Leonard Kimmel of Harrison County, Ohio

Family of Leonard John Kimmel of near New Rumley

Members of this family appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefix "AG-."

General History

First known record of Leonard places him in Charlestown, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1777.  In 1786-1788 he lived in Elklick Township, Bedford (now Somerset) County, Pennsylvania where he reportedly married Susanna Zimmerman.  The 1790 federal census placed him in what is now the southern part of Greene Co., Pennsylvania.  By 1800 he had moved upstream along Cheat River to near Deckers Creek in Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  In 1811 he sold his property there and by 1816 had moved to near New Rumley, Harrison County, Ohio where his older sons had already moved.

Children of Leonard and Susanna, with birth year, death year, death place and spouse:
John Henry -- 1787-1851 Allen County, Ohio -- Maria Eva Tanney
Adam -- (about 1790)-(after 1840 probably in Tuscarawas County, Ohio) -- Katherine Turney 
Henry -- 1789-1826 Harrison County, Ohio -- Christina Geddinger
Leonard -- 1793-1855 Paulding County, Ohio -- Elizabeth ____
Nancy -- ( ? - ? ??? ) -- ____ Harmon
Mary -- ( ? - ? ??? )
Susanna -- ( ? - ? ??? ) -- ____ Saddler,  Samuel Guthrey,  ____ Schaeffer
Frederick -- 1800-1886 Harrison County,Ohio -- Elizabeth Yingling

Leonard died near New Rumley in 1825 and Susanna died in 1828.


Early Family Recollections

Early Family Histories

1891 family history.  From biography of Jonathan Kimmel, page 179-180 of the "Commemorative Biographical Record, Harrison County, Ohio," 1891 (Beers).

Harry H. Ahrens' 1921 Report and Edna Viola Kimmel Wood 1940 Letter.  Two early family histories of Leonard Kimmel (1741-1825; AG-) an early settler of Harrison County, Ohio.

Albert Kimmel's 1979 Report.  This gives a very different account of Leonard's origin.

Family Bibles

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Public Documents For Revolution Era Kimmels

Transcriptions on This Web Site -- see raw data page

Oath in 1777 from "Oaths of Allegiance Chester County, PA"

Chester County, PA tax records: provincial 1763-1774, state 1777, county 1754-1781

Tax list from "Pennsylvania in 1780."

Bedford County, PA tax record:  1775-1795

"Church Records of Berlin, Somerset County, PA 1788-1856," Saylor 1929

Documents Available Not Added to This Web Site

Tax records for Monongalia County, (West) Virginia

Tax records for Harrison County, Ohio

Census records

Land records

Documents to Be Found

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Special Reports


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