Images for the Family of

Jacob A. Kimmel (1816-1901)

of Stark County, Ohio

Son of Joseph and Hannah (Welde) Kimmel.

From the collection of Joan Kimmell of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photo of Jacob.

50th anniversary photo in 1914 of Jacob's son Manias and  Manias' wife Christenia (Getz) with friends and relatives.  Back row:  Lily (wife of Jim), sister of Ruth Fuller, Clara Bennet (worked for Messners), Earl Plummer; 2nd row: William Kimmel, Carlos Seymour, Raymond Messner, Ruth Fuller (lived with Manias' family), Margaret Wiley, Lulu Plummer (dau. of Clara), Maud Kimmel (seated), Rhoda Kimmel (wife of Samuel), Samuel C. Kimmel, Mae Wiley (wife of David), Harrison Messner, David Wiley, Arthur J. Kimmel, friend of Matthews; 3rd row: Howard Kimmel (son of James), James S. "Jim" Kimmel, Mary M. Zeigler (mother of Nonah), Scott Galloway (father of Rhoda), Reverend Gow (Baptist), Zach Thomas (father of Maud), Winnie Thomas (wife of Zach), Clara Messner, Nonah Kimmel (wife of Arthur J.), Dr. Matthews (New Paris crony of Manias), Florence Seymour; 4th row: Joseph Kimmel (seated, brother of Manias), Rebecca Galloway (mother of Rhoda), Mrs. Laura Tuttle, Alma Seymour, Mrs. Matthews, friend of Mrs. Matthews; 5th row: Manie Kimmel (2nd cousin of Manias from Albion, IN), Jacob Kimmel (brother of Manias from Hiawatha, KS), Mrs. Jacob Kimmel, Mrs.Joseph Kimmel, Manias Kimmel, Christenia "Tina" Kimmel (wife of Manias), Hiram Getz (brother of Christenia from Akron, OH), Mrs. Emma Ginther (sister of Manias), Mrs. Carrie Wertz (sister of Manias); 6th row: Juanita Elser (lived with James Kimmel), D. B. Kimmel (son of Arthur), Harold Seymour; front row: Retta Kimmel (dau. of I. R.), P. M. Kimmel (son of Arthur), I. R. Kimmel holding son Thomas, Martha Seymour, Roy Seymour, Melvin Kimmel (son of James).

Family portrait. Sons James, William, Irving and Samuel standing. Seated: daughter Clara, Manias, daughter Alma, son Arthur and wife Christenia (Getz).

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
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