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George and Eva Susanna Kimmel arrived in Philadelphia in 1751 aboard the Ship Neptune and settled in Lancaster where they became members of Trinity Lutheran Church and George served in Capt. Vanderslice's Company in the 3rd Battalion of Lancaster County during the Revolution.  George's will suggests they had no children.


Raw Data

Pennsylvania German Pioneers 1727 to 1808, (1934 Strassburger):  in three volumes in the Pennsylvania German Society Collection (volumes 42-44).

Vol. 43; page 551 -- "At the Court House at Philadelphia Tuesday the 24th September 1751 Present William Peters Esqr.  The Foreign whose names are underwritten imported in the Ship Neptune John Mason Commander from Rottersdam x East from Cowes did this day take the usual Qualifications and subscribe them..."

2nd column, 19th name:  "Balhatzer Hess"  (copy of his actual signature)
2nd column, 20th name:  "Georg Kimmel"  (copy of his actual signature)

"Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies Pursuant to Statute 13 George II, c.7" (M.S. Giuseppe):  page 93
"Supreme Court at Philadelphia, 24 and 25 Sept. 1764."  List includes:
Foreigner's Name:  George Kemmell.
Township:  Lancaster.
County:  Lancaster.
Sacrament, when taken:  Sept. 2,1764.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Tax Record, Lancaster Boro and Township:  (roll #15, Lancaster Co., PA microfilm, Allen Co. Publ. Lib.)  (Note: actual tax records)

Lancaster Borough:
1750-1756 no Kimmel on lists for these years
1757:  George Kimmal; 3rd list Geo. Kimmel
1758:  Kammal george; 2nd list Kammel george
1759:  Kemel George, carpenter, 1 lot; 3rd list Kimmel George; 4th list Kamel George
1763:  Kimel George carpenter
1769:  Kimel George
1770:  Kimel George caber; 2nd list Kimel George
1771:  Kimmel Geo
1772, 1773, 1775 -- no Kimmel on lists for these years
1777:  Kimel George; Kimel George
1778:  Kimmel George; 2nd list Kimmel George
1779-1783, 1786-1812 no Kimmel on lists for these years
Note:  lists for some years are missing

Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1988 Smith & Weiser):  volume 1, 1730-1767  (Note:  transcript, not original document)

Births and Baptisms:
>page 96:  Eva Susanna Hess, born 10/19/1751, baptized 10/19/1751; parents Balthasar and Eva Susanna; sponsors Georg Kummel and wife Eva Susanna.
>page 117:  Eva Catharina Hess, born 7/26/1754, baptized 7/28/1754; parents Balthasar and Eva Susannah; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
>page 129:  Johann Georg Bujain, born 3/6/1756, baptized 3/7/1756; parents Peter Abraham and wife; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
>page 134:  Jacob Santeau, born 10/30/1756, baptized 10/31/1756; parents Jacques and Margaret; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
>page 148:  Eva Elisabet Hess, born 10/22/1758, baptized 10/22/1758; parents Balthasar and Eva Susannah; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
>page 164:  Eva Edelmann, born 9/2/1760, baptized 9/7/1760; parents Joh. Adam and Juliana; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, his wife
>page 173:  Johann Georg Hess, born 7/12/1761, baptized 7/19/1761; parents Balthasar and Eva Susannah; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
page 217:  Anna Barbara Edelman, born 3/2/1766, baptized 3/16/1766; parents Adam and Julia; sponsors Georg Kümmel, Eva, wife
Communicants and Confirmands 1747-1767:
>page 387:  Easter 1752 -- #89 Georg Kummel, #50 Eva Kummeln
Marriages 1747-1767:
>page 245:  #35 Michael Hunter from Austria married Maria Barbara Kümmlin single on 6/11/1754
>page 265:  #348 Georg Hofmann from Eppingen in the Palatinate, married Elizabet Kümmlin single on 3/27/1764
Note:  Maria Barbara Kümmlin and Elizabet Kümmlin in the marriage records were daughters of Johann Valentin Kimmel, not Georg.

"Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Deeds to 1770 and Oaths," Mayill:

Deed Book I, 1762-1813:
All lots sold subject to purchaser erecting a substantial dwelling house 16 ft. square or more "with good chimney of brick or stone and subject to yearly rent as indicated after each name payable to James Hamilton, Lt.-Governor, of Philadelphia."
#115 To Mathias Tabler of  Lanc. bor 15/
Lot 341 e. side Mulberry st., Andrew Klyne, Mathias Tabler
1 May 1761 W98, W73 J43 23 Sep 1762
#118 To George Kimble of Lanc. bor 15/
Lot 341 e. side Mulberry st., Thomas Doyle Jr.
1 May 1761 W98, W73 J43 24 Sep 1762
Deed Book L:
Persons taking oaths of allegiance:
L377T 3 -- Lancaster Borough 2/5/1778 sealed; Geo. Kimmel
L388T -- 11/3/1788; Frederick Kimil    Note:  not related
L402T 2 -- 3/12/1779 sealed; George Kimmel
L403T -- 3/12/1777 sealed; Fredc. Kimell    Note:  not related
L405 B -- 11/30/1787 sealed; Jacob Kimmel    Note:  note related
Deed Book M:  page 91 mentions mortgage to Adam Kimmel, not related

Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series:  Volume 7, page 240, 271

"Roll of Capt. J. Venderslice  Compyne of the third battalion of Lancaster County, Commented by Cor'n Ja'b Bower -- 1780"

8th class includes George Kimmel

Last Will of George Kimmel:  will filed among original German wills at Lancaster, PA, Book D, page 122.  (Note:  actual document)

"1782; Last Will of George Kimmel deceased"

From actual copy of will:  George Kimmel of Borough of Lancaster.  Witnessed 5/12/1780.  Wife Eva received personal estate, household furniture, lot and ground.  "And in case my Brother Jacob Kimmel and my Sister Margareth should against Hope trouble her my said loving Wife to come in as Heirs than, I give, and bequeath unto each of them five Shilling and lawful Money of the State of Pennsylvania in full Satisfaction, and no more." Includes signature Georg Kimel (with bar over the m).  Probated 3/23/1782 with witnesses Henry Oster and John Jacob Loeur and executor Eva Kimel. 

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