Philadelphia Kimmels

Some members of these families appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefixes "AN-" and "AO-."

General History

Records are scarce for this family that lived in Philadelphia and acquired the surname spellings Kühmle and Keehmle.

The earliest arrival was Conrad "Kümmel" who arrived in Philadelphia in 1738 and was naturalized there in 1751.  He and wife Maria Sophia Scheying were associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Philadelphia.  He was listed in land records as tavern owner and shopkeeper.  The date of his death and names of his children are unknown.

John George Keehmle was a surgeon who died in Philadelphia in 1773.  His relationship to Conrad is unknown -- he was too old to be a son.  Of the sons of John George and wife Susanna:  George was surgeon who served in local battalions during the Revolution, Leonard was a schoolmaster and shopkeeper whose wife Margaret was later owned a chinaware shop, and John served as surgeon in the Virginia militia during the Revolution and later was a surgeon and then druggist in Philadelphia.

The Keehmle name appears in various Philadelphia records as late as 1900, but appears to have completely disappeared today. 


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