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General History

There is evidence that the earliest American Kimmels lived in colonial New York and that most branches of this Kimmel family or families evolved into some of the Kimmells, Kimbles, Kimballs, Kimbers and Campbells of today's New York, New Jersey and Quebec.  The lineage of this family is somewhere in a great and confusing mass of state and local records from a time in which names are not spelled consistently and documents are scarce.  This makes it a problem to determine which Kimballs and Campbells, etc. were originally Kimmels and which are true Kimballs and Campbells.  The Kimmel family has appeared in New York records as Gemmel, Cammel, Cambell, Campbell, Cimel, Cimbel, Kaemmel, Kemmel, Kimel, Kimmel, Kummel, Kymmel and possibly Kimber.

I have no idea what the true Kimmel history is in New York.  But, I have reviewed copies of many publications available to me at the Allen Co. Pub. Lib. here in Fort Wayne, IN and have a conjecture of how part of the family evolved.  Much of the following will be disproved, but one has to start somewhere.

I'll be assuming there was one Kimmel family in New York City in 1700 whose descendants moved north towards Rhinebeck and some of them back again.  (More on this conjecture.)  I'll also be assuming all individuals who appeared with the same surname Kimmel in public records around 1800 were descendants of this family, even though they may also be using one of the other surnames.  Again, much of what I've conjectured my be disproved by new information, but the records I've seen so far allow for the following to be true:

The family conjectured as of December 2000:

Henry and Trinia (Backers) Kimmel of New York City had at least three sons:  1) Henry born about 1694, 2) Henry born about 1700

1)  Henry born about 1694 died young, allowing for the name to be used again.

2)  Henry born about 1700, to Rhinebeck by 1753.  His children may have included: a) Balthasar of Rhinebeck and b) Daniel of nearby Germantown, c) Archibald of nearby Poughkeepsie, d) Hugo of N.Y.C. and e) Hans (John) of Rhinebeck.
    a)  Balthasar lived at Rhinebeck as early as 1739, then moved to Schoharie in the 1760s,
         wife Margaret Winfield.
        1 -- Peter (c1743) to Albany, then Brunswick (now in Rensselaer Co.)
2 -- Angenis (c1746) unknown
        3 -- Sara (c1748) m. a Baumhauer in Albany, then to Rensselaer Co.
        4 -- John (c1749) to Brunswick
        5 -- Balthasar (1751) Rev. soldier, to Brunswick & then Sand Lake
        6 -- Herman (c1754) unknown
        7 -- Martin (1759) to Brunswick, then to Quebec
        8 -- Margaret (c1761) unknown
        9 -- Maria Elisabeth (c1764) unknown
    b)  Daniel in Germantown by 1758, wife Becky Alexander
        1 -- Daniel (1750s) Germantown
        2 -- Nancy (c1758) Germantown
        3 -- John (c1758) Germantown, then to Kinderhook, then N.Y.C.?
    c)  Archibald in Poughkeepsie by 1755, wife Catherine du Bois
        1 -- Anna (1755)
        2 -- Elizabeth (1763)
        3 -- Jannette (1766)
        4 -- Archibald (1769)
        5 -- Margaret (1772)

    d)  Hugo in New York City, wife Gretchen

    e)  Hans (John) in Rhinebeck by 1753, wife unknown
        ? -- John who married Elizabeth Heddig in Rhinebeck in 1786
Robberd Cammel of N.Y.C. is possibly a brother of Henry's.  Married Elizabeth Bortz/Bürch.  Children baptized at Reformed Dutch Church at N.Y.C.:
    1712 -- John Cammel
    1713 -- Maria Kemmel
    1715 -- Thomas Cammel, Elizabeth (age 11), James (age 9)

Casper Kimmel, first of Jamaica, NY and then of Minisink Township in Orange County, had been considered as a son of Henry's.  Now I believe he was a son of George Kimber, but cannot explain why the Kimmel spelling appeared in both Jamaica and early Orange County records.     Wife Femmetie Williamsen.  Children:  Mary Magdaline (c1722),  John (c1727), Jacob (c1728), George (c1729), Ephraim, Isaac, Joseph, James, Zuby, Elizabeth, & Peter.


Family Recollections

Family Histories

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Family Bibles

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Public Documents For Revolution Era Kimmels

Transcriptions on This Web Site.  Click here to view.

    Records of Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York

    The Bughers of New Amsterdam and the freemen of New York 1675-1866

    Baptismal Record of Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, New York 1731-1899

    Rhinebeck St Peter's Lutheran Church Records, 1773-1806

    General Church Book of the Reformed Church at Reyn Beck

    First Reformed Church, Fishkill and Hopewell, Dutchess Co., New York

    Book of Taxes 1729-1748, Volume C #2612, Dutchess Co. Clerks Office

    Supervisors Records (Tax List) 1753-1763, Volume E - G, Dutchess Co. Clerks Office

    Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rensselaerwyck of Greenbush

    Rensselaerwyck Co. 1790 & 1800 census detail

    Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Columbia, New York (1722-1874)

    Baptismal Record - Reformed Church of Germantown, NY 1729-1898

    Marriage Record of Congregations in Germantown, Gallatin, Copake & Hillsdale,NY

    Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY 1683-1809

Documents Available Not Added to This Web Site

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Documents to Be Found

    St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY church records (1760s)


Special Reports

    Tie Between Henry Kimmel of NYC and Balthasar Kimmel of Rhinebeck

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