstract of the will)

Daniel's records (1842) from "Union County, Illinois, Probate Records 1818-1855" lists children Mary (wife of Young E. Brown), Louisa (wife of John Godwin), Anna M. (wife of Crawford Treese), George W., Philip, and Melvina (married John Henderson).  This accounts for all but Jemima.

The 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses for Union Co., Illinois account for George W. Kimmel's children Jacob Columbus, Daniel, Martha, Mary, Josiah, William, Orcemius, and Walter.  Records for John and George Jr., who both reportedly died young, not yet found.

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at

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