Explanation of Rudolf Shafer's

1927 List of German Kimmels

Rudolph Shafer, then of No. 45 Hugelstrasse No. Hillstr., Darmstadt, Germany compiled some work on the Kimmel family in 1927 that was later translated by Erich von Wagner of Duquoin, Illinois.  It was noted that it showed "the presence of the Kimmell family from the year 1408 in Germany.  The connection of the various individuals shown is not definitely given.  This will have to be determined by further research."  Here the connection is shown.  The translated text is given below, followed by the explanation of the codes "a" through "jj"

The text from Shafer's list as translated by von Wagner:

2- The followilng students in Efurt are shown in the records as being from  Neukirchen:
1408-Dilmaunus Kimmel                        1425-Michael Kimmel

3- The family tree of the Kimmell family living in Neukirchen, State of Germany was put together in Darmstadt, Germany in the fall of 1927 by Rudolph Schafer.

a. Ludwig Kimmel -- Resident of Neukirchen near Fiegenhaim- Born in year 1420.   He is listed in 1460 as a house and property owner. He was a house owner until 1485 when he gave the house to his son. He
was a property owner until 1494.

b. Old Hen Kimmel -- Was a resident of Neukirchen, was born 1450, married in 1470. After father-in-laws death in 1482 he became a property owner. After 1468 he was a house owner in place of Ludwig Kimmel.

c. Ludwig Kimmel -- Was born in 1464- was a student in Erfurt in 1482. He was still alive in the year 1544 at the age of 80 years. He was married to Catherene.

d. Young Hen Kimmel -- Was a student of Neukirchen- born in year 1470, married in 1493-was house and property owner after 1493.

e. Rietz Kimmel -- Born 1484 and resided in Neukirchen in 1544 where he was Mayor and veil maker.

f. Henry Kimmel -- Born 1493, was a student in Eufurt in --- Was married in 1515. Resided in Neukirchen where he was a mill owner and served as Mayor in 1556. He was still living in 1569 and his wife was still living in 1580.

g. Ambrose Kimmel -- Born in the year 1500- was a property owner and a resident of Neuirchen, from 1556 to 1579

h. Ludwig Kimmel -- Was a resident and a mill owner in Neukirchen, Married in 1536 and was listed as a property owner from 1556 to 1579.

i. Henry Kimmel -- Was a resident of Neukirchen where he was born in the year 1520. He became a property owner in 1556 and had a daughter who married Curt Schungh in 1579.

j. Lot Kimmel -- Born in Neukirchen in 1530 and died in 1610. Still registered as property owner in 1591. He had three daughters.

k. Conrad Kimmel -- Born in 1536. Married Anna in 1573. Was a resident of Neukirchen. Was Registrator of the Cabinet of Governor Wilhein von Hessen and Treasurer in Cassel.

l. Jost Kimmel -- Born in Neukirchen in 1540. Died in Gummden in 1592.  Was kitchen master of the first Chef in Haina from 1578 to 1586.

m. Echart Kimmel -- Born in Neukirchen in 1545 and died before 1598.  Lived in Daum Sue Nidda.

n. John Kimmel -- Born in 1560 and died in Cassel in 1625. He was the Governors tailor and style setter
in Cassel. He was married to Elizabeth.

o. Helwig Kimmel -- Born in 1564 in Cassel and died in Grebeustein in 1613.  Was secretary in Cassel 1603 and rent collector for the City of Grebeustein.

p. Daniel Kimmel -- Born in Haina in 1582. Died in Marberg in 1635. Was a Lord-Sheriff and a Markmuster.

q. Eberhardt Kimmel -- Born in Nidda in 1575. Died 1669. Was a resident in  Nidda where he was a barber. Married three times.

r. Rudolph Kimmel -- Born in Nidda in 1580 and died before 1632. Married twice. Had two daughters.

s. Conrad Kimmel -- Born in Nidda in 1583. Dies in 1659. Was a resident in Oppenheim on the Rhine where he served as barber and specialist in diseases.

t. Jonas Kimmel -- Priest

u. Phillip Kimmel -- Priest

v. Josh Kimmel -- Tourist Born 1613

w. Reinhard Kimmel

x. Conrad Kimmel -- Born 1607. Dies 1644. Was superintendent in salt works in Wisselshein and tavern owner in Frieberg.

y. Reinhard Kimmel -- Was a Hessian soldier in 1633

z. Conrad Kimmel -- Born 1617

aa. Herman Kimmel  -- Born 1619

bb. John Kimmel -- Born in Nidda 1624. From 1651 to 1653 was a private of a stronghold in Friedberg. Was a house owner in Rodheim in 1655. Married Elizabeth.

cc. Balthasar Kimmel  -- Born 1628

dd. Christopher Kimmel -- Born 1632

ee. Hans Conrad Kimmel -- Born 1630. Resident and Patent to Aesheim in 1659. Moved to Geimbsheim in 1677. Married Anna Marie Knebel in 1659.

ff. Casper Milchoir Kimmel -- Master Tailor to the Governor in Cassel. Was the originator of the family tree in Cassel.

gg. Mathais Kimmel -- High Lieutenant and Commander of the stronghold in  Marseburg on the Rhine.

hh. John Helfrich Kimmel -- Born 1851 in Freidberg. Died 1708 in Petterweil, Mayor and Marksmaster in Petterweil. Married to Marie Elizabeth Schwalf.

ii. John Michel Kimmel -- Born in 16625 in Aeisheim. Died in Gimbsheim in 1734. Resident and juryman in Gimbsheim. Was the originator of the American family tree.

jj. John George Kimmel -- Born 1677 in Gimbsheim and lived in Erich on Rhine.


The codes explained:

The coded list turns out to be a generation by generation listing best understood if displayed in tree form.
s.-Conrad's son Konrad (father of ee.-Hans Conrad) is missing from the list and that caused a problem figuring it out. Fortunately I had Dr. Herman Kümmell's 1929 report to compare to. Here is how Shafer's list compares to the lineage for Johann Michael from Dr. Kümmell's work.
1) DILMANUS KUMEL is listed as a student at Erfurt

2) LUDWIG KOMEL (c1420 Neukirchen) is (a. Ludwig)

3) HEN KOMEL, DER ALT (c1450 Neukirchen) is (b. Old Hen)
His brother is (c. Ludwig)

4) HEN KOMMELL, DER JUNG (c1470 Neukirchen) is (d. Young Hen)
His brother is (e. Reitz)

5) HENRICH KOMEL (1493 Neukirchen) is (f. Henrich)
His brother is (g. Ambrose)
His brother Ambrose's son is (j. Lot)

6) LUDWIG KOEMMEL (c1515 Neukirchen) is (h. Ludwig)
His brother is (i. Henry)

7) ECKART KUMMELL (1540s Neukirchen) is (m. Echart)
His brothers are (k. Conrad) and (l. Jost)
His brother Conrad's sons are (n. John) and (o. Helwigk)
        Sons of (n. John) are (t. Jonas), (u. Phillip), and probably (v. Josh)
                Sons of (t. Jonas) are (ff. Casper Milchoir) and (gg. Mathais)
        Sons of (o. Helwigk) are (w. Reinhard) and (x. Conrad)
His brother Jost's son is (p. Daniel)
        Son of (p. Daniel) is (y. Reinhard)

8) KONRAD KUMMELL (1583 prob. Nidda) is (s. Conrad)
His brothers are (q. Eberhardt) and (r. Rudolf)
His brother Eberhardt's sons are (z. Conrad), (aa. Herman), (bb. John), (cc. Balthasar) and (dd. Christopher)
        Son of (bb. John) is (hh. John Helfrich)

9) KONRAD KÜMMELL (1610 Oppenheim) is missing in the list

10) HANS KONRAD KÜMMELL (1635 Oppenheim) is (ee. Hans Conrad)

11) JOHANN MICHAEL KÜMMELL/KIMMEL (1662 Alsheim) is (ii. John Michel)
His brother is (jj. John George)

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