Kimmels of N.Y.C. and Rhinebeck

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Documents pertaining to the families of Henry and Trinia (Backers) Kimmel and the Kimmels of Rhinebeck, particularly that of Balthasar and Margaret (Windfiel) Kimmel

NYC Church Records:
From the "Records of Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York" in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Collection. In volume 2, baptisms

May 18, 1673 baptism of Gerrit, parents Arent Leendertszen and G sbertie Harmens, sponsors Jan Coesy and Tr ntie Backers.
Sept. 2, 1694 baptism of Henrick, parents Henr  K˙nmel and Tr ntie Backers, sponsors Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Hendrickje Wessels. 
July 23, 1699 baptism of Frans., parents Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Elisabeth von Hoogte, sponsors Johannes Van Tilb˙rg and Tr ntje Bakkers, wife of Hendk. Kimmel. 
Sept. 29, 1700 baptism of Hendrik, parents Hederik Kimmel and Tr ntje Backers, sponsors Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Franc ntje B˙ l, young daughter.
Oct. 22, 1712 baptism of John, parents Robberd Cammel and Elizabeth B˙rch, sponsors B˙rger Sippe and Margrietje Johnson.
April 26, 1713 baptism of Maria, parents Robbert Kemmel and Elizabeth Bortz, sponsors B˙rger Sippe and Franc ntje Clement.
Nov. 16, 1715 baptism of Elizabeth age 11, parents Roberd Cammel and Elizabeth Borth, sponsors Joost Palding and Sophia s.h.v.
Nov. 16, 1715 baptism of James age 9, parents Roberd Cammel and Elizabeth Borth, sponsors William F˙rb˙sh and Maria Palding.
Nov. 16, 1715 baptism of Thomas, parents Roberd Cammel and Elizabeth Borth, sponsors William B˙ le and Anna Johnson.
Dec. 24, 1736, marriage of Edward Kemmel, young man never married of Old England, and Maragriete Moor, young maid never married, of New York. (ingeschreven Dec. 4 1736)
Feb. 21, 1759 baptism of S˙sanna, parents Hendrik B˙tzels and Antje Koning, sponsors Arie Kemmel and his wife Cathrina d˙ Bois.   
Dec. 23, 1759 baptism of Mar˙tje, parents Joris Marchalk and Hester F n, sponsors Abraham Kimlan and Elizabet Marschalk wife of Malkom Kemmel.
Feb. 24, 1760 baptism of Anna, parents Erts Kemmel and Catharina d˙ Bois, sponsors H˙go Kemmel and a young maid Grietje Kemmel.
Aug. 13, 1769 baptism of Catharina, parents L˙kas Kierstede and Elizabaet Smedes, sponsors Petr˙s Smedes and his wife Catharina d˙ Bois.
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NYC Directory:
From "The Bughers of New Amsterdam and the freemen of New York 1675-1866."  Earliest listings:
    1695    John Kemboll, no occupation listed
    1701    Henry Kimbal, blacksmith (Feb. 3, 1701, among freemen made in the Mayorality
                    of Thomas Noell, Esq.)
    1708    Robert Campbell, porter
Rhinebeck Church Records, Dutchess Co., NY:
Baptismal Record of Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, New York 1731-1899.  Also called Reformed Church of Rhinebeck Flatts and Church of Christ at Rinebeck Flatts.  Typed, translated from German, copy at Allen Co. Public Library:  974.701 D95bua.
Dec. 8, 1754 baptism of Hermanus (born Nov. 1), parents Baltus Kemmel and Margriet Wi(tzd)fiel, sponsors Pieter Bruin and Cornelia Bekker.
Aug. 24, 1755 baptism of Ann (born June 9), parents Ary Kemmel and Catrina du Bois, sponsors Duncan Thomson and wife.
April 16, 1759 baptism of Martinus (born March 3), parents Baltus Kummel and Margriet (Wi)ndfield, sponsors Martinus Schryver and wife.
Oct. 4, 1761 baptism of Margiet (born Aug. 25), parents Baltus Kymmel and Margriet Windfiel, sponsors Jurriaan Adam Escher and wife.
Oct. 31, 1779 baptism of Margaret (born Sept. 11), parents Wm. Marshell and Hannah Cammel.
Sept. 7, 1781 baptism of Catherine (born Aug. 14), parents Wm. Marshel and Hannah Campble.
Nov. 11, 1781 baptism of John (born Oct. 5), parents John Campbel and Ann Mastin, sponsors Ardt Mastin and wife Elizabeth Schram.
"Rhinebeck St Peter's Lutheran Church Records, 1773-1806,"  N.Y. State Library.  Copy on LDS microfilm #533473, item 4.  Original handwritten document.
Volume 1, Part 1: 
Baptisms, page 108:
Balthasar born Oct. 31, baptized Nov. 10, 1751; parents Balthasar KŘemmel and Margaretha; sponsors Johannes Becker and Catharina his wife.
Marriages, page 61:
March 29, 1786 John Kńmel, son of John Kńmel, with Elizabeth Heddig, daughter of Andreas Heddig.    
Volume 1, Part 2: 
Baptisms, page 227:
Johannes born April 30, baptized May 28, 1786; parents Johannes Kemmel and Elizabeth Heddis; sponsors Kaspar Hebbe[hn  ] and Maria [F]rere
"General Church Book of the Reformed Church at Reyn Beck (Rhinebeck) (Red Hook)"  From LDS microfilm #1016871, item 2.  Pink's Corner German Reformed Church beginning 5/23/1734 by G.M. Weiss, preacher.  Original handwritten document.
Oct. 1, 1739 baptism of Bekkie, parents Richard Lenglie and Catharine Windviel
Oct. 2, 1739 baptism of Jahan Philips, parents Johannes Staat and Catharina Pisterin, witnesses Philippus Kimbel and Catharina Pisterin.
May 1, 1743 baptism of Sahra, parents Lauwereus Backer and Gerteraut Wust, witnesses Wilm Cooll and Sahra Cooll.
Aug. 7, 1743 baptism of Petterus, parents Baldus Gemmel and Margrit Wingviel, witnesses Joh. Pitter Schreiber and wife Barbal.
June 22, 1746 baptism of Angenis, parents Baldus Gemel and Margrid Coll, witnesses Salomon Eckert and Angenis Eckert.
Oct. 6, 1747 baptism of Sara, parents Richard Lengele and Catharina Windfiel, witnesses Hannes Drewer and Johanneke Cool.
Apr. 26, 1748 baptism of Sara, parents Balte Kemmel and Margareth Kemmel, witnesses Wilhelm Cool and Sara Cool.
Oct. 12, 1749 baptism of Johannes, parents Baltus Kemmel and Margriet Windviel, witnesses Johannes Krepser and wife Catharina Schreiber.
Oct. 12 1749 baptism of Mareitje, parents Johannes Krepser and Catharina Schreiber, witnesses Nicolaas Schreiber and wife Mareitje Diederich.
Aug 24, 1750 baptism of Hans Henrich, parents Henrich Weidman and Klari Koch, witnesses Johannes Krebser and wife Catharina Schreiber.
Feb. 6, 1755 baptism of Susanna, parents Timotheus Friskel and Magdalena Windviel, witnesses Johan Albrecht and wife Margaretha Knieser.
"General Church Records of the Reformed Church at Reyn Beeck (now known as Red Hook)."  From microfilm #108 in New York DAR collection at Allen Co. Public Library.  Typed document.
April 26, 1748 baptism of Sara, parents Baltes Kemmel and Margareth Kemmel, witnesses Wilhelm Cool and Sara Cool.
Oct. 12, 1749 baptism of Johannes, parents Baltus Kemmel and Margriet Windviel, witnesses Johannes Krepser and wife Catharina Schreiber.
Jan. 12, 1766 baptism of Thames, parents Wilh. Mansfeld and Margaretha Kamele, witnesses Marden Vosburg and Catharina Wittbek.
July 8, 1781 baptism of Margaretha (illegitimate), parents John Kimmel/Kemmel* and Caty Loggan, witnesses Abrah. Widderwax and Margaretha Milhem.
Dec. 15, 1782 baptism of Alexander Kemmel and Abigail Heims, witnesses Henrich Waldorf and Elisabeth Waldorf.
March 9, 1783 baptism of Nancy, parents William Marschall and Hanna Kemmel.
1784 baptism of William, parents Alexander Kemmel and Abigail Heins, witnesses Wilh. Waldorf and wife Anna Maria Fritz.
1786 baptism of Catharina, parents Alexander Kemmel and Abigail Heins, witnesses Christoff Walforf and wife Maria Hop.
*John Kimmel/Kemmel:  "i" typed in same place as "e" in document. 
"First Reformed Church, Fishkill and Hopewell, Dutchess Co., New York."
Dutch Reformed Chuch of Fishkill, NY 
Marriages:  Jan. 7, 1755 Artze Kimmel of Fishkill and Catryntje due Bois of Pokeepsie.
Baptisms:  Jan. 15, 1786 Annatje born Sept. 17, 1785 to Casparus Westervelt and Eliz. Cammel. 
Dutchess Co., NY Tax Records:
Book of Taxes 1729-1748, Volume C #2612, Dutchess Co. Clerks Office.  From microfilm #725054 in LDS collection.
1729-1738  (no Kimmel listed; 1729 includes Hendrick Cool, William Cooll, John Kimbar.)
Feb. 1739/40 Rinbeck Precinct:  Baltus Kimmel
Feb. 1740 Rhinbeck & NorthEast:  Baltus Kimmell
Feb. 1741 Rhinbeck & NorthEast:  Baltus Kimmell and Jacob Cample 
Feb. 1742/43 Rhinebeck & North East:  (Baltus Kimmel not found)
Feb. 1743/4 Rhinebeck & NorthEast:  Baltus Kimmell
Feb.1744/5 Rhinebeck & NorthEast:  Baltus Kimmell
1745/6 Rhinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
June 1746 Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
1746/7 Rinebeck:  Baltes Kimmell
June 1747 Rinebeck:  Baltez Kimmell
June 1748 Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
Supervisors Records (Tax List) 1753-1757, Volume E, #2613, Dutchess Co. Clerks Office From microfilm roll #725054, item 2 in LDS collection.
Feb. 1753 Rinebeck:  Hans Kimmell*, Baltus Kimmell
June 1753 Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell, Hans Kimmell*
Feb. 1754 Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
June 1754Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
Feb. 1755Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
June 1755 Poughkeepsie:  Archibald Cammell    Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimmell
Feb. 1756 Poughkeepsie:  Archibald Cammell    Rinebeck:  (no Kimmell found)
June 1756:  (no Kimmell found)
Feb. 1757:  (no Kimmell found)
*"Dutchess Co., New York Tax Lists 1718-1787," Buck, lists Frans Kimbell  Feb. 1753 - June 1753.  It lists Henry Kimmell Feb. 1753- June 1753 Hans.  I did not find Frans and Henry in the Rhinebeck tax lists on microfilm.
Supervisors Records (Tax List) 1757-1763, Volumes F and G, Dutchess Co. Clerks Office.  From microfilm roll #925902, LDS collection.  (only Rhinebeck reviewed) 
June 1757 Rinebeck through Feb. 1759:  (no Kimmel listed)
June 1759 Rinebeck:  Baltus Kimel
Feb. 1760 Rynbeck:  Baltus Kimel
June 1760 Rynbeek:  Baltus Kimel
Feb. 1761 Rynbeck:  Baltus Kimmel
June 1761 Rynbeck:  Baltus Kimmel**
Feb. 1762 Rinebeck:  (no Kimmel listed)
June 1762 Rynbeck:  (no Kimmel listed)
Feb. 1763 Rynbeck:  (no Kimmel listed)
June 1763 Rynbeck:  (no Kimmel listed)
**June 1761 also checked for Becker and Cole and found:  Johannes Backer, John Lodwick Backer, Peter Backer, Simon Cole and Johannis Coole.
Rensselaerwyck Co., NY Church Records:

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rensselaerwyck of Greenbush (at West Sandlake), now First Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Sandlake, Rensselaer Co., NY.  From Roll #12 of the Vossburg Collection, New York filed at Allen Co. Public Library.
Catharina born 10/17/1787 and baptized 11/19/1787; parents Balthasar and Maria KŘmmel; sponsors Jacob Kerger and Catharina Minnig.
Jacob born 2/24/1792 and baptized 4/15/1792; parents Balthasar and Maria Kimmel; sponsors Peter and Sophia Kimmel.
David born 3/30/1793 and baptized 6/1/1796; parents Balthasar and Maria Kimmel; sponsors David and Anna Brauer.
Anna born 8/10/1796 and baptized 11/4/1796; parents Balthasar and Maria KŘmmel; sponsors Johannes Reichard and Anna Munich.
Maria born 10/30/1800 and baptized 1/18/1801; Elisabetha Kimmelin, daughter of Belthasar Kimmel, gave for the father William Ervel; sponsors Balthasar and Maria Kimmel, grandparents.
Nicolaus born 1/3/1801 and baptized 1/18/1801; parents Balthasar and Maria (MŘnchin) Kimmel; sponsors Jacob and Eva Cruz.  
Margareth Maria baptized 1/18/1811 at age 6 years and 11 months, parents Petrus and Catharina Kemmel; sponsors Nicholas and Elizabeth Sharp. 
Rensselaerwyck Co., NY Census Records:
1790 Census -- Rensselaerwyck Town, Albany Co., NY
Page 271 Peter Campbell - 4 males 16 and over, 4 females
Page 272 Martinus Kimmel - 1 male 16 and over, 2 males 15 and under, 2 females
Page 274 Baltus Kimmel - 2 males 16 and over, 3 males 15 and under, 3 females. 
1800 Census -- Town of Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY
Page 873 Archibald Campbell    2-0-0-1-0  0-0-0-1-0
Page 883 Baltus Kimmell    2-0-0-1-0  0-0-0-1-0
Page 884 Peter Kimmil    0-0-1-1-1  0-0-2-0-1
Page 884 Peter Kimmell Jun.    1-0-0-1-0  1-0-0-1-0
Page 891 Michael Campbell    0-0-0-1-0  0-0-0-1-1
1800 Census -- Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY
Page. 788 John Campbell    2-0-0-1-0  2-0-0-1-0
Page 825 Jacob Campbell    2-1-0-1-0  1-0-1-0-0
Page 828 Zury Kimbill    1-0-1-1-0  2-0-0-1-0
1800 census code:  1st # = male 0-9, 2nd # = male 10-15, 3rd # = male 16-25, 4th # = male 26-45, 5th # = male 46+, 6th # = female 0-9, 7th # female = 10-15, 8th # = female 16-25, 9th # = female 26-45, 10th # = female 46+
Columbia County, NY Church Records
"Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Columbia, New York (1722-1874)."  From LDS microfilm #933484, (item 5?)  computer printout, no index.
May 18, 1742 christening of John, parents Alexander Kemmel and Nelli Magines
May 19, 1742 christening of Patrick, parents James Kemmel and Sara Schot
Oct. 2, 1743 christening of James, parents Alexander Kemmel and Nelli Maginnes
Sept. 3, 1758 christening of Duncan, parents William Kamble and Isabell Doffy 
"Baptismal Record - Reformed Church of Germantown, NY 1729-1898"  From Allen Co. Public Library Gc974.702 G31g  - only detail prior to 1800 copied here
Item / Date / Child / Parents / Sponsors
0900 - 9/17/1758 - John - Daniel Kemel & Becky Alexander - Orgel Hauser & wife Cathrina Hofer
0901 - 9/17/1758 - Nency - Daniel Kemel & Becky Alexander - Philip Saalbach & wife Eliesabetha Lescher
1483 - 6/26/1774 - Johannes - Jacob Finck & Maria Deifenberger - Daniel Kemmel & Elisabeth Reiffenberger
1811 - 3/24/1780 - Wilhelm - Samuel Schneider & Regina Gerenreich - Wilhelm Schneider & Nancy Kemmel
1812 - 4/9/1780 - Marytjen - Johannes Kohl & Gertraut Haber - John Kemmel & Maria Haber
1988 - 6/8/1783 - Henrich - John Kemmel & Christina Jacobi - Henrich Jacobi & wife Marytjen Post
2005 - 8/17/1783 - Philip - Johannes Schieffer Jr. & Anna Schneider - Conrad Schneider Jr. & Nancy Kemmel
2103 - 2/13/1785 - Johannes - John Kemmel & Christina Jacobi - Johannes Blass & Margaretha Jacobi
2219 - 9/17/1786 - Johannes - Philip Schneider & Catharina Jacobi - John Kemmel & wife Christina Jacobi
2228 - 12/14/1786 - Sophia - Leopold Frider. Luckadelly & Catharina Bekker - Daniel Kemmel & wife Elisabeth Reifenberger
2367 - 8/10/1788 - Petrus, twin - Georg Schneider & Anna Maria Caspar - Johannes Caspar & Nancy Kemmel
2415 - 3/8/1789 - Philip - John Kemmel & Christina Jacobi - Philip Schultes & wife Catharina Petri
2519 - 10/31/1790 - Wilhelm - Israel Heermans & Lena Halenbeek - Wilhelm Schneider & Nancy Kemmel 
Marriage Record of Congregations in Germantown, Gallatin, Copake & Hillsdale,NY 1736-1899.  From Allen Co., Public Library Gc974.701 C72ma
Germantown Reformed
#222 - 8/13/1771 - Daniel Kammel married ____ Reifenberger
#246 & 252 - 1/2/1803 - Johan Georg Kemmel married Christina Holtzappel
#288 - 10/12/1806 - John Wilson married Maria Kemmel 
Church Records of Albany Co., NY
"Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY 1683-1809."  From Huntington, IN Public Library.
8/3/1767 marriage of Jacob Boomhauwer and Sara Kimmel
1/21/1770 baptism of Pieter, born 12/30/1769, of Pieter and Maria S. Kimmel,
    witnesses Philip and Anna M. Dark
7/6/1778 marriage of Alexander Campbell and Mary McMullen
4/8/1778 baptism of Archibald  of Archibald Kemmel and Christina Starrenberg
4/1/1779 baptism of Margaret of Robert Campbell and Sara McDavid
4/9/1779 baptism of Margareth, born 4/1/1779, of Robert Campbell and Sara M. David 
4/24/1779 baptism of John of Alexander Kemmel and Mary McMullen
4/27/1779 baptism of Nency of Johs. Stuart and Jane Kemmel
12/20/1783 marriage of William Camble Rhode Philips
6/6/1784 baptism of Pieter, born 2/23/1784, of Pieter Vroman and Wyntje Redlif,
    witnesses Archibald and Christina Camble
1/29/1780 baptism of Ann of James Milligan and Isabella Kemmel
4/13/1781 baptism of Angus of Alexander Kemmel and Mary McMullen
3/27/1781 baptism of Robert of Robt. Kemmel and Sara McDavid
4/15/1776 baptism of Alexander of Price Kemmel and Margaret Clark
2/1/1778 baptism of Margaret of Price Kemmel and Margaret Clark
12/41780 baptism of William of Price Kemmel and Margaret Clark 
6/8/1781 baptism of William of Alexander Kemmel and Catharina Steel
1/9/1797 marriage of Clark Jennings and Margaret Campbell 

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