Jacob Kimmel of Berks (Now Schuylkill)

County, Pennsylvania

Family of Johann Jacob Kimmel of near Orwigsburg, (West) Brunswick Township

Members of this family appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefix "AA-."

General History

Johann Jacob Kimmel arrived in Philadelphia in 1750.  There is a 1753 marriage record at New Hanover for Jacob and Anna Maria Stichter, but his children beginning with Elizabeth born in 1754 were of his wife Anna Dorothea, maiden name believed to have been Bechtel.  Jacob and Margaretha moved into the Weisenberg Township area of Northampton (now Lehigh) County where he was naturalized in 1761.  Dorothea died there in 1765 and Jacob married Anna Margaretha.  The family then moved towards Grimville in Berks County and then to Brunswick Township, which is now in Schuylkill County.

Jacob's children with Anna Dorothea:
1754 - Elizabeth
1755 - Margaretha Elizabeth
1757 - Johann Peter
1759 - Anna Catharina
1761 - Anna Maria
1763 - Eva
1764 - George Jacob
1765 - Dorothea
Jacob's children with Anna Margaretha:
1766 - Maria Magdalena
1769 - Johann Anthony
1770 - Maria Margaretha
1774c - Margaretha Barbara
1780 - Catharina Elizabeth
1782 - Jacob
1787 - Paulus

Jacob died in 1793.  Descendants of his son George stayed in the Schuylkill County area.  His widow Margaretha moved to Perry County with her son Anthony whose sons later moved west.  Margaretha's son Jacob moved last to near Hagerstown, Indiana.


Early Family Recollections

Early Family Histories

Earliest research for this Kimmel family was done by Claude W. Unger in the 1930's.  Some of Unger's papers are filed at the Theological Seminary Library Building in Lancaster, PA.  He came up with the first list of children for Johann Jacob and tracked him from New Hanover to Macungie in now Lehigh County, into Berks County and finally to his estate in Brunswick Township, now West Brunswick Township in now Schuylkill County, PA.  Unger believed Jacob's wife Anna Dorothea was a Bechtel based on the number of Bechtel sponsors to their children's baptisms.  Frank Buser of Stroudsburg, PA who compiled a large collection of Kimmel history in the late 1900s got most of his information on this family from Unger's collection.

Family Bibles

Ref:  Daniel (1854-1914) of Huntington Co., Indiana (AA-OII) > George F > Jacob > Johann Jacob of Orwigsburg, PA
1)  Daniel and Leah (Myers) Kimmel family Bible
Photo from Mary E. (Kimmel) Schnitz of Huntington, IN
2)  Nancy Louvina (Myers) Miller Bible
Bible from Mary E. (Kimmel) Schnitz of Huntington, IN
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