Image of

Johann Michael Kimmel (1662-1734)

of Gimbsheim, Palatinate

Son of Hans Conrad and Anna Marie (Knebel) Kümmel.

Via the collection of Dr. Charles E. Messner (deceased) of Buffalo, NY

Johann Michael Kimmel of Gimbsheim in his Polish military uniform

No one knows when this portrait was painted or for whom.  It appeared in Charles Messner's 1967 account "Records of the Kimmel and Related Families" without a note of its source.  This particular copy of the image came from a 2-½ by 3-½ photo his son Charles Messner, Jr. took of the original and was last in possession of Geneva Kimmell of Fort Wayne, IN.  None of Messner's relatives know where he obtained the original photo or where it is now.  According to Messner's publication, the picture of Michael and that of his son Philip were of both men in their uniforms in the Polish army.

One clue of the portrait's source is the fact that Charles Messner included the image with pictures of Michael Kimmel's son Johann Philip, Philip's grandsons Peter and Henry, and Peter's son Singleton.  This line is not Messner's but that of  Miss Amy Husband Kimmel (1864-1936) of Cape Girardeau, MO, who actually had 8x10 copies of Philip Kimmel's photos for sale.  A similar though not exact portrait of Johann Philip was in the possession of her uncle Marius Manning Kimmel, father of Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, according to the "Kentucky Ante-bellum Portraiture," which also says Johann Philip was in the Polish army.  See images of his son Philip.

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
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