The Family of Joseph and Nancy Kimmel

of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

September 2000 Compilation by Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana
(Updates May 1999 Report)
Available Documents Supporting Those Believed to Be Their Children as Below:
(names are typed bold as below to distinguish each from other family members)

Michael Sr |


Dr John ---- Ursula ---- Philip ---- Joseph Sr ---- Jonas ---- Eve ---- Michael Jr

m. Nancy/Anna


Samuel - Solomon - David - Joseph Jr - Anna Jr - Christopher - Emanuel - Elizabeth - Michael - Susanna

1. Siblings in Sandy Township, Stark County, Ohio

(part now in Brown Tp., Carroll Co.,) in 1830

Anna - 1830 tax list

Samuel - 1820-1850 censuses; 1826, 1829-1832 tax lists; purchased property 1815 in section 2 (with brother Solomon). Land sale in 1832.

Solomon - married Sarah Snyder 1817 in Stark Co.; res. Osnaburgh Tp., just north of Sandy Tp. but co-purchased property in section 2 with Samuel.

David - 1820-1850 censuses; 1821-1833 tax lists; land purchase 1820 in section 7, from Henry Welker.

Anna Jr - married Adam Hardesty 1822 in Stark Co.

Emanuel - 1830 census; 1829, 1831, 1832 tax lists; married Lydia Russell 1832 Stark Co.; land sales in section 18 in 1832. Sold land in section we in neighboring Pike Tp. 1845 to Thomas Russell.

Elizabeth - married Ezekiel Silver 1831 Stark Co. They owned 80 acres in section 4

Susanna - married John Silver 1832 Stark Co.

Joseph (wife Sarah Silver), son of David sold land in section 4 in 1848 to Alpheus Silver.  Joseph Kimmel and Alpheus Silver sold land in section 4 to Archer Silver.

David and wife Susan and Ezekial Silver as well as members of Welker, Silver and Snyder families buried in Sandy Township cemeteries.


Conrad, wife Hannah, purchased land 1815 in section 27 Sandy Township, lived in Rose Township-son of Nicholas of York Co., PA

Jacob, wife Jane, purchased land 1828 in section 25 of neighboring Pike Tp.-son of Conrad, above.

2. Family Interaction

Some connections could be coincidence if taken alone, but not taken as a group:

Kimmel siblings Elizabeth and Susanna, and David's son Joseph married Silver siblings Ezekiel and John and Sarah.

David (line 14) and Samuel (line 15) neighbors in 1830 census for Sandy Township, Stark Co., Ohio with Emanuel (line 18) close by. (Elder female living with Emanuel is probably mother Anna since she appears in tax list for that year.)

Solomon married in Osnaburg Township, Stark Co., Ohio in 1817; resident there in 1820 census and 1826 tax list. Samuel purchased and sold land there in 1858 and is there in 1860 census.

Samuel's sons William and Jacob and Solomon's sons Jeremiah and Joseph all ended up living in Richland County, Illinois.

Samuel and Anna Jr (husband Adam Hardesty) were neighbors in Brown Tp., Carroll Co., Ohio (formerly part of Sandy Tp., Stark Co.,) in 1840 census.

Anna (as Anne) living with Emanuel in Richland County, Ohio in 1850 census.

In Vernon Township/Sharon Township Richland County/Crawford County, Ohio; Emanuel and Michael are together in 1838 tax list. Emanuel land purchases there 1832, 1844, 1857, 1857. In 1832 he bought three quarters of a quarter-section of land and sold one of the quarters to MichaelChristopher bought the fourth quarter in 1839. Emanuel and Michael are neighbors in 1850 census. Solomon's widow lived in neighboring Cranberry Tp. and their uncle Michael Jr lived in neighboring Sandusky Township.

In Washington Township, Hancock County, Ohio: Christopher owned land there 1847-1854. Michael moved there in the 1850s and Emanuel in 1860s.

Michael purchased land in Paulding County, Ohio in 1844 (Paulding Township) and Emanuel in 1847 (Harrison Township). Michael sold his land in 1852 to Anna Jr (as wife of Adam Hardesty).

The James and Mary (Silver) Allerton family of Sandy Township, Stark Co., Ohio moved to Union Township, Huntington Co., Indiana.  John and Susanna Silver did, too.  Emanuel came from Ohio to marry James and Sarah Allerton's daughter Mary Ann in 1861.  When James Allerton's son John died in 1862, John and Susanna Silver took in John Allerton's son Theodore, who appears with them in the 1870 federal census.  Mary Silver Allerton is sister to John Silver, making Mary Ann Allerton Emanuel's niece through his sister Susanna's marriage to John.

When Elizabeth's husband Ezekiel Silver died in 1846, David served as administrator (with Alpheus Silver) of the estate to clear debts left to her.

3. References to Parents

David is native of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Per "Old Landmarks of Stark County, Ohio," 1904 Danner. (David born about 1793)

Christopher was born to Joseph and Nancy Kimmel of Pennsylvania according to his death record (Christopher born 1806)

"Mother" is Anna. Conjectured per 1850 federal census for Richland County, Ohio, residing with Emanuel.

Elida Kimmel Howenstine, daughter of Michael, compiled family information for the Howenstine family of Indiana/Ohio. Family members in reunions recall that her grandparents were Joseph Kimmel and Nancy Stoner, although her descendants do not have her documentation.

So the father of the siblings above should have a wife Nancy (and/or Anna) and should be living in Westmoreland County at the time of David's birth (1790s).

4. Potential Father - in Westmoreland County in 1790s With Wife/Wives Nancy or Anna

Kimmel men in Westmoreland County in 1800:

> Jacob of Hempfield Township, living there by 1772-died 1800, wife Margaretha, children already accounted for.

> Andrew, son of Jacob, of Hempfield Township-wife Elizabeth, children already accounted for.

> Michael Jr, son of Michael Sr, land next to brother Joseph Sr in Hempfield Township 1818 purchased by father in 1811. Also land in 1816 from father. Member of church in Mount Pleasant Township in 1826. Wife Susanna; children already accounted for.

> Joseph Sr, son of Michael Sr, of S. Huntingdon Township (1800); land in E. Huntingdon Township 1801-1810; then land purchase of 1810 in Hempfield Township. Wife given as Nancy in 1815 land sale and Anna in 1820 land sale to son Joseph Jr. It hasn't been determined if Nancy is a first wife and Anna the second, or if Nancy and Anna are the same person.

> George, brother of Michael Sr, purchased land in Donegal Township in 1805 and sold it in 1813, but remained a resident of Somerset County. Wife Juliana; children accounted for.

Joseph Sr is the only Kimmel to fit the facts given.

5. Unusual Names in Common

Michael Sr descendants have several names-particularly Biblical and Latin-that were unique to their branch of the Kimmel family in the early 1800s:
Dr John: son Gabriel; grandsons Emanuel, Obediah, Theophilus and Augustus.
Michael Jr: son Horatio
Samuel: grandson Jeremiah
Solomon: sons Jeremiah and Christopher; and grandson Jeremiah
David: grandsons Alpheus and Christopher Columbus
Joseph Jr: son Jeremiah
Christopher C.:  son Jerry
Emanuel: sons Christopher Columbus, Horatio and Emanuel; grandsons Emanuel (3) and Horatio
Elizabeth: in husband's family-Alpheus

6. Follow-up

Two documents mention a child of Joseph Sr and Nancy.  One is a land sale to son Joseph Jr.  The other it the death record for Christopher.

Joseph Sr's wife is given as Nancy in 1815 (land sale) , Anna in 1820 (land sale), Anna in 1830 (tax list) and Anne in 1850 (census). Nancy and Anna could be the same person, or two separate wives of Joseph Sr.

Per Ron McPherson, it is in Howenstein family records that Joseph Sr's wife was Nancy Stoner, but it was common knowledge and not from a document.

Two sons of Anthony Kimmel of Perry County, Pennsylvania named Samuel and Solomon were on the 1813 tax list for Perry (then Cumberland) County, but not in the 1817 tax list, with no known record since 1813. A brother John (Berlin Township) and sister Margaret (Canfield Township) lived in Mahoning County, Ohio. No known ties have been found between Samuel and Solomon and this family in Perry County, Pennsylvania and Mahoning County, Ohio, but I'd like to find out what happened to Anthony's sons just to rule them out absolutely as Samuel and Solomon of Stark County, Ohio.


S. Hgtn. Tp.
1755-1774 Joseph
Solomon? (Late 1780s)
1784-1790 Samuel (c1790)
1790-1800 David (c1793)
1790-1800 Joseph Jr (c1797)
1755-1774 Anna
1774-1784 unknown female
1790-1800 dau#1
1790-1800 dau#2
Hempfield Tp.
1765-1784 Joseph
Solomon in 1st marriage
1784-1794 David
1794-1800 Joseph Jr.
1800-1810 Christopher
1800-1810 Emanuel
1765-1784 Anna
1794-1800 dau #2
1800-1810 dau Anna
1800-1810 dau #4
Hempfield Tp.
____-1775 Joseph d. 1820s
Solomon 2nd marriage
1775-1794 unknown
David & Saml. in Stark Co.
Joseph Jr land from father
1801-1804 Christopher (b.1806)
1804-1810 Emanuel (b. 1807)
1810-1820 Michael (b.c1812)
1810-1820 Sol's son Joseph*
1810-1820 Sol's son Anthony*
____-1775 Anna - joined
sons after husband's death
1794-1804 dau #2
Anna m. 1822 Stark Co., OH
1810-1820 Elizabeth (b. c1810)
1810-1820 Susanna (b. c1814)
*g-ch. from Sol's 1st. marr.?


DAVID 1820
Sandy Tp.
1775-1794 David
1804-1810 brother Emanuel
1810-1820 brother Michael
1810-1820 son Joseph
1775-1794 wife Susanna
1794-1804 sister Anna
DAVID 1830
Sandy Tp.
1790-1800 David
1815-1820 son Joseph
1820-1825 son Michael
1825-1830 son Henry
1790-1800 wife Susanna
1820-1825 dau. Nancy
1825-1830 dau. Susan
Remained in Sandy Tp.
To Wyandot Co., OH
To Wyandot Co., OH
Remained in Sandy Tp.
Sandy Tp.
1775-1794 Samuel
1810-1820 son Conrad
1810-1820 son William
1775-1794 wife Catherine
1810-120 dau. #1
Sandy Tp.
1780-1790 Samuel
1815-1820 son Conrad c1820
1815-1820 son William c1820
1820-1225 son Jacob c1821
1790-1800 wife Catherine
1810-1815 dau. #1
1820-1825 dau. #2
1825-1830 dau.#3
1825-1830 dau. Margaret
To Perry Tp.
To Richland Co., IL
To Richland Co., IL
Osnaburg Tp.
1775-1794 Solomon.
1810-1820 son
1794-1804 wife Sarah
Sol. d. c1828 w/estate in
Crawford Co., OH
Sandy Tp.
1800-1810 Emanuel
1810-1816 brother Michael
1770-1780 mother Anna
1800-1810 sister #4
1810-1815 sister #5
To Richland Co., OH
To Richland Co., OH
With son Emanuel

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