Ancestors of Johann Michael Kimmel

of Gimbsheim, Palatinate (Germany)

Father of J. Jacob, J. Philip and J. Valentine Kimmel of America

Lineage and Surname Spelling Come From Dr. Herman Kümmell's Research
Recorded in Volume 66 (1929) of the Deutsches Geschlechterbuch
Detail from files of Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana -- Feb. 1997

1.  Johann Michael Kümmell. Born in Alsheim in the Palatinate in 1662 and died in Gimbsheim in 1734. He was the father of Jacob and Valentine Kimmel who moved to America in 1751, Philip Kimmel who followed them in 1755 and Conrad who remained. Michael served as a judge in Gimbsheim. He married Anna Margaretha Sauter in 1689.

2.  Hans Konrad Kümmell. Born in Oppenheim in the Palatinate about 1635. Bath owner and barber at Alsheim. Married Anna Marie Knebel in 1659. Father of Johann Michael and Johann Georg.

3.  Konrad Kümmell. Born in Oppenheim in the Palatinate in 1610 and father of Hans Konrad and Michael.

4.  Konrad Kummell. Born in 1583, probably in Nidda in Hessen. Moved to Oppenheim, where he was a barber and surgeon. Known to be a member of the Lutheran church.

5.  Eckart Kummell. Born in the early 1540s in Neukirchen in Hessen. Served as messenger for the high court at Marburg and as town clerk at Nidda. Married Margarethe about 1572 and Barthel Schneider in 1598. Children Eberhard, Ruel, Konrad and Margarethe.

6.  Ludwig Koemmel. Born about 1515 in Neukirchen in Hessen. He was a mill owner in Neukirchen. Sons Cunradus, Jost and Eckart.

7.  Henrich Komel. Born 1493 in Neukirchen in Hessen. A student at Erfurt and a resident and mill owner in Neukirchen. Children Ludwig and Henrich.

8.  Hen Kommel, der Jung (Hen, Junior). Born about 1470 in Neukirchen in Hessen where he was a landowner. Conjectured to be father to Henrich born in 1493 and Ambrosius born about 1500.

9.  Hen Komel, der Alt (Hen, Senior). Born about 1450 in Neukirchen in Hessen. A landowner.

10.  Ludwig Komel. Born about 1420 in Neukirchen in Hessen. Resident and landowner in Neukirchen. Conjectured to have had sons Hen (der Alt) and Lodewig.

11.  Dilmanus Kumel. Born about 1391. Resident of Neukirchen in Hessen. A student at Erfurt in 1408. Conjectured to be father of Ludwig Komel born about 1420.

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