The Kimmel Family News;

Chronicle of Kimmel Cousins

Published Quarterly

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The Kimmel Family News is sponsored by the descendants of David and Leah Riegel Kimmel. We share tidbits of Kimmel family history (all lines) and current Kimmel news, and we offer a chance to make connections with other Kimmel cousins of various branches. With Tim Kimmel's Kimmel Column in each issue, with its detailed look at such things as Kimmels in the American Revolution and the Kimmel family history. All Kimmels are welcome to contribute and subscribe to this national family publication.

Write to newsletter editor, Jan Tompkins, 325 W. Hickam, Columbia, Missouri 65203 for information. Or send an e-mail message to Jan at

Back issues can be reviewed
at these libraries:
Genealogical Society of LDS at Salt Lake City
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of York County (PA)
Lancaster County Historical Society
Somerset Historical Center (PA)
Palatines to America at Columbus, Ohio
Noble County (Indiana) Historical Society
Lincoln Library at Springfield, Illinois
Jefferson County (KS) Historical Society
Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists, Elgin, IL



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