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Family of Johann Valentine Kimmel

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General History

Johann Valentin Kimmel -- "Valentine" -- was born July 31, 1701 in Gimbsheim in the Palatinate to Johann Michael and Anna Margaretha (Sauter) Kimmel.  He married February 8, 1724 in Gimbsheim to Anna Maria Beltzer, daughter of  Johann Valentin and Anna Barbara. 

Their children, with birth year (all born in Gimbsheim, except possibly Catharine), death year, death place and spouse:
Anna Barbara -- 1724-1725 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Maria Veronica -- 1726-( ? ) Frederick County, Virginia -- Georg Ludwig Kaffenberger
Anna Margaretha -- 1728-( ? ??? ) -- Daniel Fygler
Johann Michael -- 1730-1730 Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)
Maria Barbara -- 1731-( ? ??? ) -- Michael Hunter
Conrad -- 1733-( ? ) Gimbsheim, Palatinate
Johann Philip -- 1735-1786 Cumberland County, Pennylsvania -- Anna Maria ( ? )
Maria Elisabetha -- 1738-1805 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania -- George Hoffman
Catharine -- ( ? - ? ) -- Nicholas Schleiter

Valentine, with his wife and five children, joined his brother Jacob's family and others when then migrated to America in 1751.  They left Germany May 22 and reached Philadelphia on the ship St. Andrew on September 14.

Valentine was in Greenwood Township, Cumberland (the part now Perry) County, Pennsylvania in 1755-1756 and later moved to Lancaster County where he was living in Strasburg Township at the time of his death December 28, 1768.  His wife had died the previous year and both deaths are recorded at the Ephrata cloister.

The Kimmel name for this family survives through descendants of son Philip who settled in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.


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Gimbsheim Reformed Church records include birth and marriage of Johann Valentin and the baptisms of most of his children.  Also record of his heading to America in 1751. The church records are on microfilm roll #1441990 in the Mormon Church family research library in Salt Lake City.  See detail.

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Cumberland County, PA land records

Lancaster County, PA tax records

Ephrata Cloister records

"Journal of The Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley" volume 17 (1992); "The Kimmel Family of the Cocalico Valley" by Clarence E. Spohn

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