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Below are a list of some of the Kimmel information I am having a problem locating.

Searching for Information on These Kimmels

Washington County, Pennsylvania 1815:  The will of John Crofford of Robinson Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania was dated and probated in 1815.  It lists wife Mary; sons John, David and William; and daughters Elizabeth Garran, Rebecca Kimmel, Mary Chamberlain, Rachel, Diann Hammel and Nancy Kimmel.  There was a Samuel Kimmel family in Donegal Township of the same county in the 1820 census that I also cannot place.  Is Samuel the husband of Mary or Nancy?  Who is the other husband?  To what Kimmel branch do they belong?

California. The names on this list of siblings from a Kimmel Bible in Vol. 9 #1 (Oct. 1987) of the "Valley Genealogist" would seem to be easy to find in the census records of the mid-1800s, but I can't find a match. These are all Kimmels: Jacob Vanburen b. 6/23/1838, Mary Jaine b. 1/14/1840, Theodore b. 4/15/1843, Lidda Clarrinda b. 2/8/1844, Polly Ann b. 10/2/1847, Columbus, Tabita b. 12/29/____. This was submitted to the publication by Eileen Slaton of Hemet, CA.

Toulumne County, California 1860. Samuel J. Kimmel (c1834-?) lived in Toulumne County, California. The 1860 listed him as a miner. A county history places him as a partner with James Perry Clough running Clough & Kimmel in Sonora (about 1853). He supposedly died in a failed invasion to conquer Sonora, Mexico. An Estella Kimmell (age 18, born in Mexico) is living in the county with her mother Belle DeLong in the 1900 census. I'm curious who this Samuel is and what Estella's connection is.

Bureau County, Illinois 1856.  Samuel Kimmel, probably born in Pennsylvania in 1820s or 1830s. Per "Past and Present of Bureau Co., Illinois," he moved to Bureau Co., Illinois in 1856 and raised his daughter Annabel in that part of the state. Annabel married John H. Olds of Wyanet 4/15/1869. Can anyone place this Samuel?

Dutchess County and New York City, New York 1700's. Attempting to link 1) Henry Kimmel born 1700 to Henry Kimmel and Trinia Backers of New York City with 2) Henry Kimmel who reportedly joins Balthasar (a son?) in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY tax lists in 1753. Conjectured to be the same person; has to be proven. No New York City record on Henry found later than his baptism record.  And, although typed transcripts of the tax lists give "Henry (Hans)" the handwritten list for 1753 I saw gave only "Hans."  Is there a list other than the supervisors' tax list?    ref:bk

York County, Pennsylvania or Baltimore, Maryland 1780.  Hester Kimmel (AC-KF 1780-1813) was wife of Gerhard Von Harten.  H.K. Stoner and others report Hestor's birth on May 17, 1780 in Baltimore to Anthony and Margaret Kimmel.  But, Anthony is still in Dover Township, York Co., PA tax lists as late as 1782 and Susanna Kimmel's Nov. 1780 baptism record in Bermudian Church records report her birth as March 1, 1780.  Hestor couldn't have been born May 1780 and couldn't have been in Maryland.  I haven't found the record that places Hester as Anthony's daughter.

Baltimore, Maryland 1817.  Does anyone have either a copy of Anthony Kimmel's (AC-K 1746-1817) will at Baltimore (1817, file 10-318) or a family record verifying names and birth dates of all of his and wife Margaret's children?

Somerset Co., Pennsylvania circa 1820.  Abraham Kimmel (AC-BBA, 1780-1840's?) married about 1823 to second wife Susanna Brubaker who first appears in records in baptism of son Henry in 1824 in the Glade Union church in Somerset Co., PA. Name of his first wife, the mother of his older children, is still unknown, as is any record of Abraham prior to his and his older children's baptism into the Glade church in 1824.

Ohio 1860's.  Delilah Jane Kimmel (c1842-?) of Gratiot County, Michigan was wife of Thompson H. Kress.  Searching for their marriage, probably between 1860 and 1862 somewhere in Ohio; and the name of her parents.    ref:nk

York, Somerset and Allegheny Counties, Pennsylvania 1755-1773.  Johann Georg Kimmel (AC-J 1743-1818) reportedly arrived in America with his father Johann Philip Kimmel in 1755, married in York PA in 1768 and purchased land in Bedford (now Somerset) Co. in 1773.  Other than the marriage I can find no record of George's whereabouts between 1755 and 1773.  Does anyone else have documentation?  Also, family lore is he fought in the Revolution and that his commission, sword and spurs used in the Revolution were lost in the Johnstown Flood in 1889, yet there is no evidence of this, either.

Columbia River, Washington & Oregon 1863.  Kimmel and Underwood were owners of the boat called Cuscadilla.  In March 1863, Kimmel shot Underwood (minor wound) in a quarrel over partnership property.    or-multin1-18630328

Various Kimmel lines that dead-end are listed on a page for Kimmel Families with Unknown Original American Ancestor.


Searching for These Kimmel Documents

Letters of General Anthony Kimmel to Samuel Kimmel. This is our source for the story of the Philip Kimmel and sons coming to America, including Philip losing family members to an epidemic, sending his son Michael to America to check on Philip's brothers, Philip and his sons' arrival at Belle Haven and going with Braddock's troops as far as Frederick, MD and home life before the sons married. Also some detail on Philip's brothers Jacob and Valentine in America. It is apparently also the source of misinformation about the Kimmels being born on Polish territory and Philip's sister being named Elizabeth. I've seen several references to this letter, but does anyone have an exact transcript of the all of the lettters?

Ruldolf Shaefer Correspondence. In 1927 some American researchers hired Rudolf Shaefer of Darmstadt to collect information on the family of Johann Michael Kimmel of Gimbsheim. His research is the ultimate source for most family reports including those of Stoner in the 1930s and Messner in the 1960s. What I've seen appears to be primarily the detail from the church books of the Reformed and Lutheran congregations at Gimbsheim. Does anyone have transcripts of the actual letters Shaefer sent?  According to the May 1978 issue of the "Laurel Messenger", a copy of "The Kimmel Family" by 'Genealogist Rudolph Schafer, 1927, and "Others"' was donated to the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Pfalzische Heraldik. Lists coats-of-arms for families in the Palatinate. The book is at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, call number Europe, book area 943.43 B20. If anyone gets the chance to visit the library, please check to see if this publication lists and Kimmel, Kümmel or Kommel arms. I'd like a copy if there is anything listed for Kimmels, Kümmels or Kommels.

Singleton Husband Kimmel Letter to General Anthony Kimmel. Written Oct. 16, 1864 and mentioned in one of Dr. H. K. Stoner's reports in 1937. It tells of Philip (1724) leaving family and friends in a huff about 1800 and making a fortune making salt in the Green River area of Kentucky.

Original portraits of Johann Michael, Johann Philip, Henry, Peter and Singleton Kimmel.  Poor photocopies appeared in Charles Messner's  "Records of the Kimmel and Related Families," 1967.  His family and relatives do not know who had the portraits or if his photos of the portraits still exist somewhere.  One possible source was Miss Amy Husband Kimmel (1864-1936) of Cape Girardeau, Missouri who never married and was active in local society.  At one time she was selling 8x12 photos of the Johann Michael and Johann Philip portraits.  Does anyone know what happened to her estate and if the portraits were a part of it?

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