What is the Kimmel Family Record?

Compiler, Timothy W. Kimmel of Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Kimmel Family Record is detail on the Kimmel families in the United States and Canada stored in my file cabinets and on my computer hard drive. The web site offers a brief version of what I have.

The actual "Record" is my personal collection of Kimmel data. It started with a review of all census records 1900 and prior (I'm working on adding 1910 and 1920). Then the addition of the works of researchers H. K. Stoner (late 1930s), Charles Messner (1967) and Frank Buser (1990s). Fort Wayne's Allen County Public Library was a great source for a huge number of birth, marriage and death records; land records; ship's lists; county histories and family collections. More recently I gained contact with others researching their own lines and willing to share details from their own collections.

The "Record" is an evolving work. The lineages are what I believe they are according to the information I've collected. Much of it is partly unproven; some of it is pure conjecture awaiting evidence. Some sources give one date and is taken as fact, but later another, more valid document will say otherwise -- can't be helped. So, I insist that anyone who wants to use information from my collection must check my sources and prove it for them selves. (And please tell me if there are any errors or additions!)

The web site is a summary of the collection. The Summary of Lineages page gives brief detail of Kimmels born prior to 1900 in my collections.  There is more detail on the individuals and individuals born after 1900 in the Record itself.  Reports come from my own research.

The web site has a lot of contributors. Many have shared details from their own family research with me. Also photos, scans and copies of documents. Much of what comes in appears in the detail in the Summary of Lineages and the Register pages (images, headstone images, family Bibles) on the web site. And of course there's the Kimmel Lineage Register listing Kimmel descendants with their Kimmel lineages.

You can get more from me than what is on the web site. I'm always willing to share what detail I have on the individuals listed in the summarized lineage. The detail includes sources so you can verify what I report. I'll usually ask for your mailing address to mail a report to and request you let me know if you find errors or have additional info to share.

If your family isn't on my web site, I want to know. I'm usually only useful for looking for records prior to 1900. If you have traced as far back as 1900, give me what detail you have and I will try to work it on back for you. If your family came to America after 1900, I won't be of much use in research, but I'd still love to hear about your family!

If you want to keep up with what's newly discovered about your family line, you should register your lineage on my Kimmel Lineage Register page.  When I find new information or make corrections, I try to keep members of the family involved updated.  And if your e-mail is on the Kimmel Lineage Register page, I know you are interested enough to be kept abreast on the latest news on your Kimmel family line.

You can contact me at tim@kimmelfamily.net .  Be aware that I'm often backlogged with correspondence and may not reply for a week or two. It may take another month for me to get around to producing any report I promise.  I give priority to older (pre-1850) and more challenging research, so please be patient if it takes me awhile to respond to requests.

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