John Kimmel of Hampshire County, Virginia

Family of John "Kimble" of now Grant & Hardy Counties, West Virginia

Members of this family appear in the Summary of Lineages web page with the prefix "AF-."

General History

John Kimmel first appears in Hampshire County, Virginia as "Johannes Kimmel" in a 1767 communion at "Southfork."  He leased land west of Mooresfield from Lord Fairfax as early as 1773.  And purchased land north of Petersburg warranted in 1777.  We know his first wife was daughter of Lambert and Catherine Boober and that his last wife was named Catherine.  His known sons were:  Lambert who lived in Fayette County, Ohio; Michael; Adam who stayed in the Petersburg, (West) Virginia area; John who died about 1800; and Harmonas who moved to Grayson County, Kentucky.


Early Family Recollections

Early Family Histories

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Family Bibles

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Public Documents For Revolution Era Kimmels

Transcriptions on This Web Site    Go to raw data page

    Location of pre-Revolution Kimmel (Kimble) properties

    1767 Southfork communion roll.

Documents Available Not Added to This Web Site

Tax lists for Hampshire and Hardy county.

Census rolls.

Documents to Be Found

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Ordered list of early properties in South Branch Manor is given in Sara Stevens Patton's Men and Manors of South Branch Valley.


Special Reports

On John Kimble being of the German Kimmel family and his involvement in Revolution

John Kimble's probable personal history.

Worksheet  and Map regarding properties around John Kimble's Lot 44

Details on the pages of the Kimmel Family Record web site come from the collection of
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