Images for the Family of

Josiah Kimmel (1853-1926)

of Jackson County, Illinois

Son of Philip and Mary Gertrude (Will) Kimmel.  Wife: Sarah Reed

From the collection of Tom Roberts of Bloomington, IL

1906 photo of Josiah, his wife, and descendants.  Back row:  son-in-law Harlan Nausley, Josiah Kimmel, Josiah's wife Sarah (Reed).  Front row:  Josiah's daughter Mary Elizbeth "Mollie" Nausley with her daughter Irene on her lap, Harlan's sister Cora Nausley, Josiah's daughter-in-law Annie (Herring) Kimmel holding her daughter Lucy.

Photo circa 1919-20 of Josiah and daughter Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Nausley's family.  Front row:  Josiah, grandson Raymond Nausley, daughter Mollie Nausley with her daughter Freda on her lap.  Back row:  granddaughter Irene Nausley, son-in-law Harland Nausley, granddaughter Hallie Nausley.  Blow-up of Josiah below it.


Blow-up of Josiah from a 1920 photo of the laying of the cornerstone for Zion Lutheran Church.

Josiah, his wife Sarah and granddaughter Irene Nausley from a larger family photo of circa 1907-08.  At right:  Josiah, taken from a family group photo of circa 1905.


Group photo of party given by friends and family for Josiah prior to his departure for California about 1920.  (Identities of individuals not provided.)

Button photo of Josiah circa 1900.

Josiah with grandson Raymond Nausley, taken from a circa 1914 photo of son-in-law Harlan Nausley's family.

Badly damaged photo of Kimmel Bridge near completion.  The steel and wood structure was built in 1890 across the Beaucoup Creek north of Murphysboro, IL

Photo circa 1908 of Josiah, his wife Sarah, and son-in-law Harlan Nausley's family in front of home, formerly Josiah's now Harlan's.

Wife Sarah, taken from a 1906 family photo; and a button photo of Sarah of circa 1900.



(See images of Josiah's children John Logan Kimmel and Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Nausley on another web page.)

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