Alsheim Church Records

Kimmels in church records

Detail from microfilmed copy of church records filed at Family Research Library, Salt Lake City  roll #1442049

Note:  'm' with a bar under it (i.e. Kümel) actually have a bar OVER it in the church records.

Alsheim Reformed Church Records 1665-1693

Birth Records:
1673, Dec. 18 -- morning between 9 and 10 firstborn son, father Jörg Christ Conrad, mother Anna Catharina Kimelin.....
(J. Georg. 1677 birth not found)
New Communions:
(no Kimmels found)
Acta Presbyterialia 1682-1688
1682 -- Jürg Christ Conrad.....
1862, May 30 -- Jörg Christ Conrad.....
1682, Oct. 20 -- Jürg Christ Conrad.....
(review not completed)
(no Kimmels found)
1686, Apr. 19 -- Anna Catharina, child of Hans Conrad Kümel, buried April 21, age 3-1/4 years
1689, Dec. 26 -- A. Magdalena Kümel, ......(???)....., buried Dec. 28, age 60 years

Alsheim Lutheran Church Records 1720-1745

1722, Dec. 9 -- marriage Johann Georg Kümel linen weaver commoner of Eich with Anna Maria formerly of Johann Weber commoner of Eich bequeath dower.
1732, Apr. 24 marriage at Gimbsheim -- Johann Michael Kümel with Anna Elisabetha, widow of Hartmann Heinrich
1734, Aug. 23 burial at Gimbsheim -- Michael Kümel ......
1741, Feb. 15 marriage at Alsheim -- Johann Georg Kümmel with Anna Maria Dorothea ......, family of Adam Maüer
1742, May 27 -- Georg Kümmel and Anna Dorthea, a son Rudolph in E˙ch

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