Kimmel Families With Unknown

Original American Ancestor

Members of these families appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefixes "XA-" through "YG-."

General History

There are still some branches of the Kimmel family that are certain to descend from from ancestors who arrived in America before 1800 but for which the link has not yet been found.  Here are some of them:

XB-    Joseph Kimmel of Lucas County, Ohio -- born 1808 Pennsylvania
Parents born in Maryland.  Lived in Wayne Co. & Lucas Co., OH & Livingston Co., MO.  Changed surname to Kimmal.  Wife Mary Coalter died 1842 Wayne Co., OH, children: Ursula, Elizabeth, Sarah, Levi, Hannah.  Married Louisa Searight 1843 Stark Co., OH, children: Mary, William, Joseph, Martha, John, Louisa.  Married last to Catherine Burnell, children: Adah.  Died about 1886 at Bedford, Missouri.
XC-    Jacob Kimmel of Pottsville, Pennsylvania -- born about 1790 Pennsylvania
Wife Ann, children:  Elizabeth, Catharine, Singleton, Jacob, Matilda, Angelina, William, & Sarah.
XD-    George Kimmel of Seneca County, Ohio -- born about 1797 Pennsylvania
Purchased lands in 1821 in Eden and Bloom Township.  Married Catharine, children: Jacob, Barbara, Adam, Odelia, John, George, Michael & Henry.  Died in Seneca Co., OH 1875.
XE-    John Kimmel of Bucks County, Pennsylvania -- born about 1802 Pennsylvania
Appears in Springfield Township in 1850 census with wife Hannah and children:  Aaron, Levi, Mary, Elem, Lydia, John, Joseph, William & Owen.
XF-    Christian Kimmel of Seneca County, Pennsylvania -- born 1805 Pennsylvania
Purchased lands in Loudon Township 1833 and Venice Township 1834.  Wife Catherine Helelen, children:  George W., Henry H., Samuel J., William S., John & Hannah.  Died 1876.
XH-    James C. Kimmel of Erath County, Texas -- born 1868 Arkansas
Wife M. Lillian, children:  Willie, Minnie, Green, Darte, Velma & Joe.
XI-    Samuel Kimmel of Butler County, Iowa -- born 1813 Ohio
Owned lot in New Carlisle and then in Prairie Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.  Then to Hardin County, Ohio and finally to Butler County, Iowa.  Wife Jane Tracy, children:  Susanna, Zachius, George, Mary Jane, Maria, John, Margaret, Ida, Beach & James.  Second wife Betsy.  Died in 1881 in Hitesville, Iowa.
XJ-    Abraham F. Kimmell of Washington, DC -- born about 1813 Maryland or Penn.
Married 1845 in Washington, DC to Maria Ann Sophia Lambell, children:  William, Andrew, Farnk & Mamie.  Owned livery stable, proprietor of Kimmell House hotel.
XK-    Abram Kimmel, wife Sarah arrived in Wood County, Ohio in 1854
Sarah and children William & Palmer lived in Freedom Township, Wood Co., Ohio in 1860s-1880s.
XL-    William Kimmel of Sumner County, Kansas -- born about 1823 Illinois
Purchased land in Union Co., Illinois in 1848.  Married 1848 to Eliza C. Whitlock, children:  Hulda, Susan, Allen, Hattie & Walter.  In Jackson Township, Sumner County, Kansas in 1880 census.  Veteran of the Mexican War.
XM-    Henry J. Kimmel of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- born 1850 Pennsylvania
Lived in Lower St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Wife Mary Hanah Martin, children:  Henry, William, Joseph, Edna, Louis, Frank, Andrew, Nicholas, Morris.  Glass blower, policeman.  Died in 1928.
XN-    August Kimmel of Reno County, Kansas -- born bout 1843 Missouri
Lived in Schuyler County, Missouri in 1880 & 1900 census, then to Reno County, Kansas.  Wife Mary Weiss, children:  Mary, Franklin, John, Lena, William, Rosy, Albert, Joseph & Bessie.
XP-    Alexander (c1824) & Clifford (c1832) of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Alexander lived in East & South Huntingdon Townships in Westmoreland County in 1850-1870 censuses.  Wife Eliza (Sutton?), children:  Samuel, John, Clifford, Charlote, Margaret, Estep, Elmira, Alexander, Eliza & Peoli.  Clifford lived in East Huntingdon Township in 1850-1860 censuses.  Wife Elizabeth.  Brick mason.
XQ-    George Kimmel of Swan Township, Noble County, Indiana -- born 1860s in Indiana?
Wife Elizabeth Ellen Grim, children:  George, Sadie, Roy, Mary, Raymond, Verna & Sarah.  Died in 1951.
XR-    John H. Kimmell of Noble County, Indiana -- born 1847 Pennsylvania
Served in Pennsylvania troops during Civil War.  Wife Pauline Stotts, children:  Hattie, Mary Edith & Carrie.
XT-    George Kimmel of Darke County, Ohio -- born about 1843 Ohio
Lived in Allen Township (1870) and York Township (1880).  Wife Mary, children:  John, Sarah, Margret & Franklin.
XU-    Charles Kimmel of Cook County, Illinois -- born 1850 Illinois
Lived in Orland Township.  Both parents born in Germany.  Wife Catharina (Bormet?), children:  Lizzie, Minnie, John & Anna.
XW-    David Thomas Kimmel of Cambria County, Pennsylvania -- born 1837 Pennsylvania
Lived in Johnstown & Allegheny, PA; Moberly, MO; Fremont Co. & Denver, CO.  Wife Catherine, children:  Adolphus, Maria, Maggie, Edith, Clarence, Albert, Bertha & Leo.  Other wives Lucy & Carrie.  Died in 1925.
XX-    Jacob B. Kimmel of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania -- born 1825 Pennsylvania
Lived in Blyth Township (1850 census), & E. Brunswick Township (1860-1870 censuses).  Wife Sarah, children:  Mary, Charles, John, Mandon & George.  Died 1886 and buried at McKeansburg.
XY-    Hiram H. Kimmel of Washington, DC -- born 1840 Pennsylvania
Wife Elisabeth Thompson, children:  Anna & Elizabeth.  Wife Mary Unkle McFaul, children:  Blandy, Andrew, Wallace, Estella, Wilbur, Edar, Logan & Willia.  Opereated Philadelphia Dye House.
YB-    Charles, Morton and Christian Kimmel of Porter County, Indiana
Brothers married in 1880s in Porter County, birth places unknown.  Charles to Catherine Valinska, Morton to Rachel Evans and Christian to Amelia Kline.  A probable sister Pauline married 1895 to Frank Basha.
YF-    Robert Kimmel of Washington County, Maryland -- born about 1810 Pennsylvania
Lived in Cavetown District in 1840 & 1850 censuses.  Married 1834 to Sarah Boteler, children:  Robert, Anne, Henry, Franklin, Arthur, Martha & Sarah.  Lived with son Henry, a silver plater in Washington, DC, in 1870 census.
YG-    John J. Kimmel of Huntington, Indiana in the 1860s.
Purchase a lot in Huntington and died the next year leaving a wife Elizabeth and children George, Christina and Elizabeth.  Associated with the Forster family.


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Family Bibles

Ref: [George] Samuel (1813-1881) of Holmes Co., Ohio and Bulter Co., Iowa (XI-) > ??
1)  James P. and Mary Jane (Kimmel) Bullis family Bible
Photocopies from Doug Thayer of Madison, WI -- Aug. 1999
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