Images for the Family of

Henry Kimmel (1793-1868)

of Somerset Co., PA and Jackson Co., IL

Son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Heiple) Kimmel

Wife Maria Rosina Geeting

From the collection of Gayle Putt of Cincinnati, Ohio

 Description:  Kimmel-Schwartz family photo includes the families of Henry's daughter Sarah (Kimmel) Schwartz; children of Henry's son David Kimmel (AC-BFDF); Henry's grandson "Red" Ed Kimmel (AC-BFDGD), son of Philip and Eliza (Schwartz) Kimmel; and of "Possum" Ed Kimmel (AC-BFJHB) and his wife Ada Schwartz.

Mercy Kimmel (1888-1969), daughter of William D. and Martha (Schwartz) Kimmel

Top:  Mercy & husband Loren Thornton, married in 1915.   Bottom:  Mercy and cousin Adda (Lemming) Graeff




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From the collection of Viola Snyder of Victoria, Texas

Son Henry and his second wife Nancy, photocopy of photo.


From the collection of David Robinson of Herndon, Virginia

1888 Schwartz Family Reunion as appeared in the Sept. 19, 1953 "DuQuoin Evening Call" (Centennial Edition)

Front:  Robert J. McElvain Jr.; Joe, son of Edward Schwartz; Fred, son of Edward Kimmel; Herbert A. and William, sons of John D. Hayes; remainder unidentified.  Second row, seated:  Fannie (Schwartz) Hartwell; Sarah J. Schwartz, wife of Samuel; Elizabeth E. (Watters) Schwartz, wife of Josiah; Sarah (Kimmel) Schwartz, wife of William; Eliza (Schwartz) Kimmel, wife of Philip; Boley Louna Kimmel Lewis?; Sarah (Pyle) Schwartz, mother of all the Schwartz family; Elizabeth Schwartz; Mary (Schwartz) McElvain, wife of Robert J. Sr.; Lottie McElvain, daughter of Robert J. Sr.; Emeline (Reno) Schwartz, wife of Edward; Maude Kimmel, daughter of William and Mattie.  Third row:  Alifair (Onstott) Kimmel, wife of Edward; Edward Kimmel holding daughter Ruth; Edna (Schwartz) Copeland; Mollie (Schwartz) Castleton; Anna (Schwartz) Voudrie; Lucy (Schwartz) Castleton; Ada Kimmel; Nellie Schwartz; Josiah Schwartz; Edward Schwartz; Charles Schwartz, son of Samuel; Samuel Schwartz; Della (Kimmel) Pyatt; Edward E. Kimmel holding son Leslie; Belle Kimmel; Robert J. McElvain, Sr.; Susan Kimmel, wife of E. E.; Henry Kimmel holding son Jackson.  Back row:  John D. Hayes holding Milford; Ellen (Schwartz) Hayes; Mrs. Skinner; Laura (Kimmel) Wilson; Mattie (Schwartz) Kimmel, wife of William; Philip Kimmel; William Kimmel; Hiram Schwartz; Sarah (Jackson) Kimmel, wife of Henry; William A. Schwartz; Daniel L. Kimmel, father of Clarence and Stanley.  Key Kimmels in this picture are Philip AC-BFDG (wife Eliza Schwartz) and family, his sister Sarah AC-BFDH (husband William Schwartz), his nephew William AC-BFDFF (son of David) and family and his nephew Edward AC-BFDDA (son of Joseph) and family.


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