Images for the Family of

Kiser Kimmel (1851-1911)

of Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Son of William and Mary Ann (Trent) Kimmel.

From the collection of Laurie Evans of Yuba City, California

Kiser's wife and children in photo of the Kimmel, Evans and Reed families.  (Kiser's daughters marked with an asterisk(*):

Back row:  W. R. MacCarthy, Emma E. Evans, Hellen Kimmel, Clara* Kimmel, Edna Kimmel, Mary F. Evans, Thomas Evans

Middle row:  Fannie* (Kimmel) MacCarthy, Elizabeth* Kimmel, Kiser's wife Emma (Woolley) Kimmel, Nellie* (Kimmel) Reed, Mary Louise* (Kimmel) Evans

Bottom row:  Daniel S. Evans, William Lentz, Edward T. Evans, Mary Louise Reed

Left:  Kiser's wife Emma Woolley        Right:  Kiser's mother Mary (Trent) Kimmel


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