Kimmel Patriots During the Revolutionary War


As Reflected in Detail in Timothy W. Kimmel's Kimmel Family Record

The following are on record as contributing to the American cause during the American Revolution. Most served as soldiers but a few here are on record for non-military service to the cause.

ADAM KIMMEL (Johann Adam Kimmel 1733-1778) wife Barbara Miller. (individual AB-C) Listed in DAR Patriot Index (1966). A contractor for supplies for Continental Congress per Supreme Executive Council Minutes in Vol. 11, Colonial Records of Pennsylvania. Private in 5th class of the 1st Battalion of the City of Philadelphia at the time of his death, per record in Vol. 1, 6th Series, Pennsylvania Archives. The Ephrata Cloister supplied material for the Continental Army and set up a hospital for their soldiers. Adam had family ties to the cloister and probably transported their supplies as well as his own possessions as a Philadelphia merchant. (Some unsupported claims-see "Unproven Claims" later in this report.) Kimmel descendants (as of 1900) in Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania; Noble and Dekalb Cos., Indiana; Madison Co., Missouri; Marion Co., Iowa; Oklahoma and Idaho.

ANTHONY KIMMEL (Anthonius Kimmel 1746-1817) wife Anna Margaretha Meyers.  (individual AC-K)  Included in York County, Pennsylvania in the American Revolution.  A Source Book Compiled by Henry James Young 1935, vol. 1-5.  (Available on LDS microfilm #0020504.)  On page 19, Requisitions of Recruits includes "Andon Kemel" of Dover Township, York County.  On page 487, Anthony Kimmel is listed in the First Class of the Third Company (John Shaver, Captain) of the First Battalion ofYork County Militia.

BALTHASAR KIMMEL (1751-c1825) wife Maria München. (individual AL-BAD) Born and baptised in Rhinebeck, New York. Lived in Rensselaer Co., New York. His father Balthasar was on Rhinebeck, New York tax rolls as early as 1739 and was probably a grandson of Hendrick Kimmel (Henrÿ Kümmel) and Trinia Backers who appear in church records in New York City as early as 1694. Listed as private in New York militia in DAR Patriot Index (1966). Vol. 15, Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York lists private Baltus Kimmel under Captain Jacob De Forest (4th Company) in the 4th Regiment under Col. Killian Van Rensselaer possibly in the 6th Company of the 6th Regiment after reorganization. Most members of this family eventually became Camels, then Campbells. The only line known to have retained their surname was that of the patriot Balthasar's brother Martin Kimmel whose Kimmell descendants lived in the Quebec county of Missisquoi.

GEORGE KIMMEL (____-1782) wife Eva Susanna ____. (no code-no descendants) Arrived in Philadelphia in 1751, was a resident of Lancaster by 1757 where he was naturalized in 1764. Served as private in 8th class of Captain J. Vanderslice's Company of the 3rd Battalion of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; on the 1780 roll in Vol. 7, Series 5, Pennsylvania Archives. His will listed no children--only a wife, a brother Jacob and sister Margaret.

GEORGE KIMMEL (George Jacob Kimmel 1764-1825) wife Maria Elizabeth Runckel. (individual AA-G) Born to Jacob and Anna Dorothea Kimmel (Kümmel) in Macungie Township of Northampton (now Lehigh) County, Pennsylvania. Grave near Orwigsburg, PA listed in Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots (Hatcher). Confirmed in Schuylkill County, PA Vital Records and volume two of Nolan's Southeastern Pennsylvania which both note he served in Captain Jacob Wetstone's Company of Brunswick Township in the Berks County, Pennsylvania Militia in 1780 (private, 7th class., 3rd battalion). George later went to New Hanover, where his parents married and raised their older children, to serve as private in 1st class, 3rd Company, 4th Battalion under Lieutenant Colonel Peter Richards, Montgomery Co. Militia in1786 (Vol. 3, 6th Series, Pennsylvania Archives). Kimmel descendants in Schuylkill and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania and eastern Indiana.

JACOB KIMMEL (1757-c1814) wives Esther Fahnestock and Elizabeth Graver. (individual AB-FA) Son of Jacob Kimmel and grandson of Johann Jacob Kimmel who came to Ephrata, Pennsylvania in 1751. According to Vol. 7, Series 5, Pennsylvania Archives he served as private in 6th class of 6th Company under Captain Philip Beck in 3rd Battalion Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania Militia in 1780. Private in 6th class of 6th Comapany under Captain Michael Oberlie in 3rd Battalion Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania Militia under Colonel George Feather in Cocalico Township in 1781 and 1782. Vol. 3 and Vol. 5, 6th Series, Pennsylvania Archives report his service from 1781 to 1797 in the 6th Company, 3rd Battalion of Lancaster Co.; 7th Company, 2nd Battalion of Lancaster Co.; and 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment of Lancaster Co. Militia. A son Jacob and five daughters. This Kimmel line died out with his son.

JACOB KIMMEL ( -1793) wives Anna Dorothea [Bechtel] and Anna Margaretha. (individual AA-) Came to Philadelphia in 1750, settled first at New Hanover, then to Macungie, Hamburg, and finally Brunswick Township in Berks (now Schuylkill) County, Pennsylvania. Jacob served as collector for the 1778 taxes for Brunswick Township, Berks County. (identified as 1779 in PA Archives publications). Kimmel descendants settled Schuylkill & Perry Counties, PA; Preble Co., OH; and Wayne and Huntington Co., IN.

JACOB KIMMEL ( -1800) wife Anna Margaretha ____. (individual AD-) A resident of Hessen-Darmstadt, may be the Johann Jacob Kümmel who arrived in Philadelphia in 1768, but was living in Hempfield Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania as early as 1772. Westmoreland County in the American Revolution refers to him as Jacob Kimble/Kemble, a private in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment which was raised in Westmoreland Co. in 1776 for the defense of the western frontier. His status as revolutionary soldier confirmed in a reference to a granddaughter in Old and New Westmoreland, Pennsylvania and another granddaughter in History of Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The former says he served under Colonel Mad Anthony Wayne, in which case Jacob Kimmel would have been with the troops that fought at Brandywine and Germantown and at Valley Forge under Washington. Following this service Jacob was a private in the Westmoreland County Frontier Rangers. In 1827 his wife Hanna was granted a pension as a widow of a soldier in the Revolution. Kimmel descendants in Indiana County, Pennsylvania; Mercer and Van Wert Counties, Ohio; Noble and Marshall Counties, Indiana; and Harper County, Kansas.

JOHN KIMMEL (c1767-c1790s) wife Rachel Long. (individual AI-A) Came to Charleston, South Carolina with his parents; a saddler by profession. Served in the German Fusiliers of Charleston in 1775. At the fall of Charleston in 1780. Entered in South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution and American Revolution Roster Fort Sullivan 1776-1780. Son of Joseph Kimmel (below). Kimmel lineage lost after the descendants moved inland.

JOHN KIMMEL (Johannes Kimmel/John Kimble c1740s-c1798) wife's last name Boober. (individual AF-) First recorded in a 1767 communion at "Southfork" and then in 1773 in a land lease between what is now Moorefield and Petersburg, West Virginia. Listed as John Kimble in Public Service Claims for Hampshire County, Virginia (Commissioner's Book 3, reel 5, page 20 & Court Booklet, reel 3, pages 15 & 16) for a gun furnished May 1782 that was "lost in suppressing Tories." Most descendants are Kimbles living primarily in Grant and Pendleton Counties, West Virginia.

JOSEPH KIMMEL ( -1779) wife Mary Agnes ____. (individual AI-) A German "lately arrived" in Charleston, South Carolina in 1764; a baker. Served in the German Fusiliers of Charleston in 1775. Died as a lieutenant at the Siege of Savannah, Georgia in 1779. References in South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution and South Carolinians in the Revolution. Left a son John (above), who also served in the Revolution, and two daughters.

MICHAEL KIMMEL (Johann Michael Kimmel 1737*-1818) wife Esther* Asper. (individual AC-H) Son of Johann Philip. Listed in DAR Patriot Index (1966). Per Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army (Heitman) and Pennsylvania Archives: he was appointed 1st Lieutenant in Captain James Taylor's Company, 4th Pennsylvania Battalion, stationed at Ticonderoga in late 1776. Appointed Regimental Paymaster in 1777 in 5th Pennsylvania Battalion (organized from 4th PA Bat.) and retired with rank of Captain in 1778.  He would have been in the 5th battalion at Valley Forge. Also listed as private 2nd class, 1st Company under Captain William Dodds, 1st Battalion of York Co. Militia in York County, Pennsylvania in the American Revolution, A Source Book. Michael's Kimmel descendants settled Somerset and Westmoreland Cos., Pennsylvania; Wyandot Co., Ohio; Steuben and Knox Cos., Indiana; Crawford Co., Wisconsin; Labette and Neosho Cos., Kansas and Hillsdale Co., Michigan.  (*most references say Michael was born 1736 and his wife was Julianna, but his actual baptism record says he was born 1737 and their children's baptism records at Bermudian and Mt. Pleasant, PA say their mother was Esther.)

NICHOLAS KIMMEL (Johann Nicolaus Kimmel 1728-1804) wife Susanna Weber. (individual AC-D) Shortest of J. Philip's sons. Listed as private in Pennsylvania militia in the 2nd volume (1979) of the DAR Patriot Index. York County, Pennsylvania in the American Revolution, A Source Book places him as a private in 2nd class, 5th Company under Captain James Parkinson, 1st Battalion of the York Co. Militia under Colonel James Thompson in 1778. Most of Nicholas' descendants remained in York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania. Descendants through his son Conrad settled in Allen and Clinton Cos., Indiana.

PHILIP KIMMEL (Johann Philip Kimmel 1724-1796) wife Anna Christina Henn. (individual AC-B) Came to American with his brothers and father (also Philip Kimmel) in 1755 and settled in York County, Pennsylvania. In the late 1760's he moved to Bedford County (land now in Somerset County) where he is listed as Philip Kimble, collector for Quemahoning Township in the 1781 tax records. NSDAR accepted Philip as a Patriot for his service as tax collector for the Continental Congress.  Nearly half of today's American Kimmels descend from Philip. Descendants migrated into western Maryland and West Virginia; and across Ohio and Kentucky into Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri by mid-1800s.

PHILIP KIMMEL (Johann Philip Kimmel c1735-1786) wife Anna Maria ____. (individual AH-G) Arrived in Philadelphia with father Valentine in 1751 and settled in E. Pennsboro Township, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Served as private in 4th class under John Lamb, 3rd Battalion Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania Militia under Colonel William Chambers (listed as Phillip Kimble) in Vol. 6, 5th Series, Pennsylvania Archives. His descendants settled Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

THOMAS KIMMEL ( - ) wife unknown. (individual AJ-) Enlisted in 1776 as private in Captain Philip Graybill's Company in Maryland during the Revolutionary War. Per Archives of Maryland (vol. 18), The Pennsylvania German in Maryland, and The German Regiment of Maryland and Pennsylvania in the Continental Army 1776-1781. Appeared in Baltimore in the 1810 census. Kimmel descendants unknown.


This Philadelphia family are associated with Conrad Kemmel/Keehmle, who came to the city in 1738, and John George Keehmle.

GEORGE KEEHMLE ( -1786) wife Mary ____. (individual AO-B) A surgeon-barber of Philadelphia, listed in will of John George Keehmle. Listed in depreciation pay list for the Philadelphia Militia in Vol. 4, 5th Series, Pennsylvania Archives. Soldiers of the American Revolution, Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania places George as private in Hassenclever's Company, 1st Battalion City of Philadelphia in 1776, Tolbort's Company, 3rd Battalion City of Philadelphia in 1777 and 1778, Ogborn's Artillery, Pickering's Company, 3rd Battalion City of Philadelphia in 1780, and Artillery Battalion, Rice's 3rd Company City of Philadelphia in 1783. Descendants unknown.

JACOB KEEHMLE (1750s - ) wife Christina Catherine Drossler. (individual AN-F) Bakehouse owner and surgeon-barber/bleeder in Philadelphia; parents unknown. Soldiers of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania places him as private in Geyer's company, 3rd Battalion City of Philadelphia in 1780. Descendants unknown.

JOHN KEEHMLE (c1753-1830) wives Sybilla ___ and Mary ____. (individual AO-D) Physician and druggist in Philadelphia, a son of John George Keehmle. In Report From the Secretary of War in Relation to the Pension Establishment of the Pension of 1835, Pension Roll of 1835, and Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications in the National Archives as John Keemle, a surgeon in the Virginia Continental Army on pension rolls in 1818. Soldiers of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania places him as a private in 3rd class Easterly's Company, 3rd Battalion City of Philadelphia in 1780 (excused from service in 1777). Kimmel descendants include attorney Samuel and scrivener Isaac.


The following claims have been offered for Kimmels during the Revolution that I can't document as true. The evidence has been lost or incorrect assumptions have been made.

ADAM KIMMEL (1733-1778) (individual AB-C) Per the 1992 edition of the Journal of the Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley, appointed 1st Lieutenant in the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment by Colonel Anthony Wayne ; served as 1st Lieutenant in 4th Penn. Battalion in 1776 according to Historical Reigister of Officers of the Continental Army. Other references assume Adam was at Ticonderoga, contracted illness there and died at the hospital set up at Ephrata from the illness. Actually, there is no direct record of Adam being a lieutenant, being at Ticonderoga or being in any Pennsylvania Battalions at all. It probably all ties to a single reference in an illness report of a Lt. Kimmell at Ticonderoga, who was actually Lieutenant Michael Kimmel as mentioned in other records for the same Battalions. Adam's being a contractor for supplies for the Continental Army and a private in the Philadelphia Militia is, however, supported by records.

DAVID KIMMEL (1763-1827) wife Barbara Croner. (individual AC-BE) Johann Philip's grandson by son Philip. Listed in the 19th NSDAR report, his grave west of Dayton, Ohio was marked in 1926. The 1875 Combination Atlas Map of Montgomery Co., Ohio mentions his service in the Revolution in his son Lewis' biography. Another bio on Lewis in the History of Montgomery Co., Ohio (Beers 1882) goes further, claiming David came from Switzerland in 1760, was with Washington in New York, New Jersey, crossing the Delaware and capturing Trenton; was at the battle of Princeton, battle of Brandywine, at Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, at Valley Forge and finally at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. No actual record of service has been found. The facts that he was German, not Swiss, was born in Pennsylvania three years after he supposedly came to America and was living in Somerset County, Pennsylvania where no Kimmel was on record as having served in the military during the war makes his service during the Revolution doubtful. Still, a family legend separate from this source says he was a drummer boy during the Revolution and descendants are actively searching for evidence of his service.

GEORGE KIMMEL (Johann Georg Kimmel 1743-1818) wife Julianna Ruby. (individual AC-J) Son of Johann Philip. According to several accounts in the NSDAR Lineage books he served as private in Captain J. Vanderslice's Company, Pennsylvania troops. NDSAR entry #64639 says he was born in "Ongle," Bavaria; served as a private in the Revolutionary War; fought in the French and Indian War following Braddock's army at Pittsburgh and says his commission, sword and spurs used in the Revolution were lost in the Johnstown Flood. It's a problem that the evidence is gone, because he was actually born in Eich am Rhein in the Palatinate and was only 12 when Braddock was killed at Pittsburgh. Also George was raised in York County and was a resident of Somerset (then Bedford) County during the war, making it unlikely he served in Lancaster Co. where he was never known to have been (and where another George Kimmel was living). He is the only Kimmel mentioned in Bedford County in the American Revolution (Whisker 1985), but he is listed as a private in Captain Benjamin Markley's Company, 3rd Company, 4th Brigade, Montgomery Co., Militia, not a militia in Bedford Co. The problem here is he is never known to have ever been in this county either and the company was organized after the war--in 1786. (Anyway, another George Kimmel (AA-G), whose parents were from New Hanover where it was organized, is the more likely participant). No actual service record has been located showing this George Kimmel served in the militia at any time.

JACOB KIMMEL (Johann Jacob Kimmel 1757-1824) wife Mary Hoffman. (individual AC-BB) Another grandson of J. Philip by son Philip. According to NSDAR Lineage book Vol. 70, he served as private in 1782 in Captain Michael Oberly's Company, 3rd Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. It's not likely, though, since he was living in Somerset (then Bedford) County at the time and was never known to ever have been in Lancaster County. Also, the company was organized at Ephrata, where another Jacob Kimmel (AB-FA) actually lived and would have served instead.

MICHAEL KIMMEL (c1765-c1791) wife unknown. (individual AB-CD) Son of Adam Kimmel and grandson of Jacob Kimmel who came to Ephrata, Pennsylvania in 1751. Michael was raised in Philadelphia. Orphan's court records show his age to be too young to be Michael Kimmel in the Pennsylvania Battalions in the Pennsylvania Archives records, but non-attendance fines for Davis' Company, 1st Battalion City of Philadelphia in the spring and fall 1782 appeared in the Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Volume 5. It needs to be shown that the fine was for a single roll call Michael didn't attend rather than for not attending at any time during his service. Michael later (post-war) served in 8th Company, 2nd Battalion, Philadelphia Militia under Lieutenant Colonel James Rend, Esq. per Vol. 3, 6th Series, Pennsylvania Archives (too late for Revolutionary soldier status). A Wife and children unknown.


There's no reason to list all of them here, but Hessische Truppen im Amerikanischen Unabhangigkeitskrieg (HETRINA) gives 16 Kimmels and Kuemmels (Kümmel) who enlisted in Hesse's service to England during the revolution. What is useful to note though is that many Germans joined the military with intentions of getting to America and then deserting. They included two Kimmels:

JOHANNES KUEMMEL. Born in the early 1750s and a resident of Wippershain. He was listed as a private in 1775 and 1783 in the Prince Carl Regiment. Deserted November 1783. Unknown at this time where the desertion occurred.

PETER KUEMMEL. Born in the mid-1750s and a resident of Fuerth. Listed as private in 1781 and grenadier in 1782 in the Hesse-Hanau Free Corps from which he deserted. In American records as Peter Kemmel who deserted in New York in July 1782 and took the oath of allegiance in Pennsylvania in August 1782. Nothing more known.

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