Early Kimmels of North Carolina

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Documents pertaining to the Kimel family of Rowan (the part now Davidson) County, NC


Cathrina Myers (Caty Miers) will:

"First I give and bequeath to my Son Daniel Evans and my Son Joseph Evans and my Daughter Hannah Myers the sum of Five Shillings to each of them.  Next I give and bequeath to my Son Barny Kimble and to my daughter Caty Myers, and to my daughter Margret Myers all my worldly estate and ready money.  Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Essex the Sum of Five dollars.  I likewise constitute my Son Barny Kimble to be the sole Executor of this my last will and Testament."   Click here for full transcript.

Cathrina Myers estate inventory:    Click here for full transcript.

John George Myers will:

Children: John George, John, John Jacob, Peter, Charles, Susanna, Margaretha, Cathrina and Sarah.  "All the rest & residue of my Estate I give to my beloved wife Catharina, and if she dies before me to her children by her second husband, to be divided among them as my Executors shall direct as much as possible share in value alike."  Click here for full transcript.

Joseph Essig Revolutionary War pension application:    Click here for full transcript

As of son John's statement of 5/3/1833, Joseph is about 91 and John is about 61.  Joseph was born in Germany, landed in Philadelphia 1752 and resided there some years.  To North Carolina when John was about two and remained two or three years before moving to Kentucky when John 5 or 6.  Lived at a fort on Licking River where Joseph was engaged on scouting parties during the Revolutionary War.  After less than two years and before the Battle of Guilford he moved back to Rowan Co., NC.

Per Joseph's 8/1833 statement he was born 1742 in Germany and landed in Philadelphia while very young, probably in 1752.  Lived in Philadelphia or area until he married, shortly after which he moved to Rowan (now Davidson) County, North Carolina.  About 1777 or 1778 he moved to Kentucky with his family and family of his brother-in-law Caspar Brown, resided there two years and moved back to North Carolina before the Battle of Guilford.  While in Kentucky he served under Captain May and then Captain Riddle, assisted in building a fort on Licking River for protection against Indians, and served on scouting parties.  After he left Kentucky he understood the fort was taken back by the Indians.

Kimel Family Cemetery:  listing of stones from oldest part of cemetery
Detail from "Cemetery Records of Davidson Co., NC"
Row 4
>12' space
>Georg Claus P. Kimel?    age 55y    Apr. 1, 1806
>fieldstone with letter "D" and 18?
>fieldstone no information
Note:  per visit by Scot Kimel, no name -- only "Apr 1806    55 y" can be read on the stone that is said to be Georg Claus P. Kimel's
Row 5
>18' space
>Lamba Rominger    Dec. 17,  ?    July 8, 1814
>flat stone with marking, illegible
>flat stone with marking, illegible
>20' empty space
Row 6
>24' space
>David Rominger 34y 1m 24d    July 6, 1705    Aug. 30, 1819
>18' space
Note:  per visit by Ron McPherson, only the name and "AUG 30" can be read on the David Rominger stone;
Note:  a new review of cemetery is needed to show exactly what is now legible on the stones

Pilgrim German Church Records:  from "Pilgrim German Lutheran Church Records, Davidson County, North Carolina," copied by Rachel Caldwell Chapter NSDAR, Greensboro, NC.  Also see:  List of Kimmel/Essex/Evans/Myers entries to baptism and communion records. **   Comparison of the two Myers families

1788 listing of baptism of members' children from "Early Pilgrim German Records (Leonard's Church)," Koontz

Michael (David) Sink.  Son John George born 5/29/1783.  Godparents were his grandparents, George Myer and his wife Catherine.

Pfilipp Sauer.  Daughter Anna Maria born 5/20/1781.  Witnesses at baptism were Joh. Heinrich Schaaf and his legal house wife Anna.

Johannes Zink.  Daughter Catharina Margretha born 1/24/1774.  Witnesses at baptism were Christian and Mayer and his legal house wife Catharina Margretha.

Peeder Maeyer.  Son Peeder was born 3/15/1788.  Witnesses at baptism were Peeder Maeyer and his legal house wife Anna Martretha.

Peeder Maeyer.  Son Johann Jorrg born 8/13/(    ).  witnesses at baptism were "Johannes Maeyer and his legal house wife Cahtahrina Maeyrin."

Note:  the two Peeder Maeyers are two different persons.

Friedberg Moravian Church Records:  from "Records of the Moravians in North Carolina," Fries.  Kimmel extracts before 1840 only.

1817, July 21 -- At the home of Mr. Ader, in the neighborhood of Friedberg, a funeral sermon was preached at the interment of the little son of Mr. Bernhart Gimmel.

1823, Dec. 20 -- At the urgent request of our neighbor Bernhardt Kimmel, and especially at the request of his fifteen-year-old son, who lay on a sickbed, I baptized the lad with the name Lazarus.  It is understood that this does not make him a member of our congregation.

1831 -- Moved to Salem, 7 persons:...Sister Christina Kimmel (received permission to enter the congregation).

1831, Feb. 21 -- Since the single woman, Christina Kimel, wishes to become a a member of our congregation and we are not convinced to our satisfaction that she has the genuine congregation attitude, Auf. Col. counsels her to have patience and to continue to use our service to fullest advantage.

1831, May 16 -- The single Christina Kimel has again expressed a desire to become a member of this congregation.  In order not to increase the number of those who are indifferent to the lovely purposes of our Brotherhood in this manner, it is our duty to insist on a knowledge of our congregation principles -- knowledge more in the spirit that in the letter -- and since Auf. Col. even after mention of this point in our minutes of last Feb. 21, has not yet sufficient evidence that this question has been satisfactorily...

1832, April 15, Palm Sunday -- Confirmation of the single Sister Christina Kimel...

1833, June 1 -- We visited a neighbor, Barny Kimmel (Bernhard), who was not at home...

1833, July 28 -- Toward evening we took a pleasant walk to our neighbors, Arch. Davis the "settler" and Kimmel, Sr.

1833, Aug. 19 -- Our well needed repairs because last week the "sweep" broke just as our maid was dipping out water.  So today the Brethren P. Vogler, G. and Daniel Spach, John Spach, C. Hege, Jac. Mack, the single Levi Fischer, and our neighbor Bernhard Kimmel worked for necessary repairs.

1834, May 22 -- I went to neighbor Kimel's to see the sick son of Wm. Pack, whom I baptized with the name of Wesley.

1837, May 18 -- The Kimmling family was visited, where at 2 a. m. the old Bernhard Kimmling had died.  May 19.  At the request of the family to hold the funeral, I rode at midday to the burial place at the Eder home 4 miles from Friedberg, and after the burial I preached in English out of doors in front of the house to a large company.

1837, July 14 -- ...the single Joseph Böckel...has for some time been in perplexity about his soul, and in his present condition seemed especially to yearn for forgiveness.  He said his misery was greater, particularly since hearing the funeral sermon for old Mr. Kimmel some time before.

1838, Oct. 19 -- The youngest born little son of the married neighbor Solomon Zimmerman and Clementina, m.n. Fisher, was baptized in the house of the married Barnabas Kimmel after an address in the English language.  He received the name George Romulus.

1839, April 13 -- Our neighbor Barnabas Kimel asked the pastor for admission to the congregation today...

1839, May 12 -- A lovefeast was held and in this third and final service after an address by the pastor the following persons were received into the congregation:  the married Barnabas Kimmel, and the married couple Jacob and Molly Nading, m.n. Zink.

1839, Feb. 12 -- In addition for permission to join the congregation the married neighbor Barnabas Kimmel, the Single Elisabeth Rothrock and the married Molly Nading, m.n. Sink.  After careful discussion the  committee voted in the affirmative for this.

(Salem) 1840 -- added from other congregations:...Christina Kimmel from Friedberg

1840, Sept. 26 -- It was announced that the married Br. Joseph Rothrock and Br. and Sr. Barnabas Kimmel now go to instruction as confirmands.

1840, Oct. 25 -- The married Br. and Sr. Barnabas Kimmel and the married Br. Joseph Rothrock were confirmed in their baptismal covenant.

Kimmel neighbors in early Rowan Co., NC census records:

1800 census
Pg. 346 alpha listing include
George Ellor
Barnabas Gimbler
Peter Lopp
Peter Moyars
Michael Moyars
Peter Myars
Christian Myars
George Myars
Philip Sink
George Weavle
Stephen Weavle
1810 census
Pg. 54, #11 Daniel Evans
Pg. 54, #12 Valentine Pickle
Pg. 54, #13 Jacob Waisner
Pg. 76, #56 Harris Kimble
Pg. 79, #34 John Myers
Pg. 82, #36 Jacob Kimble
Pg. 84, #20 Valentine Pickle
Pg. 84, #62 Jacob Sink
Pg. 84, #64 Michael Sink
Pg. 84, #6 Christian Sink
Pg. 85, #47 Peter Myers
1820 census
Pg. 274, #4 Kimbel Joel
Pg. 290, #11 Rominger Cornelius
Pg. 290, #12 Rominger Jacob
Pg. 290, #13 Kimble Barney
Pg. 290, #14 Bukle Anthony
Pg. 290, #15 Fishel John
Pg. 290, #16 Fishel Conrad
Pg. 290, #17 Fletcher John
Pg. 290, #18 Fishel Daniel
Pg. 290, #19 Wastner Andrew
Pg. 290, #20 Wesner Jacob
Census detail:
1800 census, Barnabas Gimbler in Rowan County, page 347:
1 male 0-9, 1 male 26-44, 3 females 0-9, 1 female 26-44
1820 census, Barney Kimble in Rowan County, page 290:
2 males 10-15, 2 males 16-25, 1 male 45+, 1 female 0-9, 2 females 10-15, 2 females 16-25, 1 female 45+
1830 census, Barnabas Gimble in Stokes County, page 271:
1 male 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 60-69, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 20-29, 1 female 50-59
1830 census, Andrew Gimble in Davidson County, page 223, line 8:
1 male 0-4, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 20-29
1830 census, Jacob Gimble in Davidson County, page 23, line 9:
1 male 0-4, 1 males 20-29, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 20-29
1840 census, Barnabas Gimble in Southfork Dist., Stokes County, page 167
1 male 0-4, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 30-39, 1 female 50-59
1840 census, Jacob Kimble in Davidson County, page 227, line 1:
1 male 5-9, 2 males 10-14, 1 male 30-39, 2 females 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 30-39
1840 census, Andrew Kimble in Davidson County, page 227, line 2:
1 male 0-4, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 0-4, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 30-39

Early Rowan County, North Carolina Tax Records:  From "Rowan County, North Carolina Tax Lists 1757-1800," Linn -- listing here Kimmel & Myers -- plus Evans, Essig, Sink families only if on lists with Myers family

1759 -- Michael Myers
1760 Rowan Co. petition -- Michael Myers
1768 Townfork & Upper Dan R. -- David Evans & bro. Benjamin
1768 Capt. Thos. Donnell list (Guilford Co. area) -- Jacob Mires
1768 (Davidson Co. area) -- Michael Myers
1768 Bethabara (Forsyth Co.area) -- Jacob Meyer
1768 William Spurgin list (Guilford Co. area) -- George Myres & son, Christian Myres, James Evans, Jacob Mires
1772 (Davidson Co. area) -- widow Maures & son
1778 Capt. Lopp's Dist (Davidson Co. area) -- John Mires, Michael Mires, Joseph Essex, James Evans, George Moires, Jacob Sink
1778 Capt. D. Smith's Dist -- Michael Myers, Mary Myres, David & Edward Evans
1778 Capt. Lyons's Dist -- John Kumball
1778 Guards at Salisbury Dist. -- David Evans
1779 Guards at Salisbury Dist. -- Michael Miarr
1782/83 area south of Salisbury -- Frederick Kimmel
1783 Capt. John Lopp Dist. (Davidson Co.) -- Jacob Sink, Philip Sink, Michl. Sink, John Sink, Michael Myre
1784 Capt. Grimmenger -- Simon Mier/Mies
1784 (Davidson Co. area) -- Calip Cimble [Kimboll], Mary Moyers, Phillip Moyers, David Evens, Phillip Moyers
1789 (now Davidson Co. area) -- Barbarah Myres
1791 (Davie Co. area) -- David Evans
1793/94 petition Salisbury -- John Miers
1796 (south of Salisbury) -- Elias Mier
1796 (Davidson Co. area) -- Michael Myars
1798 (Davidson Co. area)-- Christn Myers, Jacob Myars Junr, George Myars, John Myars, Jacob Myars Senr, Peter Myars
Rowan Co., NC Tax Lists:  from N.C. Core Collection, roll #72 in Allen Co. Publ. Lib. -- Kimmel/Kimble only copied
1802* Capt. Williams Co. -- Barnabas Kimble 120 acres
1803 -- no Kimmel/Kimble found
1804 -- no Kimmel/Kimble found
1807** Capt. John Henry Jones list -- Barny Kimble 120 acres
1809 Capt Andrew Bowers list -- Harris Kimbell 333 acres
         Capt. Trentham list -- Barney Kimble 140 acres
         Capt. Mowery list -- Harris Kimble 330 acres
1810 Capt. ??? list -- Barney Kimble 140 acres
1811 Capt. Trentham list -- Barney Gimble 140 acres
1812 Capt. Pool list -- Harris Kimble 334 acres
         Capt. Trentham list -- Barney Gimbler 140 acres
1813 Capt. Pool list -- Harris Kimble 334 acres
         Capt. Trentham list -- Barnabas Kimling 140 acres
1814 Capt. Pool list -- Harris Kimble 334 acres
         Capt. Trentham list -- Barnabas Kimling 140 acres
* More detail from 1802 tax lists:
Joseph Evans on Capt. Williams Co. list
Jacob, George and John Myers on Capt. Badenhamer's lists
Joseph Essick on Capt. Harmon's list
** More detail from 1807 Captain John Henry Jones' list:
Daniel Evans 120 acres, Joseph Evans 150 acres, Jacob Rominger, David Rominger,
Cornelius Rominger 50-3/4 acres, no Myers or Essig families
Stokes Co., NC Tax Lists:  from N.C. Core Collection, roll #49 in Allen Co. Publ. Lib.
Kimmel/Kimble/Gimble in Salem District, listing name & acres owned
1819 -- (no Kimmel entries)
1820 -- (no Kimmel entries)
1821 -- Frederick Gambold
1822 -- Fredrick Gambold, Barnabas Gamble 218
1823 -- Frederick Gambold, Barnabas Gimble 218
1824 -- Fredk. Gambold, Barnabas Gimble 218
1825 -- Fredk. Gambold 98, Barnabas Gimble 218
1826 -- Barney Kimble 50, Barnabas Gimble 218, Frederic Gambold 47
1827 -- Frederick Gambold 50, Barnabas Gimble 218
1828 -- Frederic Gambold 50, Barnabas Gimble 218, Barnabas Gimble Jr, John Gambold
1829 -- Frederick Gambold 30, Barnabas Gimble 218, Barnabas Gimble Jr, John Gambold 112
1830 -- Fred Gambold 50, Barnabas Gimble 218, Barnabas Gimble Jr, John Gambold 127
1831 -- Frederic Gambold 124-1/2, Barnabas Gimble Sr 220, Barnabas Gimble Jr 75, John Gambold 107-1/2
1832 -- Frederic Gambold 115, Barnabas Gimble Sr 220, Barnabas Gimble Jr 102
1833 -- Barnabas Sen 220, Barnabas Gimble Jr 102, Frederic Gambold 115
1834 -- Frederic Gambold 50, Barnabas Gimble Jr 102
1835 -- Barnabas Gimble Jr 102
Note:  The Gambold family is an actual separate & unrelated family: Frederic & sons Andrew (in Deep Riv. Dist.) & John

Land Deed Grantees:  From "Rowan Co., NC Index to Real Estate Conveyance - Grantee 1753-1921" on micofilm (Roll #46 Rowan Co., NC) at Allen Co. Pub. Lib. -- Kimmel/Kimble deeds only
1804-07 Harris Kimball from Mose Loftin -- Book 19, page 216
1804-07 Harris Kimball from Joseph Hodges -- Book 19, page 832
1811 Barney Kimble from George Odem -- Book 22, page 649
1820 Harris Kimball from Nathan Morgan -- Book 28, page 166
1825-26 Joel Kimble from Harris Kimble -- Book 28,page 192
1826-28 Joel Kimble from David Rapen -- Book 29, page 324
Barny Kimble Deed:  from Rowan County, NC deeds, Book 22, pages 648-649
Transaction date:  May 4, 1805
George Odom of Rowan County, NC to Barny Kimble of the same place
Containing 120 acres of the 154 acres of land originally granted to Francis Williams
Recorded:  February 1813
Note:  even though the transaction date is 1805, notice that he was being taxed for the 120 acres on the 1802 tax list!

Marriage Bonds:  early to 1868 microfilm & 1741 to 1868 microfiche at Allen Co. Pub. Lib.
County -- Groom -- Bride -- Date of Bond -- Bondsman
Stokes -- Charles Kemble -- Sally Kemble -- 8/1/1804 -- James Thomas
Stokes -- Elizabeth Kimble -- James Cayer -- 10/23/1804 -- Thomas T. Armstrong
Stokes -- John Foreman -- Margarette Gimble -- 7/3/1805 -- Frederick Rohr
Stokes -- Catherine Kimble -- Henry Shutt -- 7/11/1826 -- Gasper Todd
Davidson -- Jacob Kimel -- Nancy Pickle -- 8/5/1826 -- George Wevi...
Stokes -- Barnabas Kimble -- Hanah Fisher -- 12/1/1826 -- Andrew Weesner
Rowan -- Joel Kimball -- Sarah Lents -- 2/28/1831 -- Richmond Reed
Stokes -- Jesse Mack -- Sally Kimmel -- 11/23/1835 -- Jno. Hill, CCC
Stokes -- William L. Kimble -- Elizabeth Holder -- 8/29/1847 -- James Holder
Davidson -- Sanford Kimel -- Eliza J. Brewer -- 1/2/1849 -- Valentine ....
Davidson -- Caroline Kimble -- James Armesworthy -- 9/13/1849 -- Nelson G. Danie
Forsyth -- Alfred Kimble -- Catherine Sides -- 2/11/1851 -- no bondsman
Davidson -- D. F. Spach -- Maria Kimel -- 1/10/1857 -- E.M. Wessner
Note:  it would be more accurate to view the original documents than to go by this

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can contact Tim at tim@kimmelfamily.net

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