Kimmel Family Record Web Site Updates

Year 2011  
Jan. 3, 2011 update links to other web sites
Year 2010  
Dec. 7, 2010 update Admiral Kimmel's page
August 28, 2010 updated Summary page
July 18, 2010 added Kummel/Kümmel direct passenger list reviews to Ships Lists web page
July 11, 2010 updated Meaning of the Name Kimmel to include change from individual surnames to inherited surnames
June 23, 2010 add Susanna to children of Joseph & Nancy Stoner Kimmel in special report
Jan. 31, 2010 updated Summary page from 12/31/2000 to 1/31/2010
Jan. 28, 2010 changed e-mail from to
Year 2009  
Oct. 19, 2009 add Internet Archives to front page, remove and
Sept. 22, 2009 Alexander Gipp's collection of German Kimmels added
Feb. 2, 2009 corrected J. Michael Kimmel family haplogroup to I1
Year 2008  
Nov. 25, 2008 add to Y-dna page:  update link for one haplogroup predictor site and add a second haplogroup predictor site
Nov. 16, 2008 add to index page
Nov. 15, 2008 add worksheet on Lithuanian Kimmel families to Special and 1800s web pages
Nov. 2, 2008 add to index page
Oct 18,. 2008 add Brian Kimmel and Kari Kimmel to celebs page
May 2008 update y-dna codes for recent code changes
Mar. 19, 2008 add timeline for personal history of Johannes Kimmel of Hampshire Co., VA
Year 2007  
Sept. 8, 2007 add y-dna web page
June 2007 update celebrities web page
Mar. 19, 2007 web site back online at new web site URL
Mar. 2007 add Jewish name origins to Kimmel name meaning web page
Year 2003  
May 1, 2003 take web site offline
April 23, 2003 remove Events (calendar) page
Jan. 26, 2003 update Jimmy Kimmel on Kimmel celebrities page.
Jan. 25, 2003 add "The Secret Court Martial of Admiral Kimmel" to Admiral Kimmel page
Jan. 7, 2003 remove ACPL pages (due to library move)
Jan. 1, 2003 add bio. of Pastor August Kimmel of Cleveland to Documents page
Jan. 1, 2003 add Babel Fish translation link to main menu
Year 2002
Oct. 2, 2002 add church, tax and census detail to data page for New York Kimmels
May 23, 2002 link Edward R. Kimmel's remarks at the May 26 USS San Francisco CA-38 Memorial Service to Admiral Kimmel page
May 15, 2002 mention Leonard's presence in now Greene Co., PA in 1790 to Leonard Kimmel web page.
May 14, 2002 restore problem page; information I can't seem to locate
May 3, 2002 update 2002 reunions on calendar - events page
May 2, 2002 add 1826 permit to marry to Frederick Kimmel AG-E images on images page.
Mar. 31, 2002 add note on Jewish Kimmels to 1800s families page
Mar. 30, 2002 add Joseph XB- and Levi XB-D pages to image page
Feb. 17, 2002 add Russell's "Pearl Harbor Story" to Admiral Kimmel page
Feb. 16, 2002 add Ned Kimmel's Feb. 6, 2002 letter to Admiral Kimmel page
Jan. 18, 2002 add Ned Kimmel's Jan. 10, 2002 letter to Admiral Kimmel page
Year 2001  
Dec. 30, 2001 add Frederick AE-G page to images page
Dec. 14, 2001 add Orin AC-BBJCBA page to images page
Dec. 8, 2001 add Daniel AC-BAE page to images page
Dec. 4, 2001 add to Adm. Kimmel page - recent Capt. Colan letters to the President
Dec. 1, 2001 add to Adm. Kimmel page - MHQ article, "Sacrifice" on video, Landis & Gunn's book
Aug. 28, 2001 update Gannon book on Adm. Husband Kimmel page
Aug. 25, 2001 add 1767 Southfork communion list to John Kimmel of Hampshire Co., VA page
Aug. 16, 2001 add links, including "Admiral Kimmel's Story" to Adm. Husband Kimmel page
July 23, 2001 new special report, explains Rudolf Shafer's 1927 coded list of Neukirchen Kimmells
July 2, 2001 modifications of entries to Adm. Husband Kimmel page
July 1, 2001 additions & updates to the Adm. Husband Kimmel page
June 30, 2001 add detail on restoration of the Admiral's rank to the Adm. Husband Kimmel page
June 6, 2001 add books to Adm. Husband Kimmel page
June 2, 2001 add Hosapple Cem. to Headstones page
June 1, 2001 update Adm. Husband Kimmel page
May 20, 2001 update Adm. Husband Kimmel page
May 5, 2001 add "Germans to America" detail to Passenger Lists page
May 3, 2001 additions to Passenger Lists page
April 30, 2001 Link to images page:  Jacob Kimmel (1821-1910) of Richland Co., IL
April 29, 2001 Jacob of Berks Co. page - correct Anna Maria's birth year from 1751 to 1761
April 27, 2001 Add New Orleans and Baltimore data to passenger lists page
April 24, 2001 Add passenger lists page with 1700's data
April 19, 2001 Add George W. Kimmel family of Howard Co., IN to images page
April 14, 2001 Add Kiser Kimmel Bible & son Edward Kimmel Bible web page
April 13, 2001 Add Kiser Kimmel image web page
April 13, 2001 Add C. Allsup's item regarding Joseph Kimmel (1851-1901) military record
April 11, 2001 Link Philip Kimmel page to funeral card for Philip 1810-1901 of Jackson Co., IL
April 10, 2001 Post service record info for Joseph Kimmel 1844-1921 of Jackson Co., IL
April 3, 2001 Reorganize Images page, add separate image pages for Johann Michael and Johann Philip
Mar. 22, 2001 Modify (clarify) title in Stonycreek page
Mar. 19, 2001 Add Dunning Creek location to Stonycreek page
Feb. 18, 2001 Worksheet and modified map for Southbranch Manor tracts added to John of Hampshire Co.
Jan. 28, 2001 Leonard Kimmel; add 1891 Beers account & 1979 Albert Kimmel account
Jan. 22, 2001 VA family; added map of Kimbles in South Branch Manor
Jan. 21, 2001 VA 2001 update report modified
Jan. 15, 2001 2000 updates reports for NC, VA, Westm. & Schy. Co. Kimmels added
Jan. 10, 2001 NC Kimmels page updated.
Jan. 5, 2001 Add will to Jacob of Ephrata's page; update Georg Rummel page.
Jan. 3, 2001 New menu for reorganized web site.
Jan. 1, 2001 Reorganize web site.  Add pages for individual families, 1800s families and black families.  Link Alshiem, Eich and Gimbsheim church records and raw data for NC Kimmels and Leonard Kimmel and set up for other branches.  Link documents & special reports to family pages.
Year 2000
Dec. 31, 2000 New summary of lineages.
Nov. 6, 2000 Add Charles Messner letter to documents page
Sept. 30, 2000 Add Debate on Stonycreek Church page to special reports
Sept. 29, 2000 Add guide to Allen Co. Public Library to special reports
Sept. 25, 2000 Update special report on colonial NY Kimmels
Sept. 25, 2000 Kimmel Centers at Phila. & NYC added to Landmarks page; Phila. opening to Events page
Sept. 23, 2000 Husband Kimmel page -- add: Pearl Harbor movie, amendment, investigation transcripts
Sept. 18, 2000 Images page -- add Jacob & Mary E. (Chivington) Kimmel family photo
Sept. 16, 2000 Main menu modified.  Smaller font, drop-down boxed text
Sept. 16, 2000 Rootsweb page -- link to archived messages added
Sept. 15, 2000 Husband Kimmel page -- add "Day of Deceit," "Race to Wake I.," & Defense Auth. Bill
Sept. 10, 2000 Add Christopher as son of Joseph and Nancy of Greensburg, PA in Special Reports
Sept. 5, 2000 Add H.H. Ahrens and Edna Viola Kimmel Wood reports to documents page
Aug. 25, 2000 Add Living Relatives link to main menu
Aug. 25, 2000 Update Lineage Summary page
Aug. 4, 2000 Add headstone photos page
July 24, 2000 Add "reality check" reviews to accounts in documents page
July 5, 2000 Add meta tags to main menu and orphan photos; remove research page for living relatives
June 28, 2000 Update detail for reunion at Lawrence & McLouth, KS
May 26, 2000 Add page for national Kimmel celebrities with web sites
May 23, 2000 Add perpetual calendar, birth date calculation & number conversion links to main menu
May 13, 2000 Husband Kimmel page -- add link to Naval Military History page on the Admiral
May 12, 2000 Documents page -- add Adm. Kimmel family history from "Ky. Ante-bellum Portraiture"
May 12, 2000 Images page -- add Adm. Husband Kimmel copy of Philip from "Ky. Ante-bellum Portraiture"
May 11, 2000 Events page -- add Sept. 17 family reunion at Ainsworth, IA
May 6, 2000 Add to Documents -- Anna Mary Rector letter about Philip & Elijah Kimmel, Dubois Co., IN
May 4, 2000 Update Info on Kimmel Reunion in Kansas
Mar. 30, 2000 Samuel in Special Reports -- Henry Kimmel conjecture added
Mar. 26, 2000 Samuel in Special Reports modified to George Samuel, Eva Jones reference modified.
Mar. 25, 2000 Kimmel Reunion at Lawrence, KS -- update and maps
Mar. 25, 2000 Patriots in Revolution Page -- update entries for Capt. Michael, John "Kimble" and the Philadelphia Keehmles.
Mar. 20, 2000 Special Reports Page -- add report on the tie between Leonhard Kumling and Barny Kimel
Mar. 17. 2000 Bible page -- add John H. Kimmel (1842) Bible
Mar. 16, 2000 Starting to note "full family" researched ancestors in Kimmel Lineage Register
Mar. 14, 2000 Orphaned Photos Page Linked to Web Site
Feb. 28, 2000 Special Reports Page -- add Caty's will & Pilgrim Ger. Luth. Ch. data to Georg Claus Kimel
Feb. 5, 2000 Images Page -- Kimmels & Flicks of Orange Co., IN
Jan. 31, 2000
Special Reports Page -- update Georg Claus Kimel
Images Page -- add Gayle Putt images:  Kimmel-Schwartz group, Berta Alma, Alta, & Mercy
Admiral Kimmel Page -- add Mark Willey's "Pearl Harbor Mother of All Conspiracies
Alta Vista, Netscape and have finally found my new web site URL
Jan. 22, 2000 Special Reports Page -- parents of Samuel Kimmel of Butler Co., IA
Jan. 20, 2000 Special Reports Page -- Georg Claus Kimel debate (starter page to be updated)
Jan. 10, 2000 Lineage Summary updated -- includes major reorganization of codes
»Children recoded for Jacob AA-O, George AC-BAI,
    Joseph Jr. AB-CFF, Philip AC-BAA, Daniel AC-BAE, Jacob AC-BBB,
    Joseph AC-HD, Solomon AC-HDA, Samuel AC-HDB, Jospeh AC-HDC
»John Kimble "Sr" AF- eliminated, start with son John Kimble
Jan. 1, 2000
Retired web pages for Allan T. & Betty's visit to Gimbsheim
Retired web pages for John's 100th birthday celebration
"Excite" is the first search engine to find my new web site URL (moved there last August)

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