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Kimel Chiropractic Center. A business on West Glendale Avenue in Glendale.

Kimmell Realty. A business on North 75th Avenue in Phoenix.


Kimmel Road. A road running south off of the Redfield River Road midway between Redfield and the Arkansas River (about 2 miles east of Redfield).


Kimmel Avenue. A street running south off Murray Road in McKinleyville, just east of state 101 interchange.

Kimmel Body Works. An auto repair business on E. Harrison Street in Corona.

Kimmel Canyon. A valley branching off of St. Johns Canyon south of Hemet and 3- miles north of Sage. Housing additions have grown at the top of the canyon and along R3 at the bottom.

Kimmel Construction, Inc. A construction company business on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento.  See web site.

Kimmel Drive. A street running north off Elkhorn Boulevard in North Highlands, a suburb north of Sacramento.

Kimmel Insurance. An insurance agency found on Laurel Street in San Carlos.

Kimmel Medical Clinic. Medical office on E. 4th Street in Santa Ana.

Kimmel-Meehan Clothiers. A store on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose.

Kimmel-Motz Refrigeration Corporation. A business on Goodwin Avenue in Los Angeles and subsidiary of Toromont.

Kimmel's Stationary. A wholesale business on Chestnut Street in San Francisco.

Kimmel Street. A two-block street in Salinas connecting Sanborn School with Closter Park in the eastern part of town.

Nathan Kimmel Company. Equipment and supplies company in Los Angeles.  See web site.

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Cancer research center in San Diego.  See web site.

Thompson Kimmel Land Company. Agency on Arlington Avenue in Riverside.


Kimmel Gulch. A valley branching off of Quartz Creek where it enters the northeast end of Pitkin. Named in 1967 by U.S. Board of Geographic Names. Comes out of mountain on William F. Kimmell's property.

Kimmel Lake. The southernmost of a patch of lakes in Saguache County, known as the Russell Lakes. It lies to the east of U.S. 285 about 10 miles south of Saguache.

Kimmel's Bottle House. Liquor store in Fort Lupton.

William Kimmel Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9700.  VFW post in Cheyenne Wells, named for William A. Kimmel who was killed in action while serving on the U.S.S. Quincy that sank in the Battle of Savo in 1942.


Kimmel Construction Corporation. A business on Griffin Road south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Kimmel Outpatient Surgical Center. A medical center outside St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach.


Kimmel Creek. A stream that empties from the west into the Middle Fork Salmon River. It's twenty miles south of the Salmon River and mile south of Big Creek. The only access to the stream is via the Middle Fork Trail that runs along the east side of Middle Fork Salmon River.


Kimmel Bridge Road.  Also called county road 15 northeast of Murphysboro.

Kimmel Cemetery. A cemetery about 4 miles due south of Anna in Union County.  See listing.

Kimmel Cemetery. A cemetery north of State pond northwest of Jonesboro in Union County. See listing.

Kimmel Cemetery. A cemetery in Williamson County about a 1- miles east of the dam for Lake of Egypt.

Kimmel Cemetery Road.  Runs east-west between Boyd Road and Neely Road about 4 miles south of Anna in Union County.

Kimmel-Chaplain Pharmacy. A drugstore in the Benton Medical Clinic Building in Benton.

Kimmel Court. A short street jutting off of Kimmel Street in Marion.

Kimmel Hall. A dormitory at the northeast corner of the North Central College campus in Naperville.  On Loomis Street.  See web page.

Kimmel Plumbing. A business on North Water in Batavia.

Kimmel Plumbing. A business on South Hale in Wheaton.

Kimmel Publication. A business in Carol Stream outside Wheaton.

Kimmel Road. 1-1/2 mile long road run east from the Thompsonville Road (county road 10) about 3 miles south of Thompsonville.

Kimmel Road.  Also called county road 3.  Runs east off of U.S. 51 to the Little Muddy River, north of Du Quoin.

Kimmel Street. A street in two sections a block south of state road 13 northeast of downtown Marion. One branches off Russell Street and the other off Yale.

Kimmel Street. East Kimmel Street runs east out of southeast Elkville, becoming county road 14 that leads to Royalton.  West Kimmel Street is separate Street in southwest Elkville.


John E. Kimmel Township Office. Local government office in Terre Haute.

Kemil Road. Also county road 300 east, running northward out of Furnessville to east edge of Indiana Dunes State Park.

Kimmel Auto Sales. A business on West State Road 46 in Bloomington.

Kimmel and Sons Auto Parts. A auto retail and repairs business on North Clark Boulevard in Jeffersonville.

Kimmel Drive. A one-block street in Fort Wayne.

Kimmel Shoe Repair. Several shoe repair shops in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville and Bloomington.

Kimmel Street. A one-block street near the end of Washington Street in Lafayette.

Kimmell. A town in northwestern Noble County named in the 1870s. It was named after Orlando Kimmell, a member of the state legislature who was influential in bringing the railroad through the area. Businesses in and near the town include Kimmel Bulldozing Service, Kimmell Hatchery and Hardware, and Kimmell Inn.

Kimmell Fire Department. Fire station listed for Cromwell.

Kimmel Hall.  Dormitory at the north end of the North Central College campus at Loomis Street and North Avenue in Naperville.  See web page.

Kimmell House Inn. A bed and breakfast along U.S. 33 between Kimmell and Wolf Lake in the former mansion of Orlando Kimmell, after whom the town of Kimmell, Indiana was named.

Kimmell Park. A city park and campgrounds along the Wabash River in Vincennes that was created about 1937. It was named after Joseph Kimmell who was a powerful mayor serving the town in the 1930s.

Kimmel Retreat House.  Dormitory originally called Kimmel Hall, built in the 1930s in Oakwood Park, at the time an Evangelical church camp on Lake Wawasee (then known as Turkey Lake & Nine Mile Lake) on the channel leading to Syracuse Lake and in the town of Lake Syracuse.  Until 2008 it was operated by the non-profit Christian organization Oakwood Foundation.

Kimmell Road. A road running along south edge of Vincennes.

Kimmell School. A school in Kimmell, not active since 1971.

Kimmell United Methodist Church. Church on North Hitler in Kimmell.

Kimmells Addition. A section of the town of Albion at the corner of Cherry and Highland. It was owned originally by Joseph Kimmell.

Kimmels Shores Road. A street on the south side of Little Long Lake just north of Kendallville.

Kimmel's Mufflers Brakes & More.  Muffler service on Lafountaine Street in Huntington.  See web site.

Kimmell's Subdivision. (Or Kimmell's Division, Harveys Addition) A section of Albion, occupying the north half of two blocks along the south side of South Street and between Orange and Hickory Streets. It was owned originally by Adam J. Kimmell and divided and sold in the 1850s.


Kimmel Drive. A street southwest of Davenport running east from Rockingham Road.


Kimmel Insurance Agency. A business in Beechmont.

Kimmel Painting Company. Business in Louisville.

Kimmel Park. Neighborhood in north central Henderson and park at the corner of Adams and 7th Streets.

Kimmel Street. A short street in Henderson. Henderson was the hometown of Confederate veteran Maurius Manning Kimmel and his descendant Admiral Husband Kimmel. The street is also considered a part of North Holloway Street.

Kimmel Trucking. A business on Hill Avenue in Owensboro.


Kimmel & Kimmel Inc. A construction company in Gaithersburg and Cumberland.

Kimmel Avenue. A street in Graceland Park, a suburb of Baltimore. It runs behind the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery.

Kimmell Road. In Frederick County, it joins Glissans Mill Road just west of Linganore with the Old Annapolis Road.  Associated with the General Anthony Kimmel family.

Kimmel Street. Two block of a four block street (the other two blocks are called State Street) running north-south from W. Lexington to W. Saratoga. It is between Eutaw Street, where Anthony Kimmel's family lived and Howard Street, where the family business was.

Kimmel Tire and Auto Centers. Several shops in Baltimore and its suburbs.  See web site.

Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.  At Johns Hopkins Hospital Greenspring Station in Baltimore, established in 1973.  See web site.


Kimmell's Bagel Shop. A store on Williams Street in Longmeadow.


Kimel Drive. A street at the north end of Lake Mitchell west of Cadillac.

Kimmel's Excavating. A contractor on East Church in Tustin.

Kimmel's Gunsmithing. Gun and sporting goods store on Elms Road in Clio.

Kimmel's Hallmark Shop. A card and gift shop on South Washington Square in Lansing.

Kimmel Place. A cul-de-sac in a northwest housing addition outside Saginaw.

Kimmel Propane. A wholesale business on East Johnson Road in Ithaca.

Kimmel Road. A four-mile road running north-south in Sebawa Township of Iona County.

Kimmel Road. A five-mile long road running east-west about four miles south of Jackson. The town of South Jackson lies on its midpoint.

Kimmel Scrap Iron and Metal Company. A scrap yard on Grand River Avenue in Detroit.  See web site.

Kimmel Street. A street running the length of Berrien Springs. George Kimmel's family settled here in the 1830s and was influential in the area.

Kimmel Street. A four-block-long street running east-west in Stevensville.


Kimmel Field.  A ball field at Ber Juan Sport Complex on 18th Street in Rolla.

Kimmel Lake. One of the Lakes Genevieve in an addition built between Farmington and Sprott along state road 32.

Kimmel Lake Road. Runs along south side of I-55 at exit 154, starting south from "O" Road on property originally owned by brothers George and Louis Kimmel.  Ponds along the road are unofficially called Kimmel Lakes by locals.

Kimmelton. Lies on County Road 501 at State Highway KK just east of exit 117 of Interstate 55. Singleton Kimmel lived in the area in the 1840s.

Kimmel Repair. Auto repair service on W. Osage in Pacific.

Kimmel Road.  A short road that loops off of the south sided of U.S. 61 southeast of Bloomsdale.  Led to property of brothers George and Louis Kimmel until I-55 was built and split the property in two.


Kimmel Aviation. A business at the Greenwood-LeFlore Airport east of Greenwood.  See web site.

Kimmels Bayou. A short stream that empties southward into the Grand Plains Bayou in the swampy lowlands west of Ansley.


Kimmel Coulee. A two-mile long valley and dry river bed branching westward from South Fork Lodgepole Creek about 16 miles northwest of Sand Springs in Garfield County. The O'Conner Ranch lies across the creek from this valley. A light-duty road running down the creek from Sand Springs crosses at the mouth of Kimmel Coulee and a dirt crossroad runs up into the coulee and down to the ranch.


Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard.  Farm and home of Kimmel Education and Research Center, west of Nebraska City.  See web site.

Kimmel Street. A street running north-south across the length of Osceola. Most likely named for William F. Kimmel, a co-founder of Osceola.

Kimmel Theatre. Theatre at Midland Lutheran College in Fremont.  See web site.


Kimmell's Car Care Center. Car repair service on Greenwood Avenue in Trenton.


Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life.  Student union at New York University at Greenwich Village in New York City.  Contains Shorin Music Performance Center and Kimmel Dance Studio.  See web page.

Kimmel Avenue. A three-block street south of the Buffalo River in Buffalo. It runs eastward from U.S. 62 to the Cozenovia River.

Kimmel Company. A contractor on Clarkridge Drive in Brockport.

Kimmel Racing Stable (John C. Kimmel). One of the stables at the Belmont Park Race Track at New Hyde Park and one at the Saratoga Racetrack in Saratoga Springs.

Kimmel Hall. A dormitory and dining hall on the Syracuse University campus named after donor and former Board of Trustees member Claude L. Kimmel.


Kimel Cemetery. A family cemetery about 2- miles north of Arcadia in Davidson County. It lies on the east side of Central Boulevard and the north side of Fryes Creek.

Kimel Flower Shop. A store on South Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem.

Kimmel & Associates. A construction and waste management search firm in Ashville.  See web site.


Kimmel's Slough. A marshland area east of Coteau, running half a mile north and south on land once owned by John Kimmel (AC-HDACCD).


Kimmel Avenue. A street in Campbell, a suburb of Youngstown.

Kimmel Barn. A barn along state road 127 as U.S. 33 north of Celina with "KIMMEL" displayed on its roof. (Paul P. Kimmel farm)

Kimmel Brook Center. A social service center on Wright Drive in Youngstown.

Kimmel Cleaners (Kimmel Corporation). A laundry business headquartered in Upper Sandusky where the business was established in 1931.  Shops are in Bucyrus, Galion, Mansfield, Marion, Mt. Gilead, Tiffin and Upper Sandusky.  See web site.

Kimmel Drive. A street running south off Raber Road west of Myersville Road in northeastern Greensburg.

Kimmel Lane. A street in the southwestern corner of Dayton.

Kimmel Plumbing and Heating. A business on West Klinger Road in Covington.

Kimmel Road. A short street in Columbus.

Kimmel Road. A road running westward out of Englewood, a suburb of Dayton to south of Clayton then northwest through Clayton to Swanktown as North Kimmel Road.

Kimmel Road. A mile-long road running eastward from Hamburg. a town south of Eldorado in Preble County.

Kimmel School. A school on Andrews Street near Market Avenue about 2 miles northwest of Hartville.

Kimmel Street. A street in a housing addition along the Dayton-Springfield Road southwest of Enon in Clark County.

Kimmel Street. A street in Youngstown, northeast of the downtown district and south of the Landsdowne Airport.

Kimmel Street. A 4-block long curve in Cleveland just north of Newburgh Heights and running parallel with Independence Road.

Kimmel's Mountain Man Meats. Beef jerky producer in Mt. Blanchard.

Kimmel's Saddle Shop. A saddlery and riding apparell business on Mathews Road in Youngstown.

Kimmel's Shoe Repair. A business on Town and Country Road in Dayton.


Kimmell Barn. A structure placed on the National Registry of Historical Places 1/30/1984 for its distinctive characteristics as being of an original family homestead, situated northeast of Covington in Garfield County.

Kummell Construction Company. A business on Frisco Avenue in Clinton.

Kimmell Street. A street running from the north end to the south end of the town of Braman.


Kimmell. A location in western Wallawa County. It lies along the road and railroad that runs along the east side of the Wallowa River a couple miles south of where the river empties into the Grande Ronde River. No dwellings.

Kimmel Lane. A road running north off Pittsburg Road west of Saint Helens.

Kimmel Lane.  Street running north off of the Umpqua Highway (S.R. 138) in Idleyld Park northeast of Roseburg.

Kimmel Park. A park along the south side of the North Santiam River in the east end of Mill City. It was named for Mayor Jesse "Doc" Kimmel, town mayor in the 1950s and 1960s.

Kimmel's Sporting Goods and Gifts. A shop on First Street in Tillamook.

Kimmel's Hardware, Housewares, Lawn and Garden. A shop, also on First Street in Tillamook.


Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School. School on Ski Gap Road in Claysburg, serving Greenfield Township in Blair County and Kimmel Township in Bedford County.

Claysburg-Kimmel High School. School on Bedford Street in Claysburg, serving Greenfield Township in Blair County and Kimmel Township in Bedford County.

Kimmel. An unincorporated town in Rayne Township of Indiana County. It lies six miles due north of Indiana and just northeast of Chambersville. It had a post office at one time (1882).

Kimmel. An unincorporated town of four houses west of Saltillo in Huntingdon County. It lies at the junction of T340 and State Road 994 just half a mile east of Jolier. The Kimmel section house stood along the East Broad Top Railroad until 1989.

Kimmel. An unincorporated town in Milford Township of Somerset County. It lies two miles northwest of New Centerville on Middle Creek. (About 6 miles southwest of Somerset.) Nine homes shown on USGS map.

Kimmel Airport. In Little Beaver Township of Lawrence County. An airstrip that was situated on Kimmel land a quarter mile back from the north side of state road 351 west of state road 551. The entrance to it was between Gilmore Road and Kouppman Road. It is not longer active, having been closed when the owner died.

Kimmel Auto Sales. A car repair and sales business on West 26th in Erie. 

Kimmel Cancer Center. At Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Kimmel Cemetery.  Old family cemetery in Derry Township, Westmoreland County.  See listing.

Kimmel Funeral Home. (W. Orville Kimmel). A mortuary on Market Street in Harrisburg.

Kimmel Iron and Metal Company, Inc. A scrap metal company on Harrisburg Avenue in Lancaster.

Kimmel Road. A road running from east of Kimmel to state road 199 about two miles south of Gaibleton (north of Indiana). Also known as LR32070.

Kimmel Road. A road northwest of Downey, a couple miles north of Roxbury and about six miles north of Berlin.

Kimmel Run. A stream in Milford Township of Somerset County branches north off Middle Creek just north of Kimmel.

Kimmel School. A school that once stood east of Shermans Dale, on or near Fishing Creek. Named after the Anthony Kimmel family.

Kimmel Township Municipal Building. Government building in Claysburg.

Kimmell Cemetery. A cemetery near Elderton in Armstrong County.  See listing.

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.  At South Broad and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia.  Houses the Philadelphia Orchestra.  See web site.  It was named in June 2000 after it's most generous private donor, Sidney Kimmel, founder of Jones Apparel Group, Inc.

Kimmell House. The former home of the Jacob and Esther Kimmel in Ephrata built in 1795 and currently serving as a bed and breakfast.  See web page.

Kimmel Township. Originally Kimmell Township, it was created from King and Union Townships in northern Bedford County in 1889. It was named in honor of Judge Francis M. Kimmell who served as president-judge of the 16th district from 1852 to 1862.

Kimmels Bakery. A bakery on Franklin Avenue in Ellwood City.

Kimmel's Barber Shop. A business on East Fairview Street in Somerset.

Kimmel's Coal and Packaging. A coal broker in Wiconsisco.

Kimmels Evangelical Free Church. A church a mile east of Orwigsburg connected to the town by Kimmel Church Road.  It was established about 1844 as a Winebrennerian church by the George Kimmel family when they split from the nearby Zion "Red" Church.  Known until recently as Kimmel Church of God.  See image.

Kimmels Road. A mile-long road running eastward from Orwigsburg, ending at Kimmel's Church of God. Also called Kimmel Church Road. It was established by the George Kimmel family in the 1830s after they split from the nearby Zion "Red" Church.

Kimmel's St. John's Church. A church on Deep Creek Road west of state road 901 in northern Schuylkill County. It was built on John Kimmel's property in the 1830s as an Evangelical Lutheran church and is now St. John's United Church of Christ.  (The congregation had been meeting as a Union congregation as early as 1800.)  See image.

Kimmels School. An old one-room school still standing on Bentz Mill Road along North Branch Bermudian Creek 2 miles due northeast of Bermudian in northern York County. It was active until about 1950.

Kimmel's Service Station. A gas station near Ashland.

Kimmels Shoes. A shoe store on U.S. 20 to the west of Erie. The Kimmels have been in the shoe business in Erie since 1871.

Kimmelton. An unincorporated town south of Stoystown in Somerset County.

Kimmelton Road. Crosses Wells Creek between Kimmelton and Mostoller and then becomes Long Road. Road number T867.

Millow-Kimmel Road. Runs east off U.S. 219 about eight miles north of Somerset. Road number T665.

William P. Kimmel Alternative School.  School on S. Jaggard St. in Altoona. 


Kimmel Park. A park in Mission straddling Antelope Creek.


Jim Kimmel Center. A drug treatment center in Lubbock

Kimmel Boot Company. A business in Comanche.

Kimmel Park. A park in Midlothian at the former Polytechnic Institute site, donated to the city for use as a park by the widow of John Columbus Kimmel.


Kimel Broadcasting. Owner of WWSR and WLSE in St. Albans.


Kimmel Athletic Supply Company. A sporting goods, monogram and uniform business on East Mission Avenue in Spokane.

New Day Fisheries.  Business in Port Townsend that produces Kimmel's Premium Albacore Tuna.  See web site.


Kimmel Lane. A street branching west off Rookdale Road in Hooverson Heights, a town south of Weirton.


Kummel Creek. A stream in Dodge County. Named by U.S. Board of Geographic Names in 1976. Probably named for the Fred Kummel family there.


Kimmel Kabins. An historic district in Grand Teton National Park. Built in 1937 by J. D. and Laura Kimmel, the eleven cabins are the last remaining of about a dozen motor courts that operated at the park in the 1930s and 1940s.  The dude ranch style cabins are now used as seasonal lodging for the National Park Service. 


Mount Kimmel, Kimmel Glacier and Kimmel Creek. A mountain, the glacier on it west of Albreda and south-southwest of Valemount, British Columbia, Canada and the creek that runs from it northward to Canoe River.  Named for the family of Henry and Sylvia Kimmel, originally of Illinois, who settled at Albreda in 1922.

Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science (Kimmel Building).  Established 1996 at the Weizman Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.  See web site.

Kimmel Restaurant. Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel.  See for info.

Kimmel Transport Logistique.  Commercial moving business in Sarre Union in the Alsace province of France.

Kimmel Zahntechnik. Dental center in Koblenz, Germany.  See web page.

Hotel Kimmel. Hotel and casino in downtown Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland.

Kimmels Riga.  Brewery established in Riga, Latvia in 1815 by Peter Rudulf Kimmel.  See web site.

Kümmel. Town between Bamberg and Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany.

Note:  It should be noted there are several "Kinmel" landmarks in northern Wales that are often misspelled as "Kimmel": Kinmel Bay, Kinmel Hotel in  Gwynedd, Kinmel Manor Hotel in Abergele and Kinmel Park in Bodelwyddan. 

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