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Family of Johann Jacob Kimmel of Ephrata in Cocalico Township

Members of this family appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefix "AB-."

General History

Johann Jacob Kimmel was born October 14, 1705 in Gimbsheim to Johann Michael and Anna Margaretha (Sauter) Kimmel.  He was baptized at the Reformed church there on October 17 and confirmed December 25, 1720.  On March 1, 1729 he married Maria Barbara Heinrich, daughter of Hartman and Anna Elizabeth Heinrich.

Their children with birth years (all born in Gimbsheim, except possibly Barbara), death years and places of death, and spouses:
Anna Elisabetha -- 1730-1730 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Johann Valentin -- 1731-1749 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Johann Adam -- 1733-1778 Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- Barbara Miller
Veronica -- 1735-1737 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Johann Michael -- 1737-1745 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Johann Jacob -- 1739-1823 near Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- Susanna
Maria Christina -- 1741-( ? ??? )
Johannes -- 1743-( ? ??? )
Johann Georg -- 1745-( ? ??? )
Johann Heinrich -- 1746-1747 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Rupertus -- 1748-(after 1779) America
Barbara -- ( ? )-(after 1779) America

The family and other members of the Reformed church at Gimbsheim left for America from Rotterdam on May 22, 1751 and arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Andrew on September 14.  They settled at the seventh-day baptist settlement near Bermudian Creek, in York County,  Pennsylvania the following spring. After the death of Maria in 1753, Jacob moved to the cloister at Ephrata (same denomination), where he died November 25, 1784.

The Kimmel for this family survives through descendants of son Johann Adam Kimmel's sons Jacob who moved into western Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and Joseph who moved first to Northumberland (the part now Union) County, Pennsylvania and then Stark County, Ohio.


Early Family Recollections

Early Family Histories

"Genealogical Memoranda Kimmels A.D. 1626 - A.D. 1930" was published by Clarence W. Kimmel of Hiawatha, Kansas in 1930 and passed among relatives.  This long narrow book gave dates and birthplaces for the descendants of Jacob A. Kimmel, son of Joseph, grandson of Johann Adam and great-grandson of Johann Jacob. This work was organized before the family learned that Joseph was not the son of Johann Michael and grandson of Johann Philip.

"A Brief History of the Early Kimmel Family" was included in a Dr. Charles A Messner letter to a cousin.  A family history of the lineage of Johann Jacob Kimmel of Ephrata, his son Adam Kimmel of Philadelphia, grandson Joseph Kimmel of Stark County, Ohio and great-grandson Jacob A. Kimmel.  It was written in the mid-1930s.  By this time the family knew of the research of Rudolf Shafer of Darmstadt and had traced their line through Adam instead of Michael.

"Records of the Kimmel and Related Families," compiled by Dr. Charles A. Messner of Buffalo, New York in 1967.  It contains documentation of Messner's research in Germany, Pennsylvania and Ohio since his 1930s letter.  Copies are on file at the Family Research Library in Salt Lake City and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Family Bibles

    (none known)


Public Documents For Revolution Era Kimmels

Transcriptions on This Web Site

Gimbsheim Reformed Church records include birth and marriage of Johann Jacob and the baptisms of his children. It also has reference to Jacob's leaving for America in 1751. The church records are on microfilm roll #1441990 in the Mormon Church family research library in Salt Lake City.  See detail.

Jacob's 1779 willSee raw data page.

Documents Available Not Added to This Web Site

Philadelphia ships list

Tax lists -- Cocalico Township in Lancaster Co., PA and Philadelphia city.

Marriage records at Lancaster and Reading.

Ephrata cloister records.

Documents to Be Found

Record of Adam Kimmel's service furnishing wagons and supplies to Braddock's troops in 1755 under Benjamin Franklin mentioned in Dr. Messner's mid-1930s letter.  It should be somewhere among Lancaster or York, PA court house records.


Special Reports


Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at tim@kimmelfamily.net

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