Martin of Manchester, Maryland

Documentation pertaining to the Martin Kümmel family


Martin Kümmel is listed among contributors to the Zion church in Manchester, Maryland and his children Conrad and Anna Maria appear in later church records.  It's not known what happened to this family after 1804.


Raw Data

Zion Church "The German Church" at Manchester, Maryland in "Maryland German Church Records," Volume 10:  (typed transcript, not copy of original records)

Evangelical and Reformed Baptisms:
>Lydina, dau. of George & Magdalena Gummel, born 7/19/1817, baptized 8/17/1817; sponsor Elizabeth Gummel
Evangelical Lutheran Communicants:
7/6/1783 - An. Mar. Kummelin
Contributors towards schoolhouse for reformed and evangelical congregation "Maryland Baltymore, the 17th September Anno 1762"  List includes:
Martin Kümmel - 5 shillings
Baptisms Zion Evangelical Lutheran:
>Jacob, twin son of Conrad & Magdl. Kummel, born 11/17/1795, baptized 12/26/1795, sponsors George & Mar. Elis. Matthais
>Henry, twin son of Conrad & Magdl. Kummel, born 11/17/1795, baptized 12/26/1795, sponsors Henry Mattheis & Elis. Stemin, single
>Magdl., dau. of Conrd. & Magdl. Kummel, born 11/9/1797, baptized 4/22/1798, sponsors Joh. Georg and Elis. Mattheis
>1782 - An. Mari - father Mart. Kummel - age 15
7/1/1787 - An. Mar. Kummelin, single
7/6/1788 - An. Mar. Kummelin, single

Jerusalem, Bachman's, Bauer's Church, Bacahman Valley, Carroll County, Maryland -- Lutheran 1799-1881 in Maryland German Church Records," Volume 9:  (typed transcript, not copy of original records)

>Cathr., dau. Conrad & Magdl. Kummel, born 4/26/1800, baptized 6/22/1800, sponsors Dav. & Cathr. Ehrhardt
>Joh. Jacob, son of Conrad & Magdl. Kummel, born 4/26/1802, baptized 6/27/1802, sponsors Joh. Georg & Elisabeth Mattheis
>Elis., dau. of Conrad & Magdl. Kummel, born 4/1/1804, baptized 8/19/1804, sponsors Dav. & Appellonia Freyvogel
>19th Sunday after Trinity 1806 - confirmands incl. Joh. Georg Kummel

Note:  members of Rummel family also appear in church records

"Marriage Records 1777-1799 Baltimore City Court House, Maryland":

Mary Kimmell married Geo. Swartz 3/16/1786

Note:  may help to review tax and land records.

Note:  Carroll County formed from Baltimore and Frederick Counties in 1837.

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