Images for the Family of

Daniel Kimmel (1854-1914)

of Huntington County, Indiana

Son of George and Elizabeth (Zook) Kimmel.

From the collection of Mary E. (Kimmel) Schnitz of Huntington, Indiana

Daniel's family:  in back row are daughter Minnie, son Roscoe, daughter Elizabeth Chalmers.  In front are Daniel, daughter Charlotte, wife Leah, son Jacob, son-in-law George Chalmers with his son Lawrence on his lap, grandchildren John & Hazel Chalmers on table.  Son William is holding mules in background.  This is not the Kimmel farm.

[Insert image Dani001b]  Daniel Kimmel home at Harlansburg, IN where son Ona was born; taken in 1950's

Wife Leah (Myers), daughter of Martin and Savilla (Wagner) Myers.

Left:  son William Kimmel

Right:  daughter Elizabeth as widow of George Chalmers with her son Glenn about 1947.

Son Roscoe.  Left at age 21; right with wife Lucy (Venis)

Daughter Minnie Savilla.  Left as infant; right about 1918

Daughter Charlotte.  Left with first husband Henry J. J. Riggars in their wedding photo; right in dress with pockets

[Insert image Char001b]




From the collection of Louise (Carroll) McCroskey of Fort Wayne, IN

[Inset image Minn001c]  Daughter Minnie Savilla about 1909

[Insert image of Wilbur R. Carroll]  Minnie's husband Wilbur R. Carroll in 1941.


Images of son Ona Jacob Kimmel organized separately

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at

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