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Documents pertaining to the George and Catherine Rümmel family


Georg and Catharina Rümmel are often confused as of the Kimmel family.  The old form of the name Kimmel is Kümmel (Kuemmel in English type that does not have umlauts (ü)).  And some handwriting styles form identical looking capital K's and capital R's, making for a lot of confusion.  So this family appears as both Kummel and Rummel (and variations) in local records.

Because sons of Johann Philip Kimmel attended the Reformed congregation of the same church as Georg Rümmel, it is often assumed he was either George, son of Philip or George, son of Philip's brother Jacob.  But Georg, son of Philip is on record marrying  Juliana Ruby on June 13, 1768 at First Trinity Reformed Church in York, PA -- showing he could not be this Georg Rümmel whose son Henrich was born in 1766 (before the Kimmel-Ruby marriage) and whose son Christian was born in Dec. 1768 (after the Kimmel-Ruby marriage) both to wife Catharina.  Likewise, it is known that Philip's brother Johann Jacob Kimmel, who lived in the Bermudian area and then moved to Ephrata, had a son Georg born in 1745 in Gimbsheim.  But Jacob's will does not list George or heirs of George deceased, even though it lists Rupert "if alife" and the heirs of Adam "deceased."  So, even if Georg Rümmel were actually a Kimmel, he wouldn't be of the known Kimmel families of the area.

I haven't done direct research on George Rummel beyond a review of Lower Bermudian church records.  But archived notes on the family by Mary May filed on Rootsweb point out that Georg Rummel was in Reading Township tax lists for 1762, 1775, 1778, 1780, 1781 and 1782, then in Straban Township tax lists for 1783, 1786, 1800 and 1807.  He sold land in Straban Township, Adams Co., PA just before his death in 1808.


Raw Data

Lutheran congregation record of Bermudian Reformed and Lutheran Church, Bermudian, Latimore Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania.  From Evangelical & Reformed Church Records microfilm collection at Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana.:

Baptisms 1758-1812
Henrich, son of Georg and Catharina Kuemmel, born 12/31/1766, baptized 1/11/1767, sponsors Henrich and Maria Sely.
Georg, son of Jacob and Maria Hagelbeger, born 9/3/1766, baptized 1/11/1767, sponsors Georg and Catharina Kuemmel.
Christian, son of George and Catharina Kuemmel, born 12/17/1768, baptized 3/25/1769, sponsors Conrad and Anna Ursula Henrich.
Communions 1758-1768
1765 -- Catharina Rümmel
1766 -- Catharina Rümmel, wife of Georg
1767 -- Catharina Rümmel, wife of Georg
1768 -- Catharina Kummel, wife of Georg

Note:  it would be best to be able to review the actual German handwritten records for this church to compare the spelling in the Kummel and Rummel entries.

Family Notes

Children of George and Catherine (Schedron) Rummel per Mary May's gedcom as of  Jan. 9, 2000 on WorldConnect ( see entry ):
Elizabeth, born c1756 Adams Co., PA; married John Lower
George Jacob, born 5/10/1758; married Elizabeth Besore
Sophia, born c1760; married Jacob May
Barbara, born c1760 Adams Co., PA; married Christian Culp
Johan Peter, born c1761; married Margaret (?); died 5/23/1831 Trumbull Co., OH
Mary, born c1763 Adams Co., PA; married Philip Snell
John, born ?; married Catharine (?)
Catharine, born c1765 Adams Co., PA; married Conrad Lower; died 1857
Henry, born 12/31/1766 York Co., PA; married Elizabeth Berger; died 11/1831 Columbiana Co., OH
Christian, born 12/17/1768, Lancaster CO., PA; married Elizabeth Sell; died 1/16/1853 Mahoning Co., OH
Susanna, born c1770 Adams Co., PA; married Henry Ashbaugh

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