Detail From Kimmel-related Documents

Each of the accounts below are followed by a review of public documents that refer to the same details mentioned in the accounts listed.  These "reality checks" are documents I'm currently aware of and I welcome the addition of other documents.  (Tim Kimmel-- )  These transcripts are also listed on the web pages for each individual family listed on the main menu.


Pedigree of the Kimmel Family, written 1890 by Walter Garland Kimmel (1861-1940; AC-BAEBJ) of Union Co., Illinois for the descendants of Crawford and Anna Minerva (Kimmel) Trees. The letter gives a brief history of Michael Kimmel in Germany, his son Philip and grandson George as passed down to Walter.


General Anthony Kimmel's Letter to Samuel Kimmel. Written by General Anthony Kimmel (1798-1871; AC-KI) of Baltimore, son of Anthony who came to America with his brothers and father Johann Philip Kimmel in 1755. Samuel was most likely the Samuel Kimmel (1830-1912; AC-BBFJ) a dental surgeon in Philadelphia, PA who was in possession of the German family Bible of his grandfather Jacob that is now in the collection of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. General Kimmel tells the story of the three Kimmel brothers Jacob, Valentine and Philip who came to America in the 1750s. This text comes from one of Dr. H. K. Stoner's reports from 1937, "Genealogy of the family of John Philip Kimmel, b. Mar. 2-1724-d. Aug. 7-1796; Oldest of the six sons of Johann Philip Kimmel, 1695-1777"


Anna Mary (Kimmel) Rector Letter.  Written about her great-grandfather Philip Kimmel and grandfather Elijah Kimmel of Dubois County, Indiana.  Excerpt as published in the February 1977 issue of the "Laurel Messenger," published by the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County.


Harry H. Ahrens' 1921 Report and Edna Viola Kimmel Wood 1940 Letter.  Two early family histories of Leonard Kimmel (1741-1825; AG-) an early settler of Harrison County, Ohio.  Plus a 1979 account by Albert Kimmel.


Charles Messner's letter to a cousin.  A family history of the lineage Johann Jacob Kimmel of Ephrata, his son Adam Kimmel of Philadelphia, grandson Joseph Kimmel of Stark County, Ohio and great-grandson Jacob Kimmel.


Pastor August Kimmel.  Biography of this Cleveland pastor, written about 1888.  This copy in possession of his grandson Richard H. Kimmel of Wilmington, North Carolina.


Published Accounts...

Family History From "Kentucky Ante-bellum Portraiture."  Accompanied  a copy of the portrait of Philip Kimmel that was brought to Henderson, Kentucky by Marius Manning Kimmel, father of Admiral Husband E. Kimmel.


Biography of Jonathan Kimmel, pages 179-180 of "Commemorative Biographical Record, Harrison County, Ohio," 1891 (Beers).  This has the earliest known printed account of the arrival in America of Leonard Kimmel who settled last in Harrison County, Ohio.

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