Tie Between Henry Kimmel of NYC

and Balthasar Kimmel of Rhinebeck

A conjecture

From the "Records of Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York" in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Collection. In volume 2, baptisms

Sept. 2, 1694 baptism of Henrick, parents Henr  K˙nmel and Tr ntje Backers, sponsors Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Hendrickje Wessels. 
July 23, 1699 baptism of Frans., parents Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Elisabeth von Hoogte, sponsors Johannes Van Tilb˙rg and Tr ntje Bakkers, wife of Hendk. Kimmel. 
Sept. 29, 1700 baptism of Hendrik, parents Hederik Kimmel and Tr ntje Backers, sponsors Pieter van Tilb˙rg and Franc ntje B˙ l, j. dogter. 
K˙nmel above was probably actually K˙mmel in the original book. The older form of Kimmel in German is KŘmmel. Since there were two baptisms for the son Henry I am assuming the first son died and the next one was baptized with the same name. 
Henry was probably the "Henry Kimball, blacksmith" who was made a freeman Feb. 3, 1701 in the mayorality of Thomas Noell, Esq. in "The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York 1675-1866" Church records give German names, but public records tended to use anglicized names and for Kimmel that would be Kimble or Kimball. 
Nothing is known about the son Henry. There appears to be a tie with the later generation Kimmels of Rhinebeck to the church in New York City. Archibald baptized daughters in the Rhinebeck and New York City churches. Members of the Becker/Bekker family (Trinia "Backers") were sponsors for Balthasars sons Balthsar and Herman. 
Trinia Backers was a sponsor in a 1673 baptism so she was probably too old to be mother of Balthasar who was born about 1718, so my guess is that Balthasar, Archibald, Daniel, Hugo and Hans of the Rhinebeck area were children of Henry junior. 
Buck's "Dutchess Co., NY Tax Lists 1718-1787" says Henry Kimmell was on the Feb. 1753 and June 1753 Rhinebeck tax lists. I would figure this was Balthasar's father joining his son, but there is a problem: the Supervisors Records, Volume E from the Dutchess Co. Clerks Office says the name was "Hans" Kimmell rather than Henry. "Hans" is German for John, not Henry which would have been "Henderick." 


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