Images for the Family of

Daniel Kimmel (1780's-1843)

of Union County, Illinois

Son of Johann Philip and Drusilla (Penrod) Kimmel.

From the collection of Annette Frary of Montague, California

Daughter Minnie Belle.  Headshot of Minnie in 1915, a 1920s portrait, and her husband Samuel Henry Trees in Texan garb holding a rifle and lasso.


Daughter Anna Minerva.  A photo of her and one of her husband Crawford Trees as published in "The History of Duncanville, Texas"



From "Pioneer Sketches of Union County, Illinois"

Son George W. and his wife Eliza Jane Smith as published in "Pioneer Sketches of Union County, Illinois"


Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at

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